Look. I'm sure you're some kind of local hero but I'm a real hero from the big city, so just let me call the shots. And try to keep up.
~ Beast Boy

Beast Boy is a character from DC Comics.

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Garfield Mark Logan is the son of former child actress and animal wildlife preservationist Marie Logan who lived in West Africa prior to contracting a rare illness called Sakutia. To save his life, having a O-negative blood-type, Logan was given a blood transfusion from Miss Martian, who is a fan of his mother's show and modeled her human form after her. Logan survived thanks to his "blood sister", unintended side-effects from Miss Martian's martian DNA turned him a green-skinned metahuman with the ability to metamorph into any animal of his choice. After his mother was later murdered by Queen Bee, blaming himself for her death, Logan was recruited by the Doom Patrol under the code-name Changling. But Logan later leaves the Doom Patrol after losing most of his team mates, and out of a conflict of interest, later joining the Teen Titans.

Death Battle Info

  • Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
  • Weight: 150 pounds

His powers somehow tied to the Earth's morphogenetic field, Beast Boy's primary ability is his the ability to shape-shift into any animal he has seen and made meaningful contact with while still maintaining his original green color. This extends to extinct animals, as long as he studied them, and animals of mythological and extraterrestrial origin upon tapping into another world's morphogenetic field. While in an animal's form, he gains its strength, agility, and modes of movement, such as speed, flight, and flexibility. He also posses keener senses than a normal human that make him an excellent tracker.


  • Martial Bio-Suit: A gift from Miss Martian that is pre-telepathically programmed for two settings: form-fitting collar and full body-suit.


  • Despite his flaws, he can be very philosophical.
  • Learned forms of martial arts like ninjutsu.
  • High destructive capability as certain animals.
  • Defeated large opponents like Cinderblock.
  • Threw Trigon to the ground.
  • While in the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy fatally wounded Madame Rouge to avenge the team mates he lost because of her.
  • Has an internet following.


  • Silly and annoys others sometimes.
  • Defeated easily as certain animals
  • Can suffer brief nausea while getting accustomed to another world's morphogenetic field.
  • Got himself captured by pressing a "do not press" red button.


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