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Crash Bandicoot is the main protagonist of the eponymous video game series. He fought against Spyro the Dragon in the 91st episode of Death Battle, Crash VS Spyro.

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Crash Bandicoot is an expressive, wacky, lazy, and somewhat dull-witted, genetically enhanced bandicoot created by the evil scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex. He was originally made to be part of Cortex's army of mutants but after the Cortex Vortex failed to mind control him, the bandicoot fled from his castle. Upon realizing Tawna was held captive, he travelled across islands to save Tawna and halt Cortex's plan, defeating his other experiments and allies on the way. Afterwards, Crash lives on Wumpa Island with sister, Coco, a masked spirit and father figure, Aku Aku, and reformed ally, Crunch, usually rising up to the task whenever a crisis is averted by Cortex or other threats.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 5 ft/1.5 cm
  • Species: Eastern Barred Bandicoot
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Conversation Status: Endangered
  • Mutated by Dr. Neo Cortex & Nitrus Brio
  • Adopted by Aku Aku
  • Expert driver
  • Likes dancing and pancakes


  • Cyclone Spin
  • Crash Dash
  • Super Body Slam
  • Death Tornado
  • Rocket Jump
  • Mojo
  • Norris Roundhouse
  • Triple Dragon


  • Copter-Pak
  • Jetpack
  • Glider
  • Jet Board
  • Firefly
  • Space Motorcycle
  • Fruit Bazooka
  • Mech Suit


  • Climbed Stormy Ascent
  • Withstood a 2 megaton crash
  • Outran a 25 mph bear
  • Threw an 8 ton boulder
  • Stunned a titan with one kick
  • Survived atmospheric re-entry
  • Defeated Cortex, Dr. N. Gin, Crunch Bandicoot, Tiny Tiger, Mecha-Bandicoot & Uka Uka

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Age: 13
  • Species: Eastern Barred Bandicoot
  • Birthplace: Wumpa Islands
  • Residence: N. Sanity Island
  • Occupation: Protector of the Universe
  • Alias: The Blunder from Down Under, Crash, Big Brother (by Coco Bandicoot), The Bandicoot, Willie the Wombat (prototype and early design)



  • Spin Attack
    • Crash twists his body, then spins at high speed on one leg to attack enemies
    • Can break wooden crates
    • Can move whilst spinning
    • Allows to float slowly in mid-air
    • Can reflect projectiles like those plasma blasts from Cortex's laser pistol (Crash 1)
    • Can be enhanced into Death Tornado Spin (see below)
    • Spinning too much makes him dizzy for seconds, leaving him open, though in some games he has demonstrated mastery of his spin attack to the degree where he can spin for however long he wants without getting dizzy, such as in Crash: Tag Team Racing
  • Slide
    • Can travel short distances
    • Goes under obstacles
    • Trips and sends enemies flying away
    • Can jump in the middle of a slide to perform Slide Jump
    • Can be enhanced into Super Slide (see below)
  • Body Slam
    • Also called "Belly Flop" and "Body Press"
    • Able to break steel crates which can't be broken with a Spin Attack
    • Can be enhanced into Super Charged Body Slam (see below)
  • Wall Climbing
    • Is a superb climber, able to hang from ledges and traverse them with great speed, and also to scale sheer surfaces with only minor handholds
    • On a related note, Crash seems to have a strong grip, evidenced by his hanging on to Mutants while they are running and fighting and the fact that he ripped off Crunch's N-V, which was designed not to come off
  • Jacking
    • With Aku Aku's aid, Crash is able to "jack" primitive beasts like titans, controlling them completely wherever he wants
    • Large animal needs to be stunned or unconscious to be jacked
    • Has limited control without outside help
    • Can throw, slam or spin enemies whilst holding them
    • Once jacked, any unique abilities that the creature may have can be used by Crash
  • Mind Control Immunity


  • Death Tornado Spin
    • Allows Crash to spin longer
    • Can soar across long pits
  • Super Slide
  • Super Charged Body Slam
    • Increases the radius of Crash's body slam
      • Two to three crates in distance
    • Can blow Nitro Crates up without getting hurt
  • Double Jump
    • Allows Crash to jump once again while in the air
    • Later appears as a normal power
  • Crash Dash
  • Sneak Shoes
    • Also called "Tip Toe"
    • Allows Crash to tiptoe onto a row of unstable Nitro crates without detonating them
  • Invisibility Crate
    • Allows Crash to be protected and untouchable by laser rays
    • Also allows him to move around undetected
  • Rocket Jump
    • Allows Crash to soar/jump vertically high enough to reach high areas
    • Can burst through any crates he comes in contact
      • Except iron crates


  • Fruit Bazooka
  • Jetpack
    • Spin Attack still usable
    • Difficult to control
    • Can fly so fast in an asteroid belt, the meteors appear to be moving at a snail's pace
  • Copter Pack (Wrath of Cortex)
    • Almost similar to Jetpack
      • Except with the copter blades instead
  • Yo-Yo
    • Though not as a weapon, Crash can use it on his Sky-Chi to ensnare enemies around him (Skylanders: Imaginators)
    • If runs out of time or doesn't hit any enemies, Crash will ensnare himself for a second, but frees himself quick
  • Invisibility
    • When Crash breaks a crate, he turns invisible
    • Is protected and untouchable by the rays
    • Lasts only for a few seconds
  • Aku Aku
    • Grants Crash one/two hits of durability
    • Grants Crash temporary invincibility if broke 3 Aku Aku Crates
      • Can break any crates if touched
      • Can destroy Nitro crates which has nitroglycerin, the primary ingredient in dynamite explosives which are more powerful in raw force than TNT
      • Can literally walk through Nitro crates unfazed, despite the extreme temperatures and incredible shock caused
      • Can defeat any enemies if touched
    • Can be used as a shield to block incoming attacks
    • Has the power to transport himself and others, though as shown in Titans he can only take other people so far, whereas by himself he can transport out into space and even to different dimensions
    • Can also use his energy to form beams from his eyes (as seen in the final boss battle of Warped) or explosions


  • Kart (CTR/CNK)
    • Used for racing
    • Can make use of the following items:
      • Tracking Missiles
        • Fires a tracking missile which locks onto the closest driver near Crash
        • When juiced up, the missile moves faster and is more accurate
      • Bowling Bombs
        • Throws rolling bowling-ball bombs in-front or behind Crash
        • Is strong enough to blow up karts, and can harm the final boss Emperor Velo in CNK
        • When juiced up, the bomb has a bigger blast radius, able to send up to three or more drivers flying
      • Power Shields
        • The green shield protects Crash from being hit by a weapon for a few seconds once activated
        • Will disappear after a few seconds
        • Can fire the shield like a bomb
        • When juiced up, the shield is now blue and lasts forever until hit by a weapon or fired like a bomb
      • Explosive Crates
        • Places a TNT crate onto the track, and if a player runs onto it, the box lands on their head
        • After three seconds the crate will explode, slowing the player up.
        • The player can hop enough times to get the crate off
        • When juiced up, Nitro appears instead of TNT and explodes on impact if another player drives into it
      • N. Brio's Beakers
        • Drops or fires a red beaker which when a driver hits it will spin out of control
        • When juiced up, the beaker is red. If hit, a black cloud will appear above the player and slow them
      • N. Tropy's Clock
        • Can be used to slow time alongside other racers
        • When juiced up, the effect lasts longer
      • Extra Turbo
        • Used to boost forward for few seconds
        • Able to flatten other racers if near them
        • When juiced up, is longer and a little faster
      • Warp Orb
        • Fires a giant orb which targets all racers on the center of the track
        • Always targets the racer in 1st place
        • When juiced up, no any change. Except if you're using an Aku Aku/Uka Uka or a shield, it will not harm you
      • Super Engine
        • Is used for speeding up the racer's kart during races and battles
        • When juiced up, the boost lasts longer
      • Static Orb
        • When placed onto the track, a orb serves as an obstacle
        • If a racer manages to run into one, their kart will momentarily spin out and their current item that they are carrying will be randomly switched
        • When juiced up, the orb will receive a power boost and locks onto the nearest kart. If the orb hits a kart, the racer will spin out for a longer period of time and also start to shift in the opposite direction, also losing their current item
      • Red Eye Missile
        • Unlike Homing Missiles, the Red Eye Missile comes with a remote control and a video monitor
        • Like them, however, the Red Eye Missile explodes on-contact and sends the player's target into a killer tumble
        • When juiced up, the explosion of the Red Eye Missile becomes bigger and the missile is easier to steer
      • Ice Mine
        • Can be placed on the ground or be throwed ahead
        • Anyone who hits a mine will spin out and be surrounded by an ice cube which causes them to move as if they were on a slippery surface
        • When juiced up, it will change to a purple ice mine and an ice cube will last longer before melting
      • Tornado Top
        • The tornado chases after the racer in first place and sucks them up
        • Any other racers caught up in it will be caught in a smaller tornado
        • When juiced up, the tornado will move faster
      • Invisibility Crate
        • When using this, a racer cannot be seen by opponents during a race and even Tracking, Red Eye & Homing Missiles can't see players without indication of an opponent's target
        • However, just because players can't be seen doesn't mean they cannot be hit
        • In CNK, is used for stealing flags and sneak attacks though players will see a shadow of the invisible character
        • When juiced up, the invisibility lasts slightly longer
      • Aku Aku/Uka Uka
        • Aku Aku or Uka Uka spins around the racer, granting them invincibility
        • Travels faster and will not lose any Wumpa Fruit
        • Can also knock into other racers
        • When juiced up, lasts a little bit longer and moves faster
  • Jet Board (Crash 2)
    • Can be used to ride on water
    • Crash can also perform neat tricks while riding a board
    • Is able to use a speed boost
  • Mech Suit
    • Sprays water to damage enemies
    • Fires Wumpa Fruit out of its arm
  • Airplane (Warped)
    • Used this in World War 1 scenarios for aerial dogfights
    • Has a small machine gun attached on it
  • Firefly (Wrath of Cortex)
    • Appears similar to the actual firefly
    • Fires homing missiles which locks onto enemies
  • Jeep (Wrath of Cortex)
    • Used to drive around jungles
    • Fast enough to outrun a stampede of rhinos behind Crash
  • Glider (Wrath of Cortex)
    • Almost similar to Airplane
  • Atlasphere
    • A ball made out of glass
    • Crash; inside it can move it around similar to a hamster ball
    • Can survive hits from big rock balls at least 5 times
    • Can crush anything beneath it
  • Mecha-Bandicoot
    • A 40-foot mechanical version of Crash
    • Was controlled by Doctor N. Gin
    • Has an electric brain which has Crash's cerebral patterns programmed into it, which Aku Aku doubts was wise after Crash started sucking on a light bulb that shocked him
    • It is equipped with:
      • A chainsaw
      • Rockets
      • Plasma blasts that have the same effect as Cortex's gun



  • Below average intelligence outside of battling
  • Somewhat of a loose cannon
  • Can't swim in water without the use of Scuba Gear



  • Most of Crash's info is composite, involving feats from the manga and Skylanders series.