Crimson Viper UMVC3
Don't underestimate women. We're more capable than you think!
~ Crimson Viper, Street Fighter IV

Crimson Viper is a character from the video game series, Street Fighter.

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Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: Maya
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: July 18
  • Height: 175 cm / 5'9"
  • Weight: 56 kg / 123 Ibs
  • CIA Agent infiltrating S.I.N.
  • Dislikes: Working overtime, people interfering with missions
  • Hobbies: Magic tricks
  • Single mother of Lauren

Battle Suit

  • Created by S.I.N.
  • Metal Knuckles
    • Create electricity and earthquake-like shockwaves
  • Jet Boots
    • Create fire
    • Allow for greater mobility and agility
    • Capable of flight
    • No known maximum flight time
  • Can deactivate Limiter to suit her situation


  • Thunder Knuckle/Thunder Fist
    • Moves forward with an electrical fist
  • Burning Kick
    • Wide-arced flaming kick
  • Seismic Hammer
    • Shockwave that explodes from the ground
  • Burst Heel
    • Fiery backflip kick

Super Moves

  • Emergency Combination
    • Double Thunder Knuckle followed by Burst Heel
  • Burst Time
    • Knocks opponent into the air, then four fiery somersault kicks
  • Burning Dance
    • Kicks and grinds opponent against ground, then electrocution
  • Viper Full Throttle
    • Grabs foe, throws into the air, electrocutes, then drives into ground with jet boots


  • Defeated Cammy and Sakura
  • Can hold her own against Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the world
  • Enhanced blows are unblockable even to the likes of Ryu
  • Successfully infiltrated and deceived S.I.N.
  • Avoided a blast from M. Bison
  • Avoided multiple Aegis Reflectors from Urien


  • Struggles against Satsui no Hado users
  • Gauntlets incapable of harming Power of Nothingness users