Afro Samurai
Nothing personal. It's just revenge.
~ Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is the main protagonist of the same title anime/manga series.

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Battles Royale


When Afro was a kid, his father and Number 1 warrior, Rokutaro, was challenged by the Number 2, Justice, who planned to gain Rokutaro's Number 1 headband to become God. In the battle that followed Afro's father was beheaded before his eyes, his still living head thrown in front of him as Justice removed the Number 1 headband. He then told Afro he was sorry that he had to see his father's death and that Afro would be filled with hatred for him. He told Afro to challenge him when he was ready to duel a God before walking away cackling.

Afro took his Father's head and the Number 2 headband from Mt. Shumi and lived on the edge before he was ambushed by bandits who easily overpowered him and took the Number 2 headband for themselves, leaving him to die. He was rescued by Sword Master and Jinno, who then raised him in the Sword Master's dojo for orphaned children where he was to be trained as a swordsman. During Afro's time at the dojo he tried to learn the location of the Number 2 headband before learning his Sword Master was the Number 2. He questioned his Master on the matter and met him beneath a bodhi tree for a duel, but the duel was disrupted by the arrival of the students and a huge mob of thugs and crooks seeking the Number 2 headband.

In the ensuing battle, Sword Master sought to show Afro the terrible price of being the Number 2, but in the end he is killed by Afro. Afro, Jinno, and Otsuru are the only students at the dojo who survive, just after the battle, Afro develops an imaginary friend called Ninja Ninja who attempts to comfort Afro and acts as his road dog following him.

Afro begins his journey to take vengeance on Justice and makes his way to Mt. Shumi by way of Low Down East whilst having to deal with those seeking the Number 2 headband including large numbers of thugs, The Empty Seven and their assassins, hired or otherwise built, such as the Afro Droid and Machine Ninja, as well as Jinno, who had been turned into the Cyborg Kuma.

Afro at last meets Justice at the end of his journey, engaging him in a duel that ends with Afro defeating him and then viciously slicing him hundreds of times until all that is left of him is a pile of chopped chunks and his hat which flies forward. Afro claims his Headband, becoming the new Number 1. Later he encounters Jinno and gets ready for a battle with him.

Death Battle Info


  • Name: Afro
  • Imaginary friend: Ninja Ninja
  • Constant wanderer
  • Current holder of the No.1 Headband


  • After being poisoned by arrows, managed to slice an RPG, survived the explosion and a fall from a cliff into a raging river
  • Dodged bullets on a daily basis
  • Punched a large warrior across a room and through a wall without even looking at him
  • Kicked off a robot's head
  • Reacted to plasma bolts and beams fired at him
  • Defeated Afro Droid, Justice, Shichigoro and his own father's clone