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Cole MacGrath vs. Static Shock is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


BZZT BRRT ZZT! ZKZZ BZZLAP KRAZ?(InFamous vs. DC Comics! Wil you feel the electricity fly in this fight?


Wiz: Electricity. It is perhaps one of Man's most useful discoveries. It powers all of our technologies from air conditioners to telephones.

Boomstick: And these two powerhouses literally have it at their fingertips.

W: Virgil Hawkins, the electric wonder of Detroit.

B: Cole MacGrath, the 'Demon of Empire City'. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

W: Its our job to analyze their armor, weapons and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Cole MacGrath


W: He was a simple bike courier, and it was supposed to be a routine delivery. Except it wasn't.

B: Like that movie Premium Rush!

W: Not exactly. That movie was about an absurd family reunion process. This was different.

B: That's right. It blew up in his face. Literally.

W: As it turns out, he was carrying something called the Ray Sphere; A device that, when turned on, draws in the bio-electric lifeforce of people in the surrounding area to activate a rare breed of humans known as Conduits.

B: Conduits have a special gene in them that could, with the right stimulation, potentially give them superpowers.

W: Cole was exactly that. The whole ordeal, from the initial explosion to his final conflict in Empire City, was orchestrated by a time-traveler to prepare him for things to come in a convoluted plot. He woke up in the smoking crater with a knack for absorbing and commanding electromagnetic energy.

B: With devastating results.

W: Note, we will be using Cole's good karma powers since they are canon. Also no Festival of Blood powers since they aren't canon.


W: Before the blast, Cole was already proficient in parkour. His newfound powers only enhanced his abilities. He can jump, back-flip, dodge roll, and can climb buildings and even smooth metal poles.

B: Cole is able to survive falls and jumps from skyscrapers without a scratch without needing to use his hover ability Static Thrusters to slow his descent. Alternatively, he could just come down with a bang. Via Thunder Drop.

W: To get up there in the first place, he can launch himself up the side using electric cables and grind from rooftop to rooftop via power-lines.

B: In combat, he can zap enemies with several different electric attacks.

W: First off, he has Alpha Bolt, his basic attack.

B: Then there's his 3-pronged Pincer Bolt, the burst-firing Artillery Bolt, the accurate Precision Bolt, the rapid-firing Bolt Stream, and the powerful but slow-firing Magnum Bolt. Each successful hit with any of these restores some energy.

W: He can also throw electric grenades. Sometimes they restrain weakened opponents. Apart from the Alpha Grenades, he has Sticky Grenades that adhere themselves to any surface they touch, Electrocution Grenades that shock enemies as they pass, Ice Grenades that can freeze enemies, and Stalker Grenades that chase after enemies before exploding.

B: Next up are his Rockets. Alpha Rockets, Redirect Rockets he can change the flight path of by firing a bolt, Graviton Rockets that make enemies float helplessly, Sticky Rockets that act like his Pincer Bolt, and Freeze Rockets that freeze enemies on contact.

W: Then there are his Blasts. His Alpha Blast for repelling enemies, Graviton Blast that makes enemies float helplessly in the air, Sniper Blast for long-range targets, Detonation Blasts that can help Cole jump higher, and the Shatter Blast that shoots ice shards.

B: Let's not forget his miscellaneous powers. His Lightning Tether for climbing, Lightning Hook for pulling enemies closer, Kinetic Pulse for lifting and throwing things, Frost Shield to protect him from attacks, Ice Launch that propels him in the air for extra distance, and finally his Gigawatt Blades that envelope his arms for exponentially increased melee damage.

W: Should he run out of energy after using his aforementioned attacks, he can always recharge by siphoning energy from a power source, such as a car, lamppost, or even a human.

B: You mean he can use people as living batteries!?

W: That is correct. He does this by draining their bio-electric energy. Your entire body requires naturally produced electrical currents to function, and Cole can simply take it away.

B: Alternatively, he can heal injured people. It's even possible for him to heal multiple friendlies in a small radius.

W: For enemies, he can anchor them to the ground with electric restraints.

B: He also has three devastating Ionic Powers. The Ionic Vortex, a tornado-type attack that sucks in enemies as it forges a path.

W: Ionic Freeze, a wide wave of ice which traps enemies.

B: Finally, he can call upon Ionic Storm, a powerful lightning strike. Awesome. Should we mention his other powers for posterity's sake?

W: Good word usage, and yes.

B: With negative Karma, he has access to a Skull Bolt which does extra damage with a head shot, a Punch Blast that hits enemies harder and launches them farther, the Nightmare Blast that shrouds enemies in a blinding fog, Double Grenades that explode once upon impact then launch upwards to explode again, Napalm Grenades that detonate in a fiery explosion, a Tripwire Rocket that can hit several enemies with its wide flight path, the Hellfire Rocket which punishes enemies with 5 consecutive hits, the Firebird Strike which propels him forwards and ends with a concussive explosion, and the ability to summon 3 creatures called Spikers which shoot barbs at enemies.

W: Finally, he can drain the life from multiple targets in his vicinity at once, restoring his health. This power is called Ionic Drain.

B: Now, and I can hardly believe I'm saying this, with vampiric powers, he can morph into a cloud of bats to travel long distances and can opt to drink human blood to restore his health and energy.

W: His last trick up his sleeve, well, on his back, is his Amp. In a way, its an electric tuning fork. It channels his electric powers during melee brawls.

B: Speaking of which, as a vampire, he had a replacement specifically for killing other vampires: a stake he ripped from a coffin which he later upgraded by adding an ancient vampire-killing cross to it.

W: Anyway, we like the look of his amp in gold, so we're giving it to him.


W: As powerful as he is, using his powers too much leaves him drained and vulnerable.

B: He also has a very significant weakness, and it covers roughly 70% of the Earth. Water.

W: In puddles he's fine, but when he gets to ankle-deep water or more, it rapidly drains his powers. The deeper he goes, the quicker it drains him. Deep enough water can kill him instantly.

B: In order to get clean but not die in the process, he has resigned himself to taking sponge baths.

Static Shock


W: Virgil Hawkins was a bullied teen youth with a great love for comics. One day, when trying to exact revenge on his bully, a gang fight broke out.

B: The fight was ended when a mostly toxic mutagen was released. Those caught in the attack were either killed or given superpowers. Virgil is in the latter group, obviously.

W: Much like Cole, he has a knack for manipulating electricity, but also has moderate control over magnetism. Over time, he would master his powers.

B: Virgil soon dubbed himself 'Static' and became a force for good. Note; we'll be focusing on the cartoon iteration of Static.


W: Before receiving his powers, Virgil was rather average in terms of physical ability. His strong suit was, and continued to be, his mind.

B: Well learned in many subjects, Virgil has used his knowledge in the fields of physics, biology, and more to get himself out of sticky situations.

W: Cole and Virgil are very similar in terms of what they do with their powers.

B: Virgil can levitate and throw objects, restrain people, generate a shield, siphon energy from power sources to heal himself, detect sources of energy, and throw balls of electricity.

W: Dissimilarly to Cole, Virgil can 'taser punch' foes, create electric cages and nets, tune in to radio waves and even become a walking boom-box, and blind foes with flashes of light.

B: Finally, Virgil can manipulate magnetism to a decent degree. Now, it's not Magneto levels of control, but it is still impressive. To start with, he can use his control over magnetism to get around on pieces of metal, such as manhole covers and trashcan lids.

W: More impressively, he can lift vehicles, and also make lengths of sewage pipe burst from the ground to soak his opponents in human waste. He is even capable of magnetizing normally non-magnetic metals and materials.

B: That not enough for you? Well, Virgil ALSO has a melee weapon; a Bo Staff.

W: Much like Cole, Virgil uses it to channel his powers in melee combat.


B: Just like Cole, Virgil becomes exhausted if he uses his powers too much.

W: Unlike his opponent, however, Virgil has shown no susceptibility to water, unless we pull from the animated series adaptation of him.

B: In which case, his powers are short circuited when he gets drenched, rendering him unable to use his powers at all until he can dry off.

W: His comic variant, on the other hand, has no susceptible vulnerability to water.

B: Meaning comic Virgil can go swimming with friends and it won't end with a body count.

W: He has shown problems with non-conductive materials though. Wood, stone, rubber, etc.


W: Alright, the combatants are set. It's time to settle this debate once and for all.

B: It's time for a Death Battle!




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