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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Here are like all the feats I have planned for different users in .mp64.

    • Survived 1 attack from Ari and then got their ass handed to them
    • "Accidentally" destroyed the earth.
    • Forgot to put the cheese in a cheeseburger and ended up making a rip in space-time that resulted in reality becoming opposites.
    • Memorised the entire Bee Movie Script
    • Flew to Mars in a single second
    • Survived getting punched in the face by Char.

    • Kicked everyone's ass.
    • Survived Mage destroying the earth
      • Proceeded to remake earth as a star
    • Put up with Rex's terrible singing

    • Survived Mage destroying the earth
    • Kept up with Mage
    • Obliterated Mage
      • Forgot to leave the cap on the Coca Cola Bottle and thus Mage revived.

    • Punched Mage in the face.
    • Was not effected by the season 2 redesigns.
    • Put up w…

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  • PacmanIsGr8DontH8M8


    I have come to the realization that I am a hoarder of battles, as well as a person who is always in such a frenzy to fill up a season that I end up creating battles that I don't really want to do. So, this is going to be one massive match sale. In fact, it's going to be so massive that it'd be easier for me to list the battles that I am NOT selling.

    So, this list, in alphabetical order, is the battles that are not for sale.

    Bayonetta vs Vincent Valentine

    Inkling vs Lúcio

    Jotaro Kujo vs Sasori

    Meta vs Sweet Tooth

    Shantae vs Star Butterfly

    I am not changing my user page until the match sale ends. To find the battles that are for sale, you can go to my category and user page to see what's up for grabs. Remember: EVERYTHING MUST…

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  • Pure King of Rage
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  • 76sup

    Flo vs. Jake from State Farm is a Bonus Battle by 76SUP. It's not meant to be taken seriously.

    Two advertising characters enter, one leaves! Can the Name Your Price Tool triumph over the famous khakis? Either way, I hope they have life insurance!

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    Patrick Star vs Scrooge McDuck is a Joke DB featuring Scrooge McDuck From Ducktales vs Patrick Star from Spongebob.== Le: When you get these two fighters, who have some of the most insane feats i ever seen. Like Scrooge McDuck, The Richest Waterfoul in Duckburg vs Patrick Star, The Dumbest Starfish in Bikini Bottom. I'm LeTotalMemer, and it's my job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who could win... a Death Battle.

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  • MP999

    If it wasn't obvious, this is an upcoming April Fool's fight from MP999!

    Wiz: Mankind, through the gifts of modern technology and science, has decimated every environment it has come across. Forests cut down and burnt. Waters poisoned and polluted. Glaciers melted and lost. Even outer space is not safe from our tech-assisted destruction.

    Boomstick: But having a few thousand pieces of space junk orbiting the planet isn’t hardcore enough. If we want to assert ourselves as the dominant creatures in the solar system, then we have to take out the big guy.

    Wiz: Wait... the sun?

    Boomstick: No, we need that to live. We don’t, however, need Jupiter. It just kinda sits there. And what’s Jupiter made of? Gas, which can be blown away. By technology.

    Wiz: I…

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    March 24, 2017 by ICEBEARISBEST

    Well since i dont have a choice


    theme link:

    OK So what is wayside

    Wayside is a tv show based on a series of books called wayside school, it centers around this ginger shit named todd who is the new kid in town

    There are other characters like maurecia a girl on rollerskates who beats the shit out of todd even though shes in love with him. There is dana who is an overachiving brat, myron the... best character and everyones favorite character ms mush the school cafeterian

    So how are the stories? Think every nick sitcom ON ACID

    The show is VERY odd and weird, like this dancing cow WHY THE FUCK IS IT HERE IDK

    They also seem to always have a moral like in an episode where they keep talking about…

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  • SlashLion5K

    The rivalry ends here.

    Rivals range from friends to foes but in this case it's among the most drunk rivalries to exist in all drunkenness.

    (Cue Invader:- Jim Johnston)

    Wiz: Are we seriously doing this?

    Boomstick: Yes. Definitely.

    Wiz: I'd better get something for helping you with this. These two rivals have been going at it for months and it's time to settle this once and for all.

    Boomstick: SlashLion5K, the Shinobi that has mastered every Jutsu.

    Wiz: VS Hellfire King Char, the loud edgy lizard.

    Boomstick: That's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

    Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out the one that would win a DEATH BATTLE.

    (Begin Sadness and Sorrow)

    Wiz: This kid had a shitty childhood, what else do I say? He was so violent…

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  • Hipper

    SpongeBob, oh man. Most people agree this show went downhill after the first movie, and I honestly agree. After Steven Hillenburg left, the new writers turned SpongeBob into a trashy, little kid cartoon. Today, we're gonna look at the ten worst episodes. If you actually like the episode, that's fine, this is just my opinion.


    Mediocre: 10-8

    Poor: 7-5

    Bad: 4-2

    Shameful: 1

    I know the Pre-Movie era was considered golden, but it did have hiccups, like Dumped. This episode is just a sad episode where Gary leaves SpongeBob for Patrick. Patrick then acts like an asshole to SpongeBob the entire episode. This was one of the earliest cases of Patrick being an asshole, which really hurt this episode.

    This is the episode where SpongeBob began to d…

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    These are 5 Shows that i might review when the time comes


    A nickelodeon show about sidekicks going to sidekick school

    theme link:


    a show about a team of villains who are just THE WORST, meaning they suck at their job

    theme link:

    3: WAYSIDE

    A series based on books about this really weird school and the students that go there

    theme link:


    A show about these kids who want to awesomize everything

    theme link:

    and 5: KID VS KAT

    A show about an alien cat named mr kat and a kid named coop? it was odd

    theme link:…

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