these two awesome combatants with sunglasses and near unstoppable power will duke it out with all they have.


Needless vs Yu Yu Hakusho.

Adam Blade

Younger Toguro

Death Battle

down town at the high school girl's gym class a perverted man was watching them all do a lot of sports. it was Adam Blade then a man weari

Younger Toguro: so that's the man I'm after looks like he saved me the trouble of looking for him.

so Younger Toguro ride his motorcycle to Blade at extreme speeds to punch him while Adam Blade was too distracted watching the girls he got send flying into an abandoned building.

Adam Blade: what the who are you ?

Blade wanted anwers from Younger Toguro but he laght at Adam Blade then tell him.

Younger Toguro: well if you want to know the name of the guy who killed you then alright I'll tell you I 'm Younger Toguro and you are Adam Blade the priest I'm going to kill.

Adam Blade was exited to fight because he thought Younger Toguro is a Needless And Toguro is eager to kill him.

Younger Toguro: well let's fight I'll start will 30%

Adam Blade Was surprised that Younger Toguro at his body He thought it was a fragment. Then he charged at him Younger Toguro did the samething to Blade


Adam Blade: take this madein restricton.

Younger Toguro: what the I can't move .

Adam Blade: and now this little boy

Younger Toguro: Ooof that's all you got 

Adam Blade: what where did he go 

Younger Toguro: i'm right here

( Adam Blade grunting )

Adam Blade: ok you bastered eat this Volcan Shock Ignishon 

Younger Toguro: a giant fire ball?  I'll smash it.

Adam Blade: you fell for it.

Younger Toguro: what the hell you put string inside the fire ball

Adam Blade: Kandata String in Volcan Shock Ignition and the one who can brake those strings is God.

( Younger Toguro thinking )