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Stronger. Faster. Better.

Captain America vs. Deathstroke is a What-If? Death Battle. It features Captain America from Marvel Comics and Deathstroke from DC Comics.


Two super soldiers. One villain, one hero. They were made to be the best of the bunch and the cream of the crop. But only one will prevail.


Wiz: Soldiers. An icon of bravery, resilience, and sheer willpower. But what if they went beyond the limits of a normal human? What if they became a being far beyond what we humans could imagine?

Boomstick: And what's better than seeing two super soldiers fighting each other to the death?

Wiz: Like Captain America, the Star-Spangled Hero.

Boomstick: And Deathstroke, the One-Eyed Assassin.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle.

Captain America


Captain America Soundtrack- 27 Captain America March

Captain America Soundtrack- 27 Captain America March

Wiz: In the midst of World War II, all hope seemed lost. The world was looking for an answer, a savior, a hero. Rising from nothing, Steve Rogers had patience, bravery and persistence, making him ideal for the face of America.

Boomstick: Being born on the 4th of July can only get you to one thing: Being America's greatest mother-fuckin' hero! But seriously though, someone give that kid a sandwich.

Wiz: Steve was born on the 4th of July to a pair of Irish immigrants. Steve was discipline, diligent, and smart, but the condition of his body size caused him to be classified as "4-F" by his superiors. Still, his personality is what got him chosen as the first test subject of a super soldier serum.

Boomstick: Basically, this totally awesome chemist, named Dr. Abraham Erskine, created this blue liquid drug thingy and injected it to a poor kid's body. The question is, where do I volunteer?

Wiz: There are more in his origin than we thought. During Secret Empire #0, it was revealed that Steve was actually a young HYDRA sleeping agent. This hard-hitting truth was revealed after Steve kicked his partner and ally Jack Flag off his plane. Although this is hard to believe, Captain America has always been a lie...

Boomstick: Oh...So uhhhh, this might be the wrong time to sing the- You know what? Continue, please continue.

Wiz: Being the result of a super soldier project, Steve gained enhanced abilities such as his strength, speed, and durability. But, that's not all. 

Boomstick: Not only did Steve had his physicals enhanced, he also had his senses improved. He could hear enemies and throw his iconic weapon, The Vibranium Shield, at exactly the right spot. You think that's impressive? Watch as he calculates everything perfectly so the shield bounces back into his hands. That's pretty fuckin' impressive, right?

Captain feat 3

Wiz: You see, as a super soldier, Cap is beyond peak human. His physicals go from never breaking a sweat until tanking a hit from Thor himself. He is even strong enough to flip small cars over.

Boomstick: Damn, he sounds powerful. He can literally kill you just by running at you full speed.

Wiz: That is true. Take the scene from Captain America: Civil War. Unlike a comic, we can easily see what's happening. During their chase with Black Panther, Cap runs past all the normal street traffic cars in Romania, Bucharest. Since most highways there have a speed limit of 100 km/h, we can assume the cars were going around 85-90 kilometers per hour. That means, Cap must've ran around 100-110 kilometers per hour!

Boomstick: Not only that, Cap's Vibranium shield has deflected small rockets going more than 100 miles per hour, Absorbed the vibrations caused by Hulk himself and It was able to split Ultron's adamantium body in half! Wait up! How can the shield bounce of walls if it absorbs vibrations? Well, Comic book physics are flexible. But, if that's the case, Whenever the shield would be broken, it would create a powerful shockwave!

Wiz: Wow, I've never seen you this smart before.

Boomstick: I have a weakness when it comes to super soldiers...

Wiz: There is really, no real answer. Comic book physics are flexible. But, Cap's shield is not pure Vibranium. It is a mix between Vibranium and Proto-Adamantium. Maybe, just maybe, instead of absorbing kinetic energy, his shield redirects it. But, as far as we can tell, there is no real answer.

Captain feat 2

Boomstick: Hey, I've been wondering. We haven't talked about durability, strength, reflex and his limits so far. This begs the question, How much is too much for him?

Wiz: Well, as far as healing goes, Cap can shrug off stabs and cuts easily and still perform as well. He has kept his ground in a fight after being stabbed and cut multiple times. This also counts for bullet wounds. While he would feel much more hurt being shot, He can still stand and fight if it didn't hit anything important.

Boomstick: That's what his armor is for right? I mean, his armors has taken a lot of punishment, yet it manages to keep Cap safe. While not entirely bulletproof, Cap's armor can withstand pistols from point blank range. He even managed to survive a gunshot straight to his chest!

Captain feat

Wiz: However, his armor isn't indestructible. That is why he needs to rely on his fighting ability and durability. Cap is master tactician. He has shown to be proficient in Boxing, Judo, Kickboxing and Jujutsu. This was shown when Taskmaster was trying to imitate Cap's fighting style, which he still claims as the toughest one to learn, yet. His durability has allowed him to withstand getting hit by trucks, survive a fall of 60 meters without a scratch and tanking a hit from The Hulk.

Boomstick: In one instance, he could even create small craters after landing a great height without flinching. He'd taken so much beatings that even Namor couldn't make him tire. Like he said, he can do this all day.

Wiz: Even if someone manages to grab a hold of a gun, Cap can see observe things much faster than humans can. Cap even said it himself that he can see things slower. This ability and his many other senses is what makes him such a hard target to shoot and have such an incredible accuracy.

Boomstick: Although he has this much power, He is still human. Weapons still hurt him. Whenever he has taken too much punishment, he tends to be reckless. He still has limits. He can be killed by swords, guns and explosions just like a normal human can, but it's his abilities and skill set that makes him such a hard man to kill. You do not want to mess with a man like that, even in his worst day.


Main Theme - Injustice Gods Among Us Music

Main Theme - Injustice Gods Among Us Music

Wiz: Dedication come in all shapes and sizes. After lying about his age and illegally joining the U.S military, Slade Joseph Wilson served his time in the Korean War. His performance got the attention of his superiors and he was assigned to Camp Wahington, where he met Captain Adeline Kane.

Boomstick: Unlike most super soldier backstories, Slade never started out as a weakling. Instead, he mastered every technique Kane had taught him faster than any other man could!

Wiz: Kane was so impressed that they ended up marrying each other in such a short time.

Boomstick: See Wiz, I told you I don't need a brain to get the girl...

Wiz: After the Vietnam war he had fought in, Slade accepted to be the test subject of an immunity serum, which is made to increase a person's immunity towards truth serums. Let's just say.....It did not go well.

Boomstick: Instead, Slade fell into a coma and woke up as a fucking super soldier!

Wiz: Slade found out that he possessed enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced senses and he is able to use 90% of his brain. He became stronger than any man before. He could run at a constant pace for hours without tiring, he could flip cars over and even break down metal walls with one hit! Slade was transformed into the perfect soldier, and he needed a perfect suit to come along with him.

Boomstick: Slade's armor is made are lined with Kevlar and covered with Prometheum mesh. Prometheum is almost indestructible, making Slade almost immune to injury. Not only that Slade is equipped wth a brand new Healing Factor! while he can't regrow organs or missing limbs, Slade's healing factor can heal from gunshots and cuts. Slade once shrugged off a bullet wound and still performed as well as he was before getting shot!

Wiz: His armor and enhanced physicals make him one of the best assassins there ever was. But, Slade doesn't need to use his fist. By saying his arsenal is deadly, you would be underestimating it. Slade is equipped with machine guns, a sniper rifle, small pistols and his iconic Prometheum sword. Being a superhuman and all, his accuracy is second to none, well maybe after Deadshot. Nonetheless, Slade can kill the enemy faster than they can react. Either with his guns, sword or even his fist. Slade's physicals are deadly enough to kill 32 men in just under 2 minutes.

Boomstick: Want more? What about the fact that even Deadshot admits that Deathstroke might be the hardest target he had to shoot. Deathstroke reaction time has proven to be equal to that of superhumans. He can dodge gunfire at point blank range, Easily dodged gunfire from multiple men with machine guns. Heck, he is fast enough to catch cars full speed.

Wiz: Even Batman himself admitted that if one of your moves are milliseconds late, it's game over for you. Deathstroke has mastered more than 50 different styles of martial arts and being in the military, he is a master tactician and will strike you at just the right spot. Plus, his Prometheum sword can cut through almost anything and is almost impossible to break. Keep in mind, Prometheum is the same metal that was used to create Cyborg's body.

Boomstick: Damn, his arsenal is pretty much everyone's dream. I mean, not only is his arsenal super fucking deadly, he can also use it.

Wiz: Slade is a master swordsman. His cuts are so precise that he managed to stab someone at 16 different spots without killing him. He has handled Nightwing with his electric escrima sticks with only his bare hands, and proved to be dominant. Slade once tore open a metal door with his hands and survived a rocket exploding directly towards his chest! The rocket looked much more like a missile which means Slade tanked a force equivalent to 35,000 newtons of force!

Boomstick: Woah, that's pretty impressive. Not only is that 7 times more than the amount of force needed to break the rib cage, Slade took it like it was nothing, due to his awesome armor and healing factor.

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