Bane vs Captain America
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Season 4, Episode 28
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Air date January 26, 2016
Written by Maxevil and Big the cat 10
Directed by Maxevil and Big the cat 10
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Banjo vs Klonoa (Maxevil) or Bowser vs Darth Sidious (Big the cat 10) April O'Neil vs Ulala (Maxevil) or Springtrap vs Scarecrow (Big the cat 10)


DC vs Marvel!  Which of these fighters use the most deadly liquid drugs?


Wiz: Drugs come in various forms like chewing tobacco and smokable cigars and cigarettes.

Boomstick: And sometimes even in liquid forms, like these two fighters that we will be pitting each other tonight.

Wiz: Bane, the man who broke Batman in half...

Boomstick: ...and Captain America, the patriotic superhero.  He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Bane was born to a criminal into a maximum security prison and was left alone in his cell

Boomstick: Because Bane couldn't work on friendships due to being in a cell he decided to work on his muscles instead becoming extremely fit

Wiz: Eventually Bane was chosen to test out a drug called venom , he not only survived but his strength was massively increased and he broke out of prison feeling to Gotham City

Boomstick: Bane decided to test out his awesome strength on the Dark knight giving him a Free Spine Durability Test , but Bat's friend Azeral wasn't satisfied with Bane's services and beat the hell out him.

Wiz: Bane is an extremely intelligent combat he is a master of several martieux arts and has a photographic memory and is a master strategist able to come up with extremely smart plans of actions

Boomstick: Bane is extremely strong able to lift several hundred pounds and up to 2 tons without the Venom but with the Venom he can lift up to 5 tons without going insane.

Wiz: The venom increases his speed and Healing abilities making Bane able to recover from deadly injures in a few hours.

Boomstick: Bane wields a shot gun and a knife if his fists aren't enough to defeat an opponent but Bane has broken Batman's back , Dented a Concrete pillar , snapped Killer Croc's ribs and beat him up , single handily defeated a group of Indians on his own all without the venom he's pretty tough!!

Wiz: While the venom is Bane's greatest attribute it is also his biggest fault , the more venom he absorbs the more insane he becomes and his venom tubes that supply him can be easily snapped robbing him of his power and Bane is addicted to Drug and if he Doesn't receive it he will experience Great pain.

Boomstick: But this is one Back Breaking guy you don't want to mess with !

Bane: " Ahh yes I was wondering what would break first your spirit , or your body !

Captain America

Wiz: Captain America started out as Steven Rogers, an Irish Immigrant who had less objects in his life.

Boomstick: And that even includes Muscles, it's a wonder he could survive all this.

Wiz: And despite his selflessness, sheer willpower, desire for justice, and spirit to fight for his freedom, he was rejected by the U.S. Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines due to his lack of health and physique.

Boomstick: But his damn luck eventually paid off as when Hitler made super Nazis known as Hydra, Rogers was given the liquid drugs and tanned with Vita-Rays, and lived to be the Nazi fighting superhero himself, Captain America.

Wiz: The drug that was used on him is the Super Soldier Serum, which improved his physical and mental potentials, causing the Captain to bench press 1100 lbs. and run one mile in exactly 73 seconds, each of those being surprisingly effective compared to your typical average athlete.

Boomstick: Plus, when he 'Thinks Fast', he can dodge point blank gunfire.

Wiz: Though we know that is still considered the stupidest way, cause his brain can process images faster than anyone else's.

Boomstick: But at least he still has various martial arts under his belt making him an expert hand-to-hand fight against any opponent.

Wiz: He also comes equipped with his trusty famous shield, made from Proto-Adamatium and Vibranium, it can not only defend him, but can also double as a discus like projectile.  When the two metals are combined, it not only reflects kinetic attacks, it can also hit multiple opponents.  It all depends on how well the Captain has calculated the trajectory of the shield with his Super Soldier mind.

Boomstick: But does this mean it is unstoppable? Hell no, he has gotten it damaged and destroyed on certain occasions, but he doesn't always rely on his shield to win his fights though.

Wiz: He onced Boxed with the Mighty Thor and won, even Incapacitate Hulk with Pressure Points.

Boomstick: Including a good old kick in the Green Guy's coin purse. (chuckles)

Wiz: But Captain America does have his limits, due to the fact that he is just human, he can still get damaged in the body by knife stabs and bullets if his patriotic suit does not protect him.

Boomstick: Nevertheless, he will always fight for his country and kick Hitler's ass.

Captain America: For Truth, Justice and the American Way!



Wiz: All right, the Combatants are set, let's end the debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle

Captain America was in Gotham City on a secret mission to bring down Bane's Criminal empire Cap enters a warehouse with tons of illegal venom drugs in it

Captain: Well, whoever needs this much venom must be desperate I better take it off their hands

Bane: I don't think that's a good idea, Mr Rogers

Captain: Bane stand back I don't want to hurt you

Bane: No. I will show you my power then I will break you

Captain: We'll see about that.


Bane rushes at Cap and punches him in the gut Cap then throws the shield at Bane who dodges it and the two exchange punches and kicks Cap uppercuts Bane but Bane starts rapidly punching cap who begins to be overwhelmed but suddenly the shield returns and hits Bane in the head

Bane is knocked back and presses a button injecting the venom into himself And lunges at Cap hitting him in the leg and punching him Cap then smacks him with the shield several times Bane then pulls out his knife

Bane: You've demonstrated good skill but you lack the strength to defeat me

Bane attempts to slash Rogers with the knife but Cap blocks it with the shield and knocks the knife away Bane grabs the shield and the two struggle over it and suddenly Bane lifts the shield up and knees Cap in the gut

Captain: Bane I'm warning you stand down

Cap then kicks Bane in the shoulder and punches him several times he then grabs Bane's leg and tosses him into a wall

Bane gets up and gasps for breath

Bane: Perhaps your not as weak as I thought

Cap then charges at Bane with the shield raised but Bane fires volleys of bullets at him with his gun Cap is hit by a few of these bullets but manages to block them with the shield and then cuts through the gun with the shield

Bane: Impressive

Cap tries to punch Bane but Bane blocks his punch and starts beating him up with several punches and injects more venom into himself breaking a few of Cap's ribs Cap throws his shield but Bane dodges and uppercuts Cap and lifts him off the ground

Bane: You fought well but I broke the bat someone who beat you so now I will Break you

Bane is about break Cap's back when the shield slices through the venom tubes causing him to drop Cap

Bane: No I'm losing my power

Captain: No more mister nice Cap

Cap rapidly starts punching Bane and overwhelms him with pressure points causing him to drop to the ground head held high

Cap: Goodbye Bane

Cap then throws the shield at Bane's head beheading him Bane's body falls to the ground and cap walks away



Boomstick: Yeah, America Rocks... in its own rights anyway.

Wiz: Bane has surpassed the Cap in the Strength category, but Cap here managed to conquer every other category.

Boomstick: He even took on other superheroes who surpassed him in strength before, referingly Thor and Hulk, and managed to win at those times.

Wiz: The shield also played a big part to, so Cap could keep up with Bane at all times.

Boomstick: Bane's venom was unable to make the cut in the end.


Wiz: The winner is Captain America.

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  • This is Maxevil's sixty eighth Death Battle episode.