Adam Taurus vs Aegislash is the fourth episode of Kontororou's RWBY vs PKMN series. It pits Adam Taurus of RWBY against Aegislash of Pokémon. Note: I cannot take credit for the thumbnail.



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In both of these fighters worlds, technology has advanced weaponry to outlandish levels. But despite this, these two have gained infamy for their skill with blades. Aegislash, the Royal Sword Pokémon, and Adam Taurus, the Moonslicer. I'm Kontororou, and it's my job to analyse weapons, armour, skills and anything else they might have to find out who would win a RWBY vs PKMN fight.


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Many Pokémon are based on inanimate objects, but few are as well revered as Aegislash, the Royal Sword Pokémon. Coming in at 5 foot 7 and weighing 53 kilo's, Aegislash sports the unique typing of Steel and Ghost. This typing grants him nine resistances in Flying, Bug, Grass, Psychic, Steel, Dragon, Ice, Fairy and Rock, as well as three immunities in Normal, Fighting and Poison. This comes at the cost of four weaknesses in Fire, Ground, Dark and Ghost.

Aegislash greatly boasts offensive and defensive power over speed and mobility. This is due to its signature ability, Stance Change. This makes Aegislash more suited for defence when using a defensive attack, and more suited to offence when using an offensive attack.

Aegislash's natural moveset is nothing to sneeze at. While he does focus only on physical attacks, he gets a wide array of options. Fury Cutter gets stronger with each consecutive use, Pursuit deals double damage on a fleeing foe and Aerial Ace never misses it's target.

He can slash at the opponent viciously with Slash and Night Slash, attack from the shadows quickly with Shadow Sneak and headbutt with a steel-hard cranium with Iron Head. He can also strike the opponent with Tackle and Retaliate, an attack which doubles in power if the user recently had a felled ally.

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His two strongest attacks, however , are Sacred Sword, which ignores defensive buffs on the target, and Head Smash, an attack where he charges at the foe with a ferocious headbutt that even causes damage to himself.

In addition to these attacks, Aegislash has access to a variety of status moves, like Swords Dance, Autotomize and Iron Defence. He also has access to Metal Sound, where the user let's loose an unbearable sound to lower Special Defence. Unarguably his most valued status move is King's Shield. By taking a defensive stance, Aegislash can block any attack that isn't designed to bypass it. In addition, if the foes uses a physical attack on Aegislash during the move, it's physical Attack is halved.

Aegislash has also proven to have a large amount of natural strength, effortlessly holding up two fully grown adults. Aegislash's most powerful skill, however, is its ability to manipulate and control the minds of both people and Pokémon. With adequate training, a single Aegislash can control several people at once.

While all of this sounds amazing, Aegislash is by no means invincible. Aside from his already stated elemental weaknesses, Aegislash's two forms make his stats very polarising and 'master of one at a time' in a sense. Additionally, Aegislash's most lacking stat, speed, is not remedied by either form, and must be made up with by repeated use of Autotomize.

Even with these in mind, Aegislash is an exceptional powerhouse and the meaning of all that is awesome. Always have a Poké Ball on hand when you find this guy.

Adam Taurus

(*Cue Scurge Hive Excerpt 1 ~ Cruiser)

The White Fang. The very name strikes fear into the hearts of the people of Remnant. Few are scarier to them than its leaders. Roman, Cinder, some random guy with a chainsaw ... and Adam Taurus.

(*Cue RWBY Vol 2 - Time to Say Goodbye)

Adam was a major leader of the White Fang, leading the group in a revolution against humanity. He stole, destroyed, murdered and organised other's to efficiently do more. However, his organisation was eventually partnered with the cause of Cinder Fall, some pyrokinetic bitch. To carry out his supposed 'justice', he wields a combination of weapons in Wilt and Blush.

Wilt is a long-range sword, and the weapon shown with his most usage and proficiency. While Blush is a small, lightweight hand rifle. It's capable of automatic fire and can hold at least seven shots.

Aura is a natural life force generated by the soul. As the owner of a soul (seriously up for debate), Adam is capable of generating an Aura. Aura ... you know what? If you're reading this, you likely already know what Aura is and what it does. But, for those of you who are curious, Aura can block deadly attack and heal minor wounds.

Unarguably the most dangerous aspect of Adam is his Semblance. By absorbing energy from projectiles, Adam can harness and re-emit the energy at his own control and leisure. This is what let him shatter a tank-sized mech and plough through Yang's Aura. Additionally, Adam has ridiculous stamina, taking down dozens of robots and still trucking on.

Despite this, Adam is by no means perfect. His preference for Wilt makes his proficiency with his ranged option, Blush, suffer as a result. His biggest weakness, however, is the charge time on his Semblance. Not only does it require projectiles specifically, it takes a long time and a lot of energy to full charge.

Even with these in mind, Adam is exceptional in both skill and ability. The last thing you want to do is get on this guy's bad side.


Well, the combatants are set. Let's get to it.

Pre-fight setup

Ilex Forest, Midnight

(*Cue Fire Emblem Fates - Lost in Thoughts All Alone - Instrumental)

Adam is walking through the forest briskly, a look of determination on his face.

Adam: This creature can apparently travel through time, if the myths are true. I can use that. Make the White Fang stronger, unstoppable, even. We will strike humanity while it's prejudice is still in its infancy, to make the future for Faunus better.

Adam starts running, as it starts to rain. Eventually, he comes across a small, wooden shrine with a small opening. He slows down, inspecting (though not touching) the construct, comparing it with a diagram of it he ... liberated, from a library at Beacon.

Adam: In just a few hours, the creature is going to arrive in this timeline. And I'll be waiting for it.

A rustling occurs from a nearby bush, immediately catching Adam's attention. Adam, blade in hand, inches towards the bush. Aegislash comes storming out of it and attempts a slash, but Adam dodges and Aegislash is sent forwards. Aegislash quickly recovers, looking piercingly at Adam.

Aegislash: Sla-gi, Aeg-i-Slash, Aegi! (You wish to bring harm to our Guardian. That is something I cannot allow.).

Adam simply replies with a grin, gesturing with Wilt. Rain begins overhead.

Adam: Well, the creature has a few hours to show up. Might as well have a little fun while I wait.


(*Cue transition to Super Smash Bros for Wii U - Fire Emblem Fates - Lost in Thoughts All Alone - Remix)

Both combatants immediately lock blades, neither side willing to let the other win. Aegislash attacks multiple times with Slash, with Adam blocking all of them.

Adam: This might not be as fun as I thought.

Aegislash catches Adam off guard with Aeriel Ace, hitting Adam directly across the chest. Aura blocks any damage, but he still feels the pain of the strike. Aegislash then follows up with Shadow Sneak.

Aegislash then attempts for Night Slash, but it misses and Adam strikes with Wilt. Striking several times, Aegislash is sent into a tree, shaking Cheri Berry's out of the tree. Aegislash then gets up, shaken by the attack but still standing and ready to go.

Aegislash notices that Adam has sheathed his blade, taking an unusual stance. Taking advantage of this opening, Aegislash uses Swords Dance to double his attack power.A dam, keeping his eye on Aegislash, notices that it's moving rather erratically, but somehow knows it's doing this on purpose. Adam decides to go on the offensive once more, firing off two shots from Blush. Both bounce off harmlessly off of his shield as he uses Iron Defence.

Adam: Bulletproof, huh? Well, guess you're really limiting my options.

Adam charges in with more attacks, clashing repeatedly with Aegislash's shield. Aegislash repeatedly uses Iron Defence between strikes, each hit having less and less effect.

(*Cue Super Smash Bros Melee - Fountain of Dreams)

Adam (internally): Got to put some space between me and this ... thing.

Adam takes an overhead swing at Aegislash, sending him into a tumble backwards. Adam attempts to use the opportunity to hide from view to charge Moonslice, but his retreat is punished with Pursuit, hitting for massive damage. Adam, not restricted by any injury, continues to hid behind the shrine.

Aegislash: Sla ... gi? (Where ... is he?)

Aegislash starts using Autotomize and Iron Defence, bracing himself for Adam's next move. Meanwhile, Adam was grinning, his Semblance charged.

Adam jumps over the shrine, eager to end this pest.

Adam (internally): Lets see what good that shield is against this! MOONSLICE!

Aegislash: Gi-SLASH! (KING'S SHIELD!)

The two moves collide, sending massive wind currents blowing through the area. For a brief moment, the winds momentum blasted the rain away from them.

Aegislash: :Ae-gi-slash. (Lets see what you've got against this.)

Suddenly, as Adam fell to the ground, his body was surrounded by a ghostly, purple aura.

Adam: What is this? I ... feel ... so ... we ... ak ...

His eyes whited over, his movements limp and lifeless.

Adam: What ... do ... you ... want?

Aegislash: Slash. Aegi. (Submit and accept.)

Adam dropped his weapon and lay down voluntarily. Aegislash approached the controlled Faunus, knowing exactly what to do.

Aegislash: Aegislash, Slash, aegi. (This is what you want. This is what you deserve.)

Adam ...yes...

Aegislash starts up one last Swords Dance. He wanted to finish this in one final blow. Adam still laid on the ground, submissive as ever.

Aegislash uses Sacred Sword, releasing Adam from his grip just before the blade entered his heart. The screen cuts to black.

(*Cut the music)

Adam could feel every last excruciating piece of pain, his blood staining both Aegislash and the ground he fought on. The rain drove on, water washing away the blood from Aegislash.

Aegislash: Sla, aegi. (A valiant effort, but for naught.)


While Adam did have a stamina and speed advantage, Aegislash matched or exceeded him everywhere else. Aegislash right of the bat had the power, defence and versatility advantage, with the means to check anything Adam may have tried or surpass Adams other statistics.

Charging up his Semblance? Swords Dance evens the playing field. Using Moonslice? Iron Defence and King's Shield minimize/block the damage. Retreating to charge up his Semblance manually? Shadow Sneak and Pursuit catch up with him.

Additionally, Adam's Semblance requires projectiles to absorb in order to use Moonslice to its full effect. However, as Aegislash doesn't learn any projectile attacks naturally, his Semblance was effectively useless on Aegislash.

Lastly, Adam has no answer to Aegislash's mind control. Even Aura is useless since it does not work on mental attacks.

The winner is Aegislash.

Advantages / Disadvantages



+More stamina

+Moonslice is devastating

+Focuses on many hits in rapid succession, rarely changing up unless using Semblance

-No answer to mind control

-Less variety, making him more predictable

-No projectiles for Semblance


+Consistently stronger offensively

+More varied and strategic arsenal

+King's Shield blocks attacks (unless designed/stated to bypass them)

+Means to catch up with him (Autotomize)

+Mind control

-Less stamina

-Less range

-Initially slower

Next Time

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Yang: Nailed it!

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Blaziken: Bla - zi...