Bebop: My name is Bebop. This is Rocksteady. I know that's a crazy name, right, but his ancestors are from Finland.
Rocksteady: Yeah, that's right, I'm Finnish. 'Cause when I start a beatdown, I always FINNISH it!

~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

Bebop & Rocksteady are characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles media franchise. They are the Shredder's mutant henchmen, through their incompetence and stupidity make them almost a non threat most of the time.

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Ivan Sternako was a Russian arms dealer and antique collector with Russian mafia connections who used a hoodlum named Anton Zeck as his personal burglar, equipping Zeck with a high-tech spy suit. As Sternako was an associate of Shredder's, he and Zeck worked to fortify the Foot's foothold in New York before they encountered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and got beaten up during initial encounters with the four mutants. Eventually, out of a need for much needed payback after being freed while on route to prison, Sternako and Zeck agreed to volunteer for a procedure carried out by Baxter Stockman that would give them superhuman powers. But they learned too late that Shredder was turning them into mutants with mutagen he acquired from Krang: Zeck was mutated with warthog DNA while Sternako was given rhinoceros DNA. The two took their mutation very hard at first, but accepted what fate dealt them as they became Shredder's errand boys and enforcers. But they still have a losing record when it comes to facing the turtles.

Death Battle Info:


The more physically stronger of the duo, having been a skilled brawler while human, Rocksteady was altered with rhinoceros DNA with enhanced smell and hearing an incredible amount of strength that he can use with charging speed. He is also armed with knuckle dusters partially fused to his hands, a hammer and sickle, and a large blaster as one of his preferred long-range weapons.


  • Took down Slash and crippled Donatello.
  • He and Bebop took out an army of thugs.


  • Can be very thick sometimes, one such event in the 2016 film, he caused a plane to crash-dive after he accidently destroyed a cockpit while attempting to gun down the turtles with a gun mounted on a tank.


Compared to Rocksteady, though less strong, Bebop is more accurate marksman of the two with a heightened sense of smell to being altered with warthog DNA. Bebop uses a dance-fighting style in conjunction with his partially fused high-tech suit with a range of high-tech gizmos such as a cloaking device, an energy Mohawk and a backpack that can allow him to slide up or down a wall. Bebop can also use blasters on occasion.


  • Saved the multiverse from the Shredder of the 2003 series universe by accident.
  • He and Rocksteady took out an army of thugs.


  • In the original reincarnation, he is less durable than Rocksteady
  • In the 2012 series,he is less accepting of his mutation, since he considered himself good-looking while human.
  • In the 2012 series, Bebop hates being called "Bebop"