This is the 8th What-If? Death Battle created by OPZoroark.


It's an all-out brawl between two of anime's strongest heavy-hitters! All Might from My Hero Academia takes on the One Punch Man himself, Saitama! Who will save the day? Who will be proven less than hero?


Wiz: Strength; one of the most-common attributes of superheroes everywhere. This power has become a staple of almost every being who stands up to the forces of evil.

Boomstick: Not to mention the amount of sheer destruction it can cause! Especially in anime!

W: All Might, My Hero Academia's legendary symbol of peace...

B: And Saitama, the over-powered hero-for-fun from One Punch Man! He's Wiz & I'm Boomstick...

W: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, & skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

All Might:

W: In a world where 80% of the population has superpowers, commonly referred to as "Quirks," one hero stands above the rest. That hero is the legendary All Might.

B: Oh my god. That's the... dumbest-looking haircut I've ever seen.

W: Seriously? He's the greatest hero in his universe & you're ripping on his hair?

B: Hey, can you blame me? I mean, come on! He looks like a bunny or something!

W: (sigh) Born in Japan after Quirks had become normal to the population, Toshinori Yagi was originally little more than a Quirkless nobody.

B: Then one day, for currently unconfirmed reasons, a woman named Nana Shimura decided to give her Quirk to good ol' Toshi so her legacy could be carried on once she retired or died. Which she did, at the hands of an immortal Quirk-stealing villain named All For One. But she did what she wanted, and boy, did it carry!

W: All Might's Quirk has been speculated many times by the public. Some believe it's superhuman-strength, others believe it's invulnerability. However, neither are 100% correct.

B: All Might is the eighth user of the Quirk named "One For All"; a unique Quirk that is passed down from user-to-user, gaining the added strength of each person who receives it. By using his Quirk, All Might can jump explosively into the air, unleash attacks about 50 times stronger than even other people with super-strength, & withstand ridiculously-powerful attacks with little strain on himself.

W: There's a good reason everyone looks to All Might as the symbol of peace. He managed to remain the number one hero in Japan while simultaneously hiding a severe, chronic injury! He's so famously powerful, that he makes crime-rates drop wherever he's rumored to be just because villains are too horrified to fight him!

B: And there's no wonder why! This guy's knocked-out about twenty villains in less than two seconds, changed the weather with a single uppercut, & punched a giant bird-thingy named Noumu into the upper atmosphere by completely bypassing its powerful shock-absorption Quirk! Talk about overpowered! But of course, no badass anime hero is complete without some awesome-sounding signature attacks!

W: All Might has created & adopted several techniques for using his overwhelming strength. Which, for some reason are all named after cities & states in the U.S.A.

B: The Texas Smash is a powerful punch that can blow away any liquid caught in its path, the Detroit Smash is a downward strike using the same principle of the Texas Smash with enough power to change the weather, the Carolina Smash is a powerful cross chop to the head, the New Hampshire Smash is a ultimate tackle that can easily injure anyone in its path, to name a few! But All Might's impressive trump card is the United States of Smash: a punch so powerful, it can incapacitate or kill anyone it hits sending multiple shockwaves blasting throughout the area it's used in!

W: Unfortunately, due to his previously-mentioned injury, All Might is only able to remain in his hero form for about three hours a day. For the remaining twenty-one, he is confined to his frail, normal form. (Clip at 0:53)

B: AAAAAAAAAA!!! What the fuck is that thing?!

W: That's All Might's actual appearance.

B: But... He looks awful!

W: Yeah. It's a pretty bad injury. The damage is completely irreparable, even with the aid of a healing-stimulation Quirk. He's missing his stomach & half his respiratory system. In fact, it's a miracle he's even still alive three years later! Plus, the damage carries over to his hero form by planting a giant weak spot on the left side of his chest. There's pretty much nothing he can do to fix it either, so he ended up having to name his successor, Izuku Midoriya, much more early into his career than most other One For All-wielders. And, of course, by using the United States of Smash, All Might will unfortunately drain the remainders of One for All from his body, leaving him Quirkless again.

B: And even with that, he's still managed to pull off the crazy shit we just said he could do?!

W: Yep. Despite his crippling injury, All Might is definitely worthy of being known as the symbol of peace. A courageous hero that will be admired for generations to come.

B: Yeah. This dude's pretty awesome. ...But he still looks like a bunny.


W: Three years ago, the grandson of a millionaire was attacked by a giant crab-man who was mad at the kid for drawing nipples on his shell with a Sharpie.

B: Wow. Now I really have heard everything.

W: Meh. I've heard stranger. Anyway, before the crab-man took his revenge, a random bystander saved the boy by killing the monster. The boy's grandfather was so inspired by the events that he used his fortune to found the Hero Association; an industry where extraordinary people could receive profit for upholding the peace & protecting humanity from threats.

B: The bystander was an ordinary man named Saitama, who was also changed by the confrontation. After realizing the exhilaration that came with fighting evil, he decided to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superhero.

W: After his victory over Crablante, Saitama spent the next three years following a strict training regimen. Every day, he completed one-hundred pushups, one-hundred situps, one-hundred squats, & a ten-kilometer run. Eating three meals a day, of course. Eventually, his intensive training left him completely bald & granted him physique beyond human limits.

B: Losing all your hair? I dunno. What can he do now, bend a stop sign pole & climb brick buildings quickly?

W: Well, yes. But he can also do stuff like this.

B: Holy. Fuck.

W: Despite his training being little more than a medium level method of strength training, Saitama had somehow become one of the most-powerful beings in the universe. He has immeasurable strength, speed, durability, & reflexes, along with infinite stamina, enhanced lung capacity, immunity to fire & heat damage, instant vacuum adaptation, & an indomitable will.

B: This dude's basically every single Chuck Norris meme on the planet combined! Think we're exaggerating? Guess again, bitches! Let us roll down the ginormous list of badass feats this dude's compiled over the past few years. Including...

W: Defeating an 885'10" villain, that's one-hundred & seventy-five times his size by the way, in a single punch.

B: Punching through a mega-laser powerful enough to kill planets.

W: Shrugging off a direct hit from Genos's Incineration Cannon. You know, the one that can reduce entire buildings to cinders?

B: One-shotting a giant fish king guy who was powerful enough to easily defeat multiple S-Class heroes.

W: Threw a punch that didn't connect with anything & destroyed an entire landscape with just the shockwave.

B: Effortlessly enduring a 1000% increase in gravity.

W: Jumping through a ceiling that survived a city-wide explosion.

B: Detecting a sword swinging at him at supersonic speeds & biting it in half!

W: Table-flipping a chunk of the ground that had an entire building on top of it.

B: Shattering a giant meteor that easily endured a barrage of missiles & Genos's Ultimate Core-boosted Incineration Cannon. The list goes on, but you get the point. The dude's really friggin' strong.

W: Despite all this, Saitama still isn't perfect. He's still only a Class-B hero in the Association, due to his miserable grade on the written exam. He's much less strategic in combat, preferring to defeat every enemy that comes his way by just punching them.

B: He also sucks at remembering names & faces, plus he's not completely invulnerable. The one injury he's received since becoming a hero is so amazingly unbelievable, it will blow your minds forever!

W: (sigh) He was scratched by a cat.

B: Killjoy!

W: Still, Saitama is definitely the most-powerful hero in the Association by a landslide. A near-ultimate being who defeats any foe in his path, striking fear into the hearts of every monster planning to invade.

B: Too bad nobody knows who he is.


W: Alright! The combatants are set! Let's end this debate once & for all~

B: It's time for a Death Battle!


Doomsday rampages through the city street. He kills a few unfortunate passersby as everyone runs away in terror. He lets out a deafening roar. The doors to a nearby grocery store open as a caped man steps outside. The man sets down his grocery basket & calmly walks up to the grey monster. Doomsday roars once more & winds up. The screen blacks out.

Toshinori Yagi runs out from behind a building, searching for the monster he heard was terrorizing the city. Upon inspection, all he sees is a man in a yellow onesie standing in front of a large bloodstain. Doomsday's spikes litter the area, some on the ground & several stuck into nearby walls. The man turns to the side, looking down at his fist.

What the hell is going on here, All Might thinks to himself. Is this guy the monster everyone was talking about? Or did he somehow defeat it? He shifts into Hero Form & walks toward the man.

"Excuse me, sir," he asks with his signature smile. "But who exactly are you?"

The man turns to look at the muscular figure standing before him. "I'm Saitama," he responds.

All Might stares at him for a bit, then responds, "who?"

"Oh, come on!" Saitama responds angrily. "You know, the guy who's a hero for fun?"

"Still never heard of you," All Might replies. "Either way, though, I'll need to ask you a few questions."

"Ordinarily I would," Saitama tells him, "but I have frozens there & they'll go bad if I don't bring them home." He points toward the basket sitting in front of the grocery store.

"Sir, I need you to come with me right now," All Might says sternly. "Otherwise, I'll have to use force."

"Look," Saitama says in a calm voice, "I don't wanna fight you, but I still need to bring home those groceries."

"Come here," All Might says, gently reaching for Saitama. Before he can grab him, Saitama swings his left arm toward All Might's, knocking his hand away. "What the hell?!"

"Sorry, man," Saitama says, "but frozens have priority right now."


Saitama lightly moves his right arm to the side, knocking All Might into the wall of the grocery store. All Might pivots toward the bald man & starts to charge with incredible speed. He swings his hand toward Saitama in a horizontal karate chop.

"Missouri Smash!" he yells, striking Saitama square in the forehead. He stops & turns toward his uninjured opponent. "What? How is this possible?" he says, surprised. "That should have rendered you unconscious or at least knocked you back!" Saitama turns to face All Might. "How have you still not moved an inch?"

"I'm just strong," Saitama replies calmly. "Not much else to it." In a split second, he darts up to All Might & flicks him in the chest. The large hero smashes through the wall to another building. "Well, back to the frozens." He starts to turn around when All Might charges through the hole in the wall & winds up.

"Texas Smash!" he yells, punching Saitama in the side & knocking him back a few feet. All Might stares surprised by the minimal effect of his attack.

"Hey," Saitama tells him. "That was a nice one. Most aren't even able to make me budge." All Might punches at him again, but before he makes contact, Saitama disappears. He darts behind All Might too quickly to be seen & hits him lightly in the back. All Might falls hard, creating a large crater underneath the two heroes from the impact of his fall.

Saitama stands in place for a second or two before All Might quickly reaches out & grabs him by the ankle. He swings Saitama upward by his leg & smashes him into the ground, increasing the size of the crater. All Might pulls himself up & shifts into a fighting stance as Saitama gets up with relative ease & stands normally.

I've gotta give this guy some credit, All Might thinks as he charges at breakneck speed, hitting Saitama in the gut & launching him into the air with a powerful uppercut. His Quirk is strong enough to stand up to One for All. He leaps twenty stories off the ground & grabs Saitama out of the air. I better not hold back against him. He spins twice in midair, tossing Saitama toward the ground with incredible force. "Oklahoma Smash!"

The yellow-clad hero crashes into the pavement, sending out a shockwave that shatters every window in its path. All Might spins like a top on the way down, adding the momentum from his descent & crashing into Saitama. The shockwave from the strike knocks over the grocery store & sends every parked car on the block flying away from the source. The crater underneath the two combatants quadruples in size, reaching the sidewalks & exposing damaged sewage pipes.

All Might stands up again, inspecting Saitama. He is not moving & is flat on his face. "What a shame," All Might says aloud. "This man could have made an excellent hero." He turns around & starts to walk away. He makes it halfway down the crater when Saitama picks himself up from the ground.

"What do you mean 'could have?'" he asks. All Might turns around in shock. "I am a hero. And I'm pretty good at it, too," he says to correct his enemy. All Might rips chunks of debris out of the ground & starts tossing them at Saitama, who effortlessly dodges them & runs to All Might's position in less than a second.

Saitama grabs All Might by his t-shirt & chucks him into the side of the building across the street from the collapsed grocery store. He breaks through the wall at around the seventh floor & smashes through the opposite side on the twelfth, leaving a trail of shattered concrete in his wake. He flips over after flying about two blocks & lands on top of a smaller building. Saitama climbs out the hole All Might used to exit the damaged building, scanning the area for where he might have landed. Once he spots him in the distance, he leaps from building to building until he reaches the bulky hero's roof. All Might is noticeably fatigued.

"You about ready to call it quits?" Saitama asks. "Because if you are, you're buying my new groceries to replace the basket that got crushed under that building you knocked over."

"No," All Might responds through gritted teeth. "I won't lose here!" He charges, flinging himself forward in a single step & winding up for his next attack. "Detroit Smash!" He swings with the force of a speeding truck, his fist colliding with Saitama & blowing a huge chunk out of the top of the building. Debris rains down onto the street below, creating a seventeen-foot-wide rock garden of mayhem & destruction.

The dust clears, revealing that All Might's punch had been dead-on. Or at least it would have been. All Might gawks at the bald hero before him who had grabbed his strike before it could hit. He swings again, but Saitama blocks again. With both his arms restrained, All Might stomps on the roof below them. It shatters, dropping the two down five floors before All Might frees himself from Saitama's grip.

He pushes off the floor with one foot, this time hitting Saitama & sending them both flying into the wall across the street. He grabs Saitama, who was smashed between All Might & the wall, & throws him downward diagonally into the middle of an empty intersection. Saitama flips over in midair & lands on his feet, sending a shower of concrete toward another empty building behind him.

All Might leaps toward him, landing short of his opponent. Another concrete chunk is kicked up by his landing, which Saitama obliterates in a single punch. All Might darts toward Saitama, hitting him with a barrage of rapid punches which his opponent easily endured. He moves his arms into an X-shape, swinging them toward Saitama & hitting with a powerful cross chop.

"Carolina Smash!" he yells as his arms strike both sides of Saitama's head simultaneously. This is it, he thinks to himself. This guy's too powerful. My only chance is my last resort. It's risky, but I have to try! He grabs Saitama's head & slams him into the nearest building.

All Might clenches his fist, which reverberates with the full power of his Quirk. "I rarely have to use this, but you leave me no choice. Shatter your limits! Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!" The United States of Smash makes contact with Saitama's chin. The powerful uppercut sends him flying up the building, turning any chunk of the wall in his path to debris as he tunnels up with nothing but the force of All Might's attack. He reaches the top of the building, but flies higher, breaking through the clouds above him until he is too high up to see.

Back on the ground, All Might's body begins to produce steam. His power is almost out. He starts to walk away, looking up at the sky where his opponent had been launched.

"You were a worthy opponent," he says to the sky, "but you were no match for the symbol of peace. Wait…" He stops in place upon spotting a small dot in the sky, slowly growing larger. After a few seconds, Saitama lands feet-first on the ground, creating a giant crater that envelops several blocks of the city. All Might struggles to keep his balance. "WHAT?!" he exclaims in shock. "HOW?! THIS CAN'T BE REMOTELY POSSIBLE!" Traces of blood start to appear on his mouth. His time is almost up.

"I'll admit," Saitama replies. "You're pretty strong. Only one other opponent has been able to hit me that hard before. Well, I've gotta find a new supermarket, so let's wrap this up." He darts toward All Might, making it to his position in under a second & clenches his fist. "Normal Punch." he starts to swing, when All Might finally runs out of time, reverting back to his normal form.

"Huh?" Saitama says, surprised, stopping his punch before it hits Toshinori about five inches from his face. Toshinori was safe. And then the shockwave hits.

A tremendous burst of force hits the frail man dead-on, launching him about fifty feet before he lands on the concrete. The impact rips off his right arm. He bounces & lands again, smashing his left leg. He bounces one last time, flying backward before landing on an iron pole sticking out of the wreckage. The pole impales him upon impact & causes him to spit out blood, dying less than a second later.


Saitama is shown in the same place as where he threw the last punch, staring at Toshinori's corpse. He lowers his fist.

"Aw man," he says, disappointed. "Now who's gonna replace my groceries?"


B: Wow! That wasn't even fair!

W: While All Might is definitely powerful, Saitama outclasses him by a near inconceivable margin when it comes to strength, speed, & durability.

B: Yeah. All Might has done some pretty badass things in his life, but Saitama has easily surpassed all of them multiple times, without even trying! Take that huge-ass meteor he stopped like everything in the path of this Death Battle. He managed to completely shatter the thing with a single punch from his Normal Series of attacks, which, if you didn't know, is when he doesn't even try to exert anywhere near his full capabilities. Wiz, math that!

W: Dude, I am buying you a calculator for your next birthday.

B: Don't bother. I'd probably just sell it online & use the money for gun-leg ammo.

W: (sigh) In order to determine the limit of All Might's strength, we would need to factor in the amount of force he would have to exert in order to punch Noumu into the upper atmosphere. Noumu is about the same size as All Might, so while his exact weight has yet to be confirmed, we can assume he weighs about 255 kg, or 562.179 lbs. In order for Noumu to have landed back on Earth afterward, he could have reached no higher than 31 miles above the ground. The amount of force required to launch a 562.179 lb. object 31 miles upward is 3952.2 newtons of force. Judging by Noumu's resistance to a basic Detroit Smash from Izuku, we can assume his shock-absorption Quirk lowers the force taken from attacks to about 5% of their power. Taking this into account, All Might would have exerted around 79,050 newtons of force with the United States of Smash, or 0.00000806085664005 megatons. Saitama, on the other hand, managed to shatter the meteor in a single punch, using minimal power. Judging by the meteor's relative size & durability, we can assume it weighs about 2 million megatons. That puts Saitama leagues above All Might as is, but there's also the added factor of resistance from the meteor's descent. Factoring this in, Saitama is able to exert at least 1.6 sextillion megatons of force with little to no effort!

B: It also probably doesn't help that All Might's got a giant weak spot on his side, but with the power Saitama's got, he probably wouldn't even need to hit it.

W: By comparison, All Might is only slightly more powerful than the enemies Saitama fights on a regular basis. You know, the ones he instantly kills in a single, effortless punch?

B: Saitama just had all the might in this battle.

W: Really? You've done way better.

B: Yeah. I know.

W: The winner is Saitama.

Saitama winner


B: Next time on Death Battle!...

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