Robert 'Bob' Richards
~ Robert Richards

Robert "Bob" Richards is a character from the video game series, Tekken.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info


  • Aliases: Bob, Slim Bob, Robert, Tons O' Fun
  • Fighting Style: Free Style Karate
  • Hates Loosing Weight
  • Catchphrase: Speed And Weight
  • Surprisingly Agile for his Size
  • Once was a Bounty Hunter & a Super Hero


  • Great Speed & Strength
  • Master of Free Style Karate
  • Trains Daily


  • Sledge hammer (Customization in Tekken 6)


  • Took Down Multiple Thugs at once
  • Fought Larz
  • as Slim Bob he Dodged a Train and saved a girl at the same time
  • Fought Rufus (The outcome is unknown)
  • made his body the Perfect combination of speed and Weight


  • If he looses any weight he'll freakout
  • Fairly Simple Fighting style

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