• GmeaThe1

    Gmea's TN Tourney!

    June 23, 2017 by GmeaThe1

    Alright hello! Welcome to the TN Tourney I will be hosting for the next few weeks!

    Rules about the tourney can be found here.

    But for now, let's get started!

    The theme for this round is..... Anime-Style!

    Contestants will have to create TNs that contain anime characters.

    All characters used in the TNs MUST strictly be anime characters, meaning characters must have originated from Japanese animation works. Characters originating from other media such as video games that made anime appearances will not count. Only exception to this are characters who originated from manga and visual novels and have anime appearances, since anime is often associated with such work and most anime characters originate from those works anyways.

    You have one week. The de…

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  • MetaCeejay97

    Furor Bibendum

    June 23, 2017 by MetaCeejay97

    Greetings to you all. I will admit: I do enjoy writing the occasional fanfiction, as I do think it's a good stepping stone to work your way up to becoming an author or screenplay writer. I am telling you this because I am thinking about writing something in continuation from my first What-If DEATH Battle, Katrina Crane VS Mistress West. It will still have some mini-BATTLEs here and there, but a coherent story will also be in there because it is really easy just to make it consist of just fighting and practically few breathers.

    Hopefully it won't be bad, but even then, you can criticize however you want. Just not like trolls.

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  • Hipper

    Roast Hipper

    June 23, 2017 by Hipper

    Somebody once told me the wiki was gonna roll me!

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  • Arigarmy

    Smash Roster

    June 23, 2017 by Arigarmy

    Pac has a contest I forgot existed so I'll make a list I guess.

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  • GmeaThe1

    Hey guys Gmea here with a new TN tourney!

    The way this tourney will work is that there will be individual rounds with themes accompanying them (Ex. Fighting game themed, remade official DB TN themed, etc.). Contestants are paired up against one another in each round and whoever gets the most votes will proceed onto the next round while the loser will be eliminated. The only exception to this is in the starting round, where the loser will instead be placed in the "Second-chance" Bracket and will face off against other losing contestants from the starting round in an attempt to stay in the tourney.

    Sign ups will be limited to 16 peeps!

    UPDATE: Sign ups are now closed. The TN Tourney will start tomorrow.

    UPDATE 2: Alright Imma be generous and upd…

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  • Pikart767

    Yeah i clearly didn't steal this. I'm just joining the trend.

    Let's start this off with something simple.

    Let's just say that this is basically the "Shadow the Hedgehog" of Pokemon, minus the edge and more of the faker aspect.

    Yeah this is obvious.

    Pokemon: Mimikyu

    Guessed by: SlashLion5K

    ...minus the inverting your controls at random and instead setting you asleep as it spits seeds into your face while beating the crap outta you.

    I used this one in a my original playthrough of Pokemon Emerald, and I fittingly named this one Luigi, cause I always thought this one looked like the Luigi Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Breloom

    Guessed by: ShadowKaras

    This pokemon is part nostalgia from the first Pokemon game I've ever owned, let alone complete, but also I found this…

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  • Magmatic Dinosaur Char

    Who the hell cares about bandwagons. Unlike everyone else so far I gots 15 mons, so go ahead, guess. Also, lion if you're reading this I changed up the order. 

    Hey, remember that bird you got but thought would be useless? Josuke's pet bird says hi.

    You know, I like spiders. This gigantic spider makes me want to use it as my personal anti-mailman unit.

    Oh look, another giant bug. Gotta go fast amirite?

    Skarmories hate me.



    King Ghidorah but dorkier

    Water Gorosaurus

    Faker?! I think YOU'RE the fake pikaclone around here! 



    Chansey despises me, and I don't care.

    I am the bone of my sword

    Rental Kaiju 

    Jaws 5: the second coming 

    I ironically used to hate this guy until gen 6 came alo…

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  • SlashLion5K

    Bandwagon shmandwagon I don't give a Flying-type fuck. On with the show! I'll finish the entries once they're guessed.

    Don't forget your first Pokémon, kids, it'll come back and bite your arm off if you do.

    Kitty! Okay, seriously, though she looks like some random fox-rabbit-cat-fusion thing, you don't wanna mess with her.

    Let's wrestle!

    Wrong black fox to mess with.

    Puppy- oh he breathes fire.

    The second coming of something cute, except more sinister.

    He is darkness. He is the night. He's...


    Best fire spewing dragon guy.

    • A grass starter that isn't Decidueye.
    • Draco Snakefoy.
    • Twelve years ago, a ____-______ ___ suddenly appeared.

    You need no hints.

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  • PlozAlcachaz

    I'm totally not trying to rip off TOG or anything (I am). Anyways, any competent person who's played Pokemon has learned to love certain Pokemon or your limited to the same mindset of your mom thinking every Pokemon is Pikachu. Even with this onixpected blog post, I will raichu all a chance to make guesses (it's time to stop Ploz).

    Oh boy, no one is going to understand why I really love this thing, but I honestly like it because it helped carry me through FireRed despite being somewhat shitty in the later game but good early game. I don't know what really to say because anything else will give it away, but know it's a generic Pokemon and kinda weak.

    Pokemon Is: Butterfree

    Guessed By: Pikart

    This is my Pokken main because I can spam with it to …

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  • TheSoulofMelemele

    I am hopping on the bandwagon. For the hints, I will leave that Pokemon's most recent nickname. Also, Char you know most of these so no guesses for you, you get a free Bonus Duck instead. KK letsa go!











    "Rawk Hawk"


    "Tuxedo Mask"


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