This page is to showcase the select characters and battles of which are not allowed to have their own pages.

Any and all pages created for these characters or battles will be deleted on sight. No exceptions.

These aren't up for debate and are chosen carefully and with consideration.

Keep in mind this does not apply to blogs.

Blacklisted Characters

  • Any and all real life people, including internet celebrities
    • However those that are strictly personas and have notable feats are allowed; Filthy Frank, JonTron, Danny Sexbang, etc.
  • Mascots (Sports teams, Fast Food, cereal, etc)
    • The exception is with mascots that can be considered characters in their own right, and have plenty of viable feats and fighting ability, such as Segata Sanshiro.
  • Any and all internet Memes
  • Any and all alternate forms (Evil Ryu, 90's Godzilla, Klassic Scorpion, etc)
    • This does not include alternate versions that are different characters from the original. (Toon Link, Zombie Spider-Man, Dreadpool, Red Son Superman, etc)
  • Characters who are used solely to "prove how much they suck" or "be a buttmonkey" (Essentially made to lose)
    • Any and all Twilight characters
  • Any and all characters past the ecchi genre (They're banned from blogs as well).
  • Certain young children entertainment, such as interactive ones for kids up to the age of 6 (ex. Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig). Note that this doesn't mean all cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Johnny Test, etc is banned.
  • Sonic.exe
  • Herobrine
  • Vaktus
  • W.D. Gaster

Blacklisted Battles

Note: These include any battles featuring said blacklisted characters.

  • Godzilla vs King Kong
  • Batman vs Superman
  • All future Batman (with prep time) battles
  • Gogeta vs Vegito
  • Iron Man vs Captain America (including Team Stark vs Team Cap)

More to be added in the future.

Blacklisted Categories

  • 'Battle of the Buttmonkeys' themed Death Battles
  • 'Loser' themed Death Battles
  • 'Buttmonkey'
  • Super Power Beat Down Combatants
  • Became a Super Power Beat Down
  • Fatal Fiction Combatants
  • Became a Fatal Fiction
  • Cartoon Fight Club Combatants
  • Became a Cartoon Fight Club
  • Became a Fan War!!!
  • Became a Grudge Match
  • Became a (Insert other Vs Show here) (not including OMM and DBX)
  • Combatants

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