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Chun li by br1ll0-d66pkh6
You ready for this?
~ Chun-Li

Chun-Li is christened the strongest woman in Street Fighter, due to being the first playable female character. As such, she is commonly (and mistakenly) thought to be the first playable female character in fighting games as a whole.

She previously fought Mai Shiranui in the 16th episode of Death Battle, Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui.

Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far

With Street Fighter

Completed Fights

Battle Royale

Possible Opponents


Death Battle Info


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: Secret
  • Detective for Interpol
  • Trained with Gen
  • Skilled in Tai Chi & Kenpo
  • Bust/Waist/Hip:
    • 34" / 22" / 35"


Chi Attacks


  • Took down Shadaloo
  • Christened the "Strongest Woman in the World"
  • Honorary X-Men member (non-canon)
  • Martial Arts Teacher
  • Defeated Urien [Kind of]



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