Wallow... in despair.
~ Cervantes

Cervantes is a villain from the video game series, Soulcalibur, and father of Ivy Valentine.

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After his father, Philip de Leon, was killed by an English warship, Cervantes turned on Spain and became a pirate. When he found the cursed sword Soul Edge, he was driven mad and his soul was devoured. He would serve the evil sword for many years until his defeat at the hands of his daughter Ivy, after which he was swallowed into another dimension.

17 years later, not only has he freed himself from Soul Edge's control, but he has returned back to his world at the height of his power.

Death Battle Info


  • Full name: Cervantes de León
  • Height: 182 cm / 5'11½"
  • Weight: 89 kg / 196 Ibs
  • Age: 72 [Physically 48]
  • Hometown: Valencia
  • Son of Philip de Leon
  • Birth father of Ivy



  • Longsword
  • Wielded before obtaining Soul Edge


  • Sword with pistol attached
  • Can be charged for greater power
  • Doesn't require reloading


  • Utilizes martial arts
    • Arnis - weapons, footwork, holds, and defending
    • Savate - boxing and kicking
    • Niten Ichi-ryū - duel-wielding blades
  • Possesses a fraction of Soul Edge's power
  • Enhanced strength, speed, and durability
  • Able to teleport backwards or upwards
  • Can launch himself forward for a brief duration
  • Can control his weapons like telekinesis

Move Set

  • Genocidal Culverin – fires Nirvana
  • Cannonball Lifter – slash that launches foe into the air
  • Tornado Swell – slashes and spins while flying upward
  • Bow Breaker – steps back, then stabs
  • Pressure – stabs foe with both swords with back turned
  • Fata Morgana/Flying Dutchman – stabs rapidly with swords
  • Eternal Curse – slams sword with enough force to cause opponent to bounce off ground
  • Anchor Whirlpool – spins on ground, two leg sweep
  • Galleon Sinker – jump kick that slams foes into ground
  • Geo Da Ray – flies at opponent
    • Dark Geo Da Ray – teleports backward first
    • Storm Geo Da Ray – stabs first
    • Flash Geo Da Ray – faster version
    • Geo Da Ray Conclusion – fastest near-instantaneous version
  • Shadow Flare – teleports upward and slams swords onto opponent
  • Bile Lunges – stabs opponent with both swords, then slams into ground
  • Dread Charge - enhances some of Cervantes' attacks
  • Curse of the Ancient Mariner - stabs and tosses foe into air, swords telekinetically swing and stab foe upward, then into the ground
  • Tartarus Griet Critical Finish - launches foe into air, teleports above, shoots them back down to the ground
  • Cursed Roman Fire Critical Edge - fires an enhanced shot in an instant

Feats & Faults

  • + Defeated Li Long, Ivy, and Yoshimitsu
  • + Broke free of Soul Edge's control
  • + Escaped another dimension after having his body and mind broken
  • - Defeated by Sophitia and Taki together
  • - Defeated by Ivy in a rematch
  • - Extremely arrogant