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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Way back in olden ancient Greece Lived a most ferocious beast With eyes of flame and teeth of steel On human flesh it feast

    Standing over 10 feet tall No man escaped its roar (Roar!) Behold, my friends and foes alike The dreadful Manticore!

    Manticore! Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!

    The Manticore feels happiness Whenever you feel sad Because you got kicked in the junk The Manticore is glad

    The Manticore invented death And all things that are bad He'll kill your sister just for fun And make out with your dad

    Tier: 9-B

    Name: The Manticore, The Jerkful Manticore

    Origin: Ninja Sex Party

    Gender: Male

    Age: Older than death

    Classification: Manticore

    Powers and Abilities: Soul Removal, Combat Mastery, can create zombies by eating people, Soul Removal, Immunity to Electricity…

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  • LeTotalMemer2


    The Audrey II had currently eaten Seymour Krelborn and Audrey Fulquard, but he soon heard a "VROOOM, VROOM, Vroomp." as a Blue box appeared. Curious about it, he was about to open the door, but soon a Man and a women came out of it, and the man stated "Ah, Plant life, Isn't it great, Clara?" but then the man smile then faded as he scanned the plant with something weird... The man then stated "Clara, get inside the T.A.R.D.I.S.. NOW." Clara then got into the T.A.R.D.I.S and The Doctor, with Sonic Screwdriver was ready to stop this evil-doer. The Audrey II just then Broke into song.

    (Cue - Mean Green Mother from Outer Space )

    "Ya Better wait one Minute, Better hold the phone, Better mind your manner, Better change…

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  • Arigarmy

    im bored and i need something to jump me back into writing so you got three options, choose wisely

    yeah i know two of these are jojos but you have at least one that isnt so be happy

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  • LeTotalMemer2


    Tord Larsson had recently just killed Star Protaginist, Scott Pilgrim, now, Ramona will try to avenge Scott by killing his Murderer, Tord!

    Tord then turned around to see Ramona Flowers looking at him with Hammer in hand. Tord then stated "Ah Bloody hell." Tord then got into a fighting position after reloading his pistols, and Ramona got into her fighting position.

    Ramona then hit Tord with her hammer and he went flying through a building into a wall. Tord then started shooting his pistols at Ramona, Who luckily was wearing her skates, dodged the bullets. Tord then grabbed a knife from his coat, and threw it at Ramona, in which it only hit her jacket, Tord then got distracted as he was hit by Ramona Hammer again,…

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    • ahem*

    Mighty Magiswords is a series on cartoon network that began airing last year in 2016

    YES YES i said i would league of super evil but... uhh

    So lets talk stories

    or should i say rushed plot

    Thery throw out 17,381,420,069 jokes per second

    And it is SUPER fast, it makes the 11 minutes look like 12 seconds and i hate it

    in fact i hate this show, and almost every character, and every aspect (execpt the animation)

    i watched the first episode and was just... scared 

    it fucking rushes through the episodes like its got a report to file

    these two fucks Vambre and Prohyas are heroes with a shit ton of swords

    there is also several other characters like this meatwad rip-off pumpkin sword, the raven rip-off hooded woman, and this prin…

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    Ok, So i learned how to draw custom undertale sprites, and now i can make them, so why not make em for everyone

    an example of my spriting.

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  • LeTotalMemer2



    Tord Larsson was currently shooting stuff with his AK-47 but then Suddenly, WHAM! he was then Knocked down by the best Fighter in the province... SCOTT PILGRIM!

    Scott then Said "You shouldn't be hurting Canadians, you British freak!" Suddenly, Tord then punched scott in the face, and got into a battle position with AK-47 in Hand. Scott then got into his fighting position, as the fight began.

    Tord then started by shooting at Scott who was lucky, as all that got shot was a couple of trash bins, and Scott then shot a Hadoken at Tord who ducked as it went past him, blowing up a wall, which is revealed behind it, The Nostalgia Critic Ranting on the Scott Pilgrim movie, in which Scott then got punched …

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  • Hipper

    You know what I hate? The Death Battle Fanon Wiki. Here's why!

    1. There are trolls everywhere!

    2. TendoTheGamer is THE worst DBF user of all time.

    3. People that edit my fights without my permission.

    4. People that steal a bio from my battle and place it on their own. I worked hard on that, you fucking thief!

    5. Biased fights.

    6. Why do people like Kirby, Bowser and Bill never lose a fight?

    7. People that make sockpuppets to avoid a ban.

    8. When people trash talk other people on chat.

    9. Because Joshua Foote just won't fucking leave!

    10. Tier's OCs.

    11. When the wiki glitches out randomly.

    12. When you have a great idea for a battle and you're just about to make the page, but then you find out someone else beat you to it.

    13. YTP King's battle royales …

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  • Hoot Freeman

    Here's the deal. I plan to pair two rangers with one scout in the Sailor Scouts VS Power Rangers Fight. Since the fight will have 10 Scouts vs 20 Red Rangers, I need to figure out which Rangers to put with which Scouts and you can help give suggestions. Please leave a idea you have in the comments to share.

    Sailor Moon = Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphin') & Custom Red Ranger (Pirate)

    S. Mercury = Aurico (Alien) & ???

    S. Mars = Nick Russell (Mystic Force) & ???

    S. Jupiter = Tommy Oliver & Conner McKnight

    S. Venus = ??? & ???

    S. Saturn = ??? & ???

    S. Uranus = ??? & ???

    S. Neptune = ??? & ???

    S. Pluto = Wesley Collins (Time Force) & ???

    S. Chibi = ??? & ???

    Choice Options remaining:

    Carter Grayson & Jack Landors

    Cole Evans & Casey Rhodes

    T.J. Johnson & Scot…

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  • BlaketheTabby

    Remaking CC

    April 28, 2017 by BlaketheTabby

    Here is the new CC and its kingoms 

    Kingdoms of Meraldin 

    Haven is the middle kingom, its millarary school is Clarines 

    Dunmar is the north kingdom its milatray school is to be annoucned 

    Wolcen is the eastern kingom and seafaring, its milatary school to be annoucned 

    Skaarsgard is in th west, its school to be annoucned 

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