The Badniks are the more powerful robots in Eggman's army. They previously starred in Eggman vs. Wily.

Fanon Wiki ideas so far

Death Battle Info

Name Function Picture

Designed for Tactical tasks

Can Pilot Vehicles

Silver Sonic

Can Fly with Rocket Shoes

Powered by a Chaos Emerald

Mecha Sonic

Slower & Tougher than Silver

Greater Focus on Firepower

Can Absorb & Use Chaos Energy

Mecha Knuckles Fires Large Rockets MechaKnuckles
E-101 Beta MKII

Can Fly & Teleport

Homing Missiles

Wide RoE Laser Beams

Shadow Android

Has Shadow's Physical Abilities

Fires Small Rockets

Scratch & Grounder Never give up S&G

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