• BakaLord

    Small Hiatus

    December 18, 2018 by BakaLord

    Hello. Just gonna keep this short. (causenoonegivesashitaboutme) Since its the last day of school (Yr9) I get no internet until early February, So yeah. Adios

    P.S, if somehow one of my battles is the S6 premier before i come back, take it, salavage it, make sweet love to it i don'k really care, 

    Cya Soon - Baka

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  • Deathbattlewatcher

    I have now completed Terminator vs. Predator. Hope you swing by to check it out

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  • Shadow7615

    Hello everyone!

    As I mentioned in the thread, this is where the Awards will be nominated, voted and then finally, decided, but before we get going, I wish to share the rules and make sure everyone is on the same page.

    1. The battles you enter must have been completed between January 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018.

    2. Nominating is fairly simple, you may nominate for a maximum of 10 Death Battles. If you are looking to nominate more than 1 battle for a certain category, you may only vote 2 Battles in that category.

    3. You may nominate battles of your own, as well as battles written by other users, but if someone nominates a battle before you do, additional nominations won't be counted, but you will still be able to vote for that fight in the…

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  • Deathbattlewatcher

    New Page Created

    December 16, 2018 by Deathbattlewatcher

    I've created the page for Akame vs. A2. Swing by if you want to leave you thoughts on it and if you may have a thumbnail i can use

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  • One Stick Man

    Thanos VS Saitama is a JOKE What If? Death Battle, so don't take this seriously.

    NOTE: If you were looking for One Stick Man's 3rd Death Battle Episode, check it out here:

    1: these two are strong

    2: so lets make them beat up each other

    1: thanos with the heart of the universe

    2: and one punch man, punching anyone into oblivion... with 1 punch. he's 1 and im 2...

    1: and its our job to analize their armor weapon and skills to find out who would win... a battle

    1: he snapped and half of the universe disappeared.

    2: and with the heart of the universe... the other half suicided.

    1: good thing one above all was there.

    1: he did pushups and situps and ran laps...

    2: and he became the one punch man, w…

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  • AtombyAdam

    So I hand in order, considering chrstmas os coming up, season 1 will be a bit short. but after Ruby vs Pit I will work on Guts Vs. Clare from Claymore. I will have a lot of time researching Clare cause I know Guts. After that is the season finale which will be a fight i want to adopt but don't know how. that being Dio Brando vs. Yuuki Terumi..

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  • Sharaku Jr.

    An idea I had been thinking about doing for a while.

    I will only be doing a few of these. I am picking my favorites. So....maybe not every Death Battle...

    Samus was flying around in her Gunship. Suddenly, she picks up a signal. She sends a radio message to whatever is out there.

    Samus: "Hello? Anyone out there?"

    A message is recieved to Samus.

    Boba: "This is Boba Fett. I'm a bounty hunter."

    Samus: "My name is Samus Aran. I am also a bounty hunter."

    Boba: "Oh, you're a bounty hunter too?"

    Samus: "Yes....I just indicated that."

    Boba: "Well, I was gonna shoot whatever was there, but since it's a fellow bounty hunter, I won't shoot!"

    Samus: "Ok....bye."

    Both ships pass each other.

    Mario found the perfect tanning spot. He unfolded his chair, laid down his …

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  • EmperorDedede

    Thanos vs Santa Claus

    December 14, 2018 by EmperorDedede

    Me: Oh boi,it's Christmas... Im gonna make a battle with Christmas theme but... What Battle?


    And that's why im doing this

    The Rocket created a giant explosion making the Thanos Car Thanos Car blow into pieces meanwhile Thanos jumps towards the window charging a punch BOOM

    The entire house exploded by the magnitude of the blow sending the red fat to fly, Santa landed near to the barn where his reindeers were sleeping, the Mad Titan jump and land in front of the Fat who take out a Taser Gun

    Santa Claus: Stay Away Monster!

    Thanos: Stupid Human, I am Thanos, i have to balance this universe!

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  • AtombyAdam

    Need help for My fight

    December 13, 2018 by AtombyAdam

    I am not very good at narrating fights. I have good ideas of what happens but I'm not very good at executing and explaining what happens. if someone could help with the narration for Shantae vs Gunvolt, that be most appreciated

    Source of my fight

    Full credit will go to the writer

    Source of my fight:

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  • Vrokorta

    Ever wanted to ask me to collab, or request a fight from me? (I only say this cause I've done both) Then you've come to the right place. First, read the rules. Once you've done that, you should be all good to make a request.

    1. Allow me to define a request & a collab.
      1. Request: A fight idea made by you, that you ask me to make. If you ask me for a request, that means I'll make the entire fight. It's okay if you throw in a bit of information here & there, but a request would be mostly made by me.
      2. Collab: A fight made by more than one person. This can be two person collabs, or giant fights that require several writers/researchers to make. If I accept, I'll do whatever the lead writer wants, researching, writing, grammar fixing, winner, suggestions,…

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