Bizarro not hate world. Even when in glass room. Inside looking out. Me had memories... a better place... man and woman sending me away from a world on fire. Another man and woman loving me. Him? Me remember fields. Me remember first time Bizarro stepped into sky. Friends. And secrets. Truth and justice. American way. But me am not stupid. Am not my memories. Never mine. Am thoughts someone put into Bizarro's head. Am like Bizarro's mind and heart not good enough. Bizarro's real memories not start until Red Him. And Red Her. Bizarro am not perfect. But Red Him show me how... and me promise to be the best Bizarro can be.
~ Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2 #7 me? / "Bizarro", that's what you am.
~ Bizarro and Mercy (Superman TAS)
Me am hero! Me show you!
~ Bizarro

Bizarro is a character from DC Comics. He is a usually misguided and misunderstood enemy of Superman.

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Bizarro was the prototype in Lex Luthor's attempt to create a clone of Superman. However, the first Superman clone was a flawed copy which Luthor ordered to be deposed of with his assistant said the grotesque travesty of the Man of Steel "Bizzare, oh.". But the monstrous clone survives and, naming himself "Bizarro", set about imitating Superman's heroic actions with disastrous results while finding his place in the would.

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Being Krytonian in nature, despite his disfigurement, Bizarro possesses many of the same powers as Superman (just reversed).

Bizarro Powers

  • Strength, speed and durability on par with Superman's.
  • Unaffected or strengthened by Kryptonite. [1] [2]
    • Unaffected by other negative forms of kryptonite; including Red.
  • Freeze Vision
  • Heat/Fire Breath and/or Vacuum Breath
  • Can see through lead (but nothing else)
  • (instead of a healing factor that can heal himself) Pieces of his body can heal a human.

Other Traits

  • Possesses a 'Bizarro Raygun' that can either turn his enemies into Bizarros or create new Bizarros that are clones of the target. [3]
  • Owns his own pet dog 'Krypto': which is a rabid reptilian monster. [4]


  • Member of Legion of Doom.
  • First resident and ruler of planet htraE, also known as Bizarro World. (His presidential palace is the opposite of what you'd expect; a shed within the city dump).
    • Leader of the Bizarro Justice League.
      • This includes Batzarro the worst detective, and Flashzarro the slowest man alive [5].
  • Red-Son Bizzaro defeated Lex Luthor in a game of chess.


  • Bizarro philosophy combined with mental instability and retardation makes Bizarro frequently perform irrational acts. [6]
    • Can be easily tricked and manipulated.
    • His allegiance goes back and forth; sometimes Bizarro is friendly to Superman, othertimes he's Superman's enemy. Sometimes Bizarro is Superman's friend, so Bizarro must kill Superman (Bizarro logic is bizarre for a reason).
    • Injustice Bizarro dropped Trickster to his death because Bizarro needed to sneeze and needed both of his hands to cover the sneeze. [7]
    • Bizarro thinks he is the real Superman and lashes out against those who say otherwise; especially Superman himself.
    • Can be misunderstood sometimes; sometimes does want to do good only to mess things up.
  • Sometimes depicted as physically or mentally deteriorating due to flaws from the cloning process that created him.
  • Affected by Blue/Bizarro Kryptonite.
  • Does not absorb sunlight the same way Superman does; sometimes depicted being stronger without sunlight.
    • Bizzaro-girl (Supergirl's clone) is powered by O (blue) sunlight but weak to K-class (light orange) sunlight.
    • Bizarro's chronological age is much younger than Superman's age, and so Bizarro has significantly less experience with his powers compared to Superman.


  • Normally loses to Superman
  • He was killed by Mazahs (the counterpart of Shazam and Lex Luthor of Earth 3)
  • He was killed by Doomsday (Injustice Year 5)
  • He was killed by a nuclear bomb (due to its radiation) (Red Son)