Shiro Dragonway vs Superman is the 5th episode of Death Battle. It features Shiro Dragonway from the Aeroga manga and anime and Superman of DC Comics.


Two Solar Augmented Fighters one ring hold on folks and bring your Tanning mirrors for the Ultimate showdown between Deities


(*Cues:Asura Wrath:- Main Theme *)

Wiz: Shiro.

Boomstick: Superman.

Wiz: Aliens of power, Gods of immeasurable might.

Boomstick: This two Solar Gods/Alien Hybrids have been itching to fight each other for the longest now; He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle

Shiro Dragonway

( *Cues:Asura Vs Yasha *)

Wiz : Long ago, The universe known as the Solarverse was Created by the True God, The Divined One; in that universe there's a Planet name Zeltar, which is home to a whole petri dish of Extraterrestrial Mythology named Zeltarians. This Race is known for their unique Tantric use of power, and God power.

Wiz: Ah Amaterasu, The Beautiful Solar Goddess of Shinto was...... having some issues with her Family.

Boomstick: And by issues do you mean one having a Brother who literally Made him a Son out of Lunar God Essence to prove he was more superior to her, or do you mean the having a Mom who hates you guts just for living, or oh oh oh what about how your one day enjoying a pedicure only for a live Skinned horse to smash into your house messing up everything or, How about almost getting mutilated by your nephew who was literally made by your brother to be better than you, or how...

Wiz: Okay Boomstick, We get it Amaterasu life on Takamagahara was a living hell, but yes this is why she choose to secretly leave Shiro in the Ise Grand Shrine on Zeltar. Worried if he were to stay he would experience the same hell she had to endured for the Millennia of her life.

Boomstick: But it Didn't work, Apparently Amaterasu is like a celebrity when it comes to gods, and if people hear that not only are you pregnant, but Pregnant with the Seed of a Mortal, yeah that's going to be pretty hard to forget.

Wiz: And it didn't help that when he was born his Solar Gen was felt all over the Solarverse and Realms Alike!

Wiz: Actually Shiro's father, Kintaro Omikami was a Mortal who work for the Shittenno Tribe; which were the last users of Tantra. in other words, he was the strongest human on Zeltar, before Zane Of course.

Boomstick: What the Heck is Tantra.. Oh wait is it that one That Sexual Right the one tha..

Wiz: Noo, Boomstick not that Tantra; Tantra is the Extra Dimensional that is derived from the Ryōga Realm, a Sentient realm of that has been around since the Beginning of Creation that contains knowledge of all Existence and Non-Existence.

Boomstick: Wait How the Fuck Can it Control Non Existence!!

Wiz: What i mean by that is Tantra has the Ability to use physics or not use Physics;basically a really funny way of saying it can follow the rules of Physics or Break Physics.

Boomstick: Like the Speed Force Right?

Wiz: Not really, the Speed Force is generated by Barry Allen's Movement; Tantra was not generated by anything except an Entity ironically named Ryōga as well'.

Boomstick: Okay What the Hell does Ryōga mean i here everytime tantra mentioned!?

Wiz: Ryōga mean Superior or Surpassing in Japanese Boomstick!

Boomstick: Nani, i gonig to be honest with you Wiz thats probably the only word i know in Japanese.

Wiz: Boomstick That the most overused...

Boomstick: Wait  i got another one ,Baka

Wiz: Again, another overused word by weeaboos Boomstick!

Boomstick: God Dang it there goes my Superior Complex,speaking of that really... Ryōga means Superior in FUCKING JAPANESE HOW MUCH OF A SUPERIOR COMPLEX DO THE GODS HAVE!!!!???.

Wiz: Second of all; Tantra was Discovered through Laozi, A Daoist Monk, by being Enlightenment through Spiritual Lock Meditation; which in term is very similar to the Hindu Charkra opening Meditation 

Boomstick: Shiro was found by so cool Ninja people called "Dragonway", There shiro learn all types of Fighting Styles like Kung Fu And Ninjustu. Until the Elder Guan Yu decided he was old enough to attempt the Lock Opening Meditation that grants the user enlightenment aand access to tantra a little bit tho!!

Wiz: Pretty much shiro went on to  Guan Yu another Master in Tantra who taught Shiro with his Niece Satgure in the Way of Hageshi-Ken.

Boomstick: What?!

Wiz: Hageshi-ken is a Martial art of All Zeltarians, Humans,and Aliens Alike as long as the user has a Soul, Human Characteristics, or Human Mortality. Which lets the user fight with imorove speed, strength, and Precision

Wiz:Tantra can only be unlock by meditating in a full lotus position and Taking your desires and Will to Manually open your Tantra Locks,which helps the Ryoga identify what your Special ability will be, there are Seven locks in total starting from the Root lock Starting at the lower base of the spine to the Crown Lock at the top of the head. If you fail to successfully concentrate on opening theses locks without opening the Crown lock then your locks will open violently causing excess power to escape resulting in your body exploding from overload.

Boomstick: And With this difficult Process finished Things was Peaceful Especially since he Meet his Best friend/Cousin Drake while training as well What are the odds. Until a Phoenix Demi-God King Show up And Start up Murdered everyone in the village and Straight up jacked the Elder for his Tantric Secrets.

Wiz: Shiro and Drake along with a few other people were the Only survivors,but feeling guilty he Starts his journey to defeat the Phoenix King and Maintain peace so that no one has to experience this Amount of Sorrow or hatred, but this also lead to shiro never forgiving himself for the death of th people he loved and could of saved.

Boomstick: But instead he found people who had the same goal, so what do you do when you have an entire team of people who can you know fucking Kick Villain ass.

Wiz: During the Journey, Shiro has Learned Various Transformations and Skills, for example Tantra Drives, Augmented Synchronizations between Tantra and the Users.

Boomstick: What... the ...Hell? Damn It Wiz stop fucking confusing me with your words!!!!!

Wiz: Sorry Jeez, Basically it Allows the User to Merge to any Item Regardless of power unless it's Sentient, pretty much Shiro is able to merge to any weapon or item to further Augment his Strength.

Boomstick: Wait a Minute, if i had Tantra could i fuse to this can of Cola and Drink myself?

Wiz: Uhhhhh, Yeah ....Why?!?

Boomstick: Nothing.... Adding Learning Tantra to My To-do list later.

Wiz: Okay ....Then, Moving on, Shiro currently has four Drives at the moment they Augment his power by Quarters.

Boomstick: But if that's not enough He has a little Trick he Learned called Burning Red.

Wiz: Burning Red, Utilizes the Tantra locks inside the Body Pushing them to their max Potential for at least 60 minutes.

Boomstick: Hold, Hold, Hold, that's three times, won't that kill him i mean remember Tantra very Aggressive when it comes to those locks right,so pushing them would lead to instant death right

Wiz: Not really, Burning red, is a Tantra Boost to those locks and Since the locks were already activated the Tantra flow is more loose and natural then the Flow from the first Activation;therefore, allowing for more waves of Tantra to fill through the Tantra System.

Boomstick: Wow really, That explains why he hasn't Explode Yet?!!?

Wiz: Other then that, Burning Red is Often Temporary power up That basically Powers Shiro to his Max Potential of his Body Capabilities but he can also Augment them further by 5X times the Base Power by Saying Different Types Depending on the Types Number Shiro Activates Depends on how much Time he has left in the form.

Boomstick: These times are Draining by 5 each time this fucker activates a Type he takes off 5 mins of time each Type.

Wiz: There is a Another Version of this Power up called Blazing Soul, which is a far more Advance version of Burning Red, Shiro can this further Augment his power by utilizing Types but instead of losing his time in the form it Burns his soul the duration of time he is in the form,

Boomstick: He also has infinite time in this form, not to mention it makes him look like he's on Fucking fire

Wiz: Shiro most known Transformations are called Solar Gen Transformations, which further Augments his solar power along with his Tantra; in this state Shiro's hair spikes up in a Orangish-yellow color. this power is mostly brought up by the user's strong emotions making the form more deadlier; which the forms was thereby dubbed.....

BoomstickSuper Solar ,and Solar Storm (a hybrid of Storm Gen Stolen from his uncle Susannoo's Rajin bolt by Tantra). Man, this tantra is like a trump card isn't it , nobody can defeat this demi-god can't they?

Wiz: That is actually incorrect boomstick, Shiro has been defeated twice by enemies before like: when his Uncle Susannoo, Shinto God of Storms, Killed him by fatally wounding him during a Solar Eclipse making him unable to absorb solar energy to recover from his wounds.

Boomstick: But, i......?

Wiz: And, not to mention the time where the Amenominakanushi, the Primordial Deity of Shinto, summoned a Supermassive black hole to destroy Shiro. The attack completely obliterated Shiro's physical body, and as a result, his soul descended to Yomi; However do to his quick thinking he was able to use the Shittenian Forbidden technique, the Soul Transfer which, is used to Transfer your soul into in inantimate object or a Living being.

Boomstick : Well then, i never thought that shiro could do all of this, but as shiro did this technique this allowed the young Solar god to Absorb the nearby stars to rebuild his body.

Wiz: But, during this process tantra absorb the dark matter from the black hole transforming shiro solar gen energy with whole new properties he never seen before; This form is named Dead Star, or Black Hole shiro.

Boomstick: When Shiro receive this unique upgrade fucking Jason X style he soon found out his tantra and Solar gen had a new partner, known Stellar gen, this gives solar boy the power to manipulate, absorb ,and create stars and with new powers bring new forms

Wiz: These forms are highly known as, Primordial Solar/Stellar Gen Evolution the sun is seen as an primordial divine object that has lived for centuries. Due to his recent upgrade Shiro is capable of going Supernova transformations which immensely boosts his power by 850,000,000x per min and based upon the star color he absorbs that color will be the color of his hair.

Boomstick: Well talk, about inspirational hair styling or is it hair dying, oh well, but these forms are crazy there is God Beyond Solar which was gained when he absorb the ENTIRE FREAKING SUN INTO HIS BODY AND HE MADE A NEW ONE RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Wiz: this power up becomes his permanent base form and it IMMENSELY ECLIPSES his that of any of his previous transformations. thus making any other forms he achieves augmented as well

Boomstick: not to mention the Morning Star transformation

Wiz: Yes Especially, the Morning Star form, This form was achieved by shiro absorbing the energies of the red supergiant star UY Scuti. In this form, shiro's hair spikes up and adopts a light blue hue in color, with the hair possessing pure-white highlights. The strands of hair that hang down in this transformation are spiked up with the exception of three bangs, which dangle in front of his forehead. Another peculiar characteristic of the transformation, is the small but distinguishable wisp of hair that juts out from the rest of Shiro's hair; However Despite its seemingly tremendous power, the transformation possesses flaws as well. This drawback was hinted when shiro noticeably had trouble absorbing the energies of UY Scuti, with him worrying about the notion of trying to fully absorb the red supergiant star into his body.

Because he was unable to absorb UY Scuti entirely into his system, along with the fact that this transformation possesses intense energy that he isn't used to holding, shiro theorizes that he'll start to experience a severe decrease in stamina due to not being adjusted to the form. In order to bypass this flaw, Shiro is able to release massive surges of Gen from his body, lessening the strain, but not completely depleting the setback.

Boomstick: Who Cares About the Drawback Shiro just absorbed the biggest Star IN THE FUCKING SOLAR SYSTEM, AND FUCKING CREATED A NEW ONE ON THE SPOT!!!!!!

Wiz: True, Shiro's Solar gen so powerful it Upgrade to Stellar Gen (aka. Known as Star Power) to Astronomical Levels of Strength and is only increasing

Boomstick: last but not least Omni-Drive, This form right is Shiro's bread and butter, this form is capable of doing some much Shet it's crazy.

Wiz: This form was achieved by completing 3 trials sent out by the Divined one to remove any form of anger and Unholy things,but when the trials were completed the Archangel Michael completely merged his soul to Shiro's Soul allowing him to obtain Nigh Omnipotence and the Omnipotent Complete Arsenal , which is an ability that allows Shiro to have access to All Special Abilities, All Super Attacks, All Fighting Styles, All Transformations, and All Physiologies also if Shiro doesn't have any technique or physiology in Arsenal because it's new Shiro's Gitai technique can be use to copy any Ability/ Physiology; However this ability comes with a doubled edge flaw that sort of balances his form.

Boomstick: The Flaw is that Shiro sort of has all the weakness of the ability he has and gains through Omni Drive along with his own goddamn that drawback!

Boomstick: Not to mention, He would be able to use Asia's Mana, Troy's Supernatural Destroying Zero effect, and a whole Petri dish of friends and enemies techniques and transformations

Boomstick: But skipping that now my personal favorite Blazing Soul and Dead Star Shiro

(Boomstick Pushes a Button on a blue remote making people on a voice record track Cheer)

Wiz: Really Boomstick...?

Boomstick: What..... Who else is helping us remember ICarly... i Got on Sell

Wiz: (inside his mind) Roll with it; Blazing Soul- This is an more enlightened Burning red instead of shiro losing time when he increase the types he has infinite time in this form at the cost of consuming his soul slowly; while Black Hole Shiro/Soul Fragment- this form is a temporary form shiro will hit whenever shiro uses the Black Hole gen  shiro power is 200x the base power every 5 mins therefore this form is a stalling form to reassemble shiro body back by absorbing any energy source that is either solar or Tantra based,but this is hardly the problem in this form for this form holds shiro's ruthless grudge towards enemies.

Wiz: Lets not forget his equipment he carries; such as Aeroga, His Primary weapon, this sword has the ability to Be Immune to anything its fought before like for instance: when shiro use the soul transfer to Escape the Supermassive Black Hole Spagetthification ; notice that Aeroga remains undamaged by the black hole's Immense Gravity Forces ; therefore, allowing Shiro to Absorb the Stars and the dark matter of the Black hole (tantrically) whole. It was later explain that Kintaro, Shiro's father and previous owner of the blade, had fought someone with Gravitational powers and had adapted when Kintaro defeated him.

Boomstick: Not only that but his Dad's soul is also sealed in the blade as well along with another entity named Googloplexio; look like google finally more useful than being my default search engine for Porno after all. oh yeah 

Wiz: Then there's Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the Sword of Shinto,which has the power to Dilute others due to the Clone of Ascalonentity and the power to use the poison of Yamata no orochi the Snake Entity; Not to mention It's magical abilities.

Boomstick:Who is for some reason a Girl !

Wiz: And the Morning Star Halo, A Halo with the blessing of the Divine one which gives you unbreakable skin and immunity to any status effects to the body and an immense increase to Shiro's Gen,but  Shiro can ony stay in the form for so long before he drops out the form and the Halo can be destroyed with enough force.

Boomstick: Shiro's power is Incredible, he can create new stars as if its nothing,fight Deities and entities way beyond his rank making him on the tier 7 of the Multiverse Top 10 Strongest list, and his regeneration is FUCKING DIFFICULT TO TAKE OUT hell he once was turned to stone and shatter to pieces in the underworld but regenerated by using the flames of hell as a sources of power, and the Bull shit goes on and on!!!

Wiz: Shiro's Gen is Solely Dependent on its progenitors the Sun or Stars to take power from or absorb fully; meaning Shiro is also absorbing huge amounts of Solar or Stellar radiatation which the more your exposed to the progenitor the more strength you receive.

Boomstick: Oh Great another hippie!

Wiz: Shiro can effortless move planets in his base form, and has Superior Enchanced senses; he can hear any frequency of sound, can See far away even into different multiverses and can spot anything no matter how fast its moving.

Boomstick:Hell stop stop throwing slow balls Wiz, Shiro can cause hurricanes with the flick of his Finger, he can even replicate techniques like Angel Blood, Who could literally copy anything even DNA .

Wiz: Shiro has Tank through Supernovae and Black holes, atomic explosions oh yeah shiro once got one of his atoms split and Kaboom and he was still standing.

Boomstick: Shiro may be a Fucking Tank,but he's no Pandejo; Shiro as a Tactical Mastermind when it comes to fighting and with his Tantra, especially the Superior Tantra, he capable of thinking at Googolplex speeds especially will in a fight!

Wiz: Shiro is a very versatile fighter make him very deadly to cross fist with or swords, he has disarmed gods and buddhas alike,brought himself back from the brink of death multiple times due to quick thinking, and has use tantra and Gen an interesting combos against enemies. He has also trained an many different martial arts and zens:  Kensho,Taiyo-Shiki, and etc.

Wiz: Taiyo-Shiki and his Kensho-Mushin Training Involved Shiro Training his Mind to Either Enlightenment or power increases, but Shiro's most challenging and most beneficial training had to be his Kensho Training, Kensho is insight, an understanding of reality as-it-is, so when shiro is learning Kensho, he is gaining a further insight into the universe. 

Wiz: Which goes back into my thing about how Tantra can only be achieved through Spiritual Enlightenment due to the insight the user has on the universe;however, Enlightenment is a one step process it takes years to reach true Enlightenment or known as Buddhahood.

Boomstick: Hell, even after that you still have to maintain this experience through the same training you did while trying to attain FUCKING True Enlightenment! 

Wiz: Practitioner's of this journey have refer to enlightenment as "seeing your self-nature". But even this is not enough. After seeing your self-nature, you need to deepen your experience even further and bring it into maturation. You should have enlightenment experience again and again and support them with continuous practice.

Boomstick: Basically Kids, The more Enlighten Shiro gets, the more Powerful he gets all thanks to Infinite Insight, and etc. 

Wiz: Shiro been able to tank through Supernovas, Survive the god killing properties of Fenrir's teeth,