• QuasimodoBellringer

    I am excluding fighters who I wanted, but have already been revealed such as Daisy and K. Rool, who were both actually two of my top picks. I am also excluding Waluigi, because, as much as I love the characterand want him added, I doubt he will due to being an assist trophy character. I am also limiting this to one per series, with a duo character as an exception. Anyway, I will be adding my reasons for why I want to see these characters over the next few days so stay tuned but here are my top picks I want to see in Smash Ultimate.

    Why is it that I listed Tails over the likes of more popular characters like Shadow or Knuckles? Well, Knuckles is an assist, and I am sure Shadow will (sadly) be an Echo Fighter for Sonic. But themain reason I w…

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  • EnnardTrap1987

    Here is my new joke Death Battle: Dan Hibiki vs SCP-650

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  • BatMario753

    Leaving + Fight Sale

    August 14, 2018 by BatMario753


    Yeah, I don't see a point to sticking around here for reasons I'll explain below. I haven't been active for more than a month so this should have been expected.

    I'm going to copy and paste this from Discord, which is why I refer to this site we're currently on in such a weird way.

    Basically, I just don't know why I should write on here and not on DeviantArt.

    "1. On DBFW, you're encouraged to help fill in character pages with their origins and abilities. This can require up to many paragraphs of work, yet out of all of the character pages on there I'd be surprised if even 4% of them had comments saying "good job" for the work people do on them. Plus, all of that info is basically gonna go to waste since you can't even copy+paste it over on…

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  • HarbingersOfNEVEC

    Hello friends,

    I've been working on Kai vs. Inquisitor for the past few days, just finishing off my last few edits. Should be up in about an hour or two. Place your bets on who you will win.

    Also because I'm lazy, here's a "preview" for Next time on Death Battle

    Po, the Dragon Warrior


    Avatar Korra, the Legend

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  • BangJang96

    No introduction needed; After realizing I'd have nothing to do after writing DA bios, I've made the expert decision to return to writing fights on this wiki! I'm not sure when I'll start it back up but I know I'll definitely be returning to writing fights here. Heres a list of some fights I plan to do;

    The decisive duel of the elementalists!

    Only one is worthy enough to get into the Smash roster!

    Pink is the manliest of colors.

    The two gods Mario & Sonic collide!

    The devourers of worlds compete for survival of the fittest!

    Elements can be defined by weapons.

    Place your roots & bets now or later, but these fights are happening.

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    my next battle

    August 10, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    Sine ghost deleted the ad on the page here it is:





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  • End Bringer Nyx

    Flaming Showdown!

    August 10, 2018 by End Bringer Nyx

    Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network! Battle of red hot blazing girls! Can the Princess of the Fire withstood the powers of the Fire Dragon? Or will the Dragon of the Fire succumb to the boiling flames of the Fire Princess?

    Here's the link:Azula vs Kimiko


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  • Friendlysociopath

    Put simply, I've been writing a lot of non-Deathbattle works and have no desire to fill the wiki with a bunch of personal battles and pagewith my own personal characters to bother others. So I'll just be deleting the OC pages themselves (well, getting an Admin to) and making this a blog where I list all of them along with anything like pictures, animations, etc. I won't be deleting the Deathbattle page however as that's still a valid Deathbattle.

    This will NOT have their entire written works posted. Many of them are multi-chapter works with tens of thousands of words- I don't know Blog limits but it's not up to that and ideally I only want one such blog.

    Anyone who wants to use one of these OCs may do so but you really should notify me at le…

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  • The sayain jedi

    Star Wars Legends vs Dragon Ball Z! They are the greatest heroes in their Universe the solvers of Planet threatening problems but who wins?

    W. In the old days where stories are told, a brave hero is made as inspiration for those who wish to stand up for truth, freedom, and justice. But in this case, heroes who have had small beginnings and yet became the greates Legends in the Universe.

    B. And Today we are having the most popular Movie hero vs the most popular Manga hero clash in a brutal battle to the end!

    W. Son Goku, The First and Tenacious Super Sayain.

    B. And Luke Skywalker, The Greatest Jedi in existence, He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick! BTW This is Freeza saga Goku vs Legends Luke.

    W. And it's our job to analyze their weapon, armor and skills…

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  • BangJang96

    August 12th, 2016.

    A young lad known as BroJang96 decided to type in "Sonic vs The Flash" in Google to find more evidence of the Flash winning, and happened to stumble upon a link to a website called "". Little did the 13 year old lad know that this wiki would change the very concept & world of VS Debating for him, and would later find himself convincing an entire wiki that the Flash beats Soni-

    The jokes slowly ascend.

    Back in the day, I was basically an average goody two shoes who found a neat new wiki and decided to join it. Read all the rules top to bottom, set up my profile in a jip, and began searching around for things to do. Of course the obvious choice was to go comment how I felt about Barry Allen vs Archie …

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