Cad Lackey
You don't look so tough now, do you hero? Take that! And that! And that! He he he.
~ Cad

Cad Lackey is the main henchman of Simon Bar Sinister. He appeared regularly in the Underdog cartoon show, and appeared in the Underdog movie.

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With Simon Bar Sinister

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  • Kronk Pepikrankenitz (Emperor’s New Groove)


Cad Lackey has long been the main henchman of evil scientist, Simon Bar Sinister, providing the muscle to put Simon’s plans into action. Though appearing as dim-witted, Cad is exceptionally level-headed, sometimes pointing out practical flaws in the plans.

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Cad is a tall and strong-looking man. He is a Caucasian with slicked-back blonde hair.

Abilities and Powers

While Cad is a normal man, he is a large and strong man, which makes him formidable in a fight. He serves as Simon Bar Sinister’s right hand man, organizing Simon’s gang, fetching and lifting for the Boss, and periodically roughing up people who get in his way.

Though he is often considered to be stupid, Cad is smarter than he looks. He has been known to point out flaws in Simon’s plans, and to try to warn him when he is acting unwisely.

Weapons and Equipment

Cad usually uses his great physical strength to deal with opponents, sometimes augmented with a club or a net. Indeed, Simon is usually quicker to reach for a weapon than Cad is. However, when fighting against more dangerous opponents (such as Underdog) he has used such weapons as an axe, and a machine-gun. Presumably he does have complete access to Simon Bar Sinister’s arsenal.

2007 Live Action Movie

Cad is a rather dimwitted security guard who becomes the henchman of Dr. Simon Barsinister. When the Doctor’s experiments go awry, and his lab is burned up, Cad accompanies him into the underworld. Cad helps Dr. Barsinister to the best of his abilities, but inevitably Underdog foils their every plan.