Alucard (Hellsing)
Anderson, stop it! Do you know what that thing will do to you?! You'll become one of God's monsters! Retain your humanity. Don't succumb to power! Either side, it amounts to the same deal: whether in the name of the divine or the demonic, you're still a monster in the end! Do you intend to use that scrap of become nothing but a scrap of miracle yourself?! This duel...between us...would you really push it this far - into the realms that lie beyond the realm of mortal life? A monster such as myself...a creature of such weakness that I could not bear the weight of a human life...if I am to be defeated, it must be by a human! Don't do it, human. Don't become a monster...a monster like me...
~ Alucard to Alexander Anderson

Alucard is the main protagonist of the Japanese manga series, Hellsing, though he comes off as one of the most dangerous anti-heroes. He fought Spawn from Image Comics in an episode of DBX.

(For other combatants named Alucard, see Alucard (disambiguation).)

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Once known as Vlad Trepes, the vampire known as Dracula reigned terror for years before he was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing. But rather than be destroyed, Dracula was forced in Hellsing's servitude while renamed Alucard. For years, Alucard served the Hellsing family and their government-founded organization in fending off England's supernatural threats. But while on a mission in Warsaw, Alucard made an enemy out of a survivor who would burn 70's London to the ground just to end the vampire forever. But Alucard welcomes all challengers to face him, hoping one day to a true worthy human opponent who can truly end his unending life.

Death Battle Info

  • Weapons:
    • .454 Casull handgun
    • 'Jackal': handgun designed to inflict damage on regenerators
    • Familiars: Various warriors/victims from across history

Alucard fights with ferocity and often extreme cruelty, preferring to break his opponent both physically and psychologically before finishing them off. While Alucard prefers death at the hands of a worthy human opponent, he loathes beings like himself who decided to become immortal as a means to escape fate. Alucard's "immortality" is actually the result of consuming the souls of his victims through their blood, gaining their memories while turning the souls into extensions of himself called Familiars. While these souls allow Alucard to regenerate near fatal injuries in seconds, even if his body is shredded to ribbons, he would need to feed if he uses up his multitude of souls.

As the Control Art Restriction System developed by Hellsing restricts his full power, Alucard is allowed seals up to Level 1 to use most of his abilities: Shapeshifting into various forms (bats, arthropods, amorphous masses of darkness with multiple eyes, and a young girl) or manifest his Hellhound familiar Baskerville. But when the head of the Hellsing family removes the final seal so his full fury can be unleashed, Alucard can freely assumes his form as Vlad while spawning all familiars to serve as his personal army. But this powerful form is double-edged as Alucard is left vulnerable to attack, drawing back a familiar back into himself to survive a fatal attack.


  • Sometimes shows value of human life, even telling those he meet years ago that they become beautiful with age.
  • Alucard rarely creates other vampires, his only known sires being Mina Harker and Seras Victoria as the latter possessed qualities he considered deserving of immortality.


  • Expresses disgust towards those unworthy of immortality who sacrifice their humanity in the same manner.
  • As the Major formulated in his endgame, there are ways to use Alucard's method of immortality against him through a sacrificial person with an unique power that could destroy the vampire. In the Major's case, it was his genetically-altered ward Schrodinger whose "sense of self"-based omnipresent ability placed Alucard at the edge of non-existence for years and forced him to destroy every additional soul in his being to return.