Lay down your arms! I'm serious and I have the firepower to prove it! Sworn protectorate of over fifteen thousand submarine states. My territory surrounds every continent on the planet. I rule most of this planet's surface and almost all of its depths. So don't even think about picking a fight with the King of Atlantis.
~ Aquaman

Aquaman is a superhero from DC Comics and is a founding member of the Justice League.

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  • Real Name: Arthur Curry
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Occupation: King of Atlantis
  • His wife is a fellow superhero
  • Was originally raised by dolphins
  • Almost played Magic the Gathering in high school
  • Hated being called Aquaman
  • He exists in the Spongebob universe as Mermaid-Man


  • Founding member of the Justice League
  • With help from Wonderwoman he lifted a Naval Super Carrier, which weighs at around 70,000 tonnes, out of the water and onto a beach
  • Took bullets to the face without a scratch
  • Casually lifted a cruise ship out of the water
  • Swam faster then a jet going Mach 10
  • Easily matched the likes of Shazam, Ares, Wonderwoman, and the Flash
  • Broke off a tectonic plate, which by average weighs 40 sextillion tonnes
  • Singlehandedly took down Shaggy Man who is as powerful as Doomsday
  • Punched Death in the face and took his boat
  • Is said by Black Manta to be nearly bullet proof and his muscle density is ten times stronger then a normal human
  • Unfazed by any of Deathstroke's attacks and even catches him when blinded
  • Can swim in lava
  • Stabbed a Parademon through the chin when it was flying at him at full speed
  • Held his own with Darkseid
  • Capable of facing the Justice League (with his armies)


  • Much more willing to kill then any other member of the Justice League
    • He puts propriety on his kingdom and people over everything else which can put him at odds with his allies
    • Can retaliate viciously if a sea creature is killed
  • Can be a bit arrogant
  • His fearlessness can get the better of him
  • If he is out of the water for an extended period of time he will dehydrate and die
  • Nothing ever goes well for him
    • Accidently kills Manta's father, leading to the creation of his greatest enemy
    • His son was murdered by Black Manta causing Mera to blame him for everything
    • He lost his hand to either Piranhas or Black Manta
    • His attempts for peace are always nearly sabotaged
    • Tried to make Atlantis independent from the Regime, but was ultimately forced to submit (Injustice)
    • Both in-universe citizens and DC fans don't take him seriously because of the misconception that he only talks to fish