You were good, baby... but me... I'm magic!
~ Bullseye to Elektra

Bullseye is a character from Marvel Comics, primarily an enemy to Daredevil

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Born in the Bronx and once lived with an abusive Irish-American father, he was placed in a foster room after his brother attempted to kill their father in a fire. Though a below average student in high school, he had great potential in baseball to the point that he was called up to play a sold-out Major League game. That would be a marking point in his life as he killed the opposing team's batter with a baseball to the head for calling him a coward as he requested to be pulled out of boredom with the game. Calling himself "Bullseye", it marked the end of his baseball career and the start of his career as an assassin for the US Government. But when Bullseye is assigned to infiltrate the Kingpin's criminal empire, given a costume, he betrays his employers and becomes one of most dangerous hitmen in the Marvel universe. While Bullseye had a reputation of always making a killshot, Daredevil tarnished that and he vowed a vendetta against the Devil of Hell's Kitchen since.

Death Battle Info

Bullseye is a natural sniper with anything he can get his hands on, turning the most mundane objects like paperclips and pencils into lethal projectiles. But his usual tools are guns, playing cards, throwing knives, and shurikens. The force at which he throws his projectiles is absurd, to the point where he can kill individuals from hundreds of yards away with the smallest of ammo. His hand-to-hand skills are formidable as well to overpower the likes of Elektra. After a fight with Daredevil resulted with him being thrown off a building, Bulleye's bones were supplemented with an Adamantium coating to increase his natural abilities further. Bullseye is also a dedicated researcher when it comes to his assassinations, preferring to know what his targets are capable of before making a move.


  • Infamously known for killing Elektra.
  • Got himself arrested to find the location of his father so he can kill him.
  • Killed an talkative old lady by ricocheting a peanut into her throat. (movie)
  • Despite being hospitalized, Bullseye was able to kill a fly with a hypodermic needle. (movie)
  • Once killed a man by spitting his tooth with enough force that the molar pierced through his target's skull.
  • Can throw Daredevil's billy club with enough force to stab into and kill people (comic and movie)


  • Has a vendetta against Daredevil for tarnishing his reputation of never missing.


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