Cyrax vs. Fulgore
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Season N/A (Apro319), N/A (Big the cat 10) / Mini-Season 3 (Nkstjoa), Episode N/A (Apro319), N/A (Big the cat 10) / 2 (Nkstjoa)
Vital statistics
Air date December 22, 2016 (Apro319 & Big the cat 10) / November 11, 2017 (Nkstjoa)
Written by Apro319, Big the cat 10, AgentHoxton, & Nkstjoa
Directed by Apro319, Big the cat 10, & Nkstjoa
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Cyrax vs. Fulgore is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Mortal Kombat VS Killer Instinct! The Lin Kuei and UltraTech clash once more with their mechanized masterpieces! Can Cyrax best the cybernetic enforcer? Or will Fulgore claim another cyborg ninja?


Boomstick: Last time we saw Fulgore , he took on the Lin Kuei cyborg Sektor and overpowered him for an ultra combo victory!

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Wiz: But his war against the Lin Kuei isn't over yet. Now the mass-produced killer robot from UltraTech faces Sektor's deadliest comrade, Cyrax.

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Boomstick: So we did use the weaker cyborg on purpose...

(*Wiz punches Boomstick with his robot arm*)

Boomstick: What was that for?! Wizard? *clears throat* He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick...

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: Amongst Sektor, one of the Lin Kuei's most loyal subjects was Cyrax.

Boomstick: Seriously, who are naming these kids? Did the Grandmaster throw it out there in case he ever pulled of his crazy-as-sh...

Wiz: Despite being opposed to the cyber initiative, Cyrax was the second warrior of the clan to undergo the mechanization. Alongside Sektor, the duo was even more deadly.

Cyrax: Safeties disabled. Combat mode engaged.

Wiz: Hailing from the Republic of Botswana, Cyrax was not only skilled in sambo and ninjitsu, but also in chi.

Boomstick: Not sure if that chi skill carried over after his robotinization, but regardless, he was a badass even as a human. Housed in his chest are detonators, energy nets, and buzzsaws. Who needs a bladed hat to cut someone in half with when you can have a buzzsaw that fits inside your own built-in cupholder?

Wiz: Apart from his weapons, he is also quite acrobatic, throwing opponents while in the air, using spin kicks to knock opponents away or above him, and can teleport short distances by dismantling his body.

Boomstick: Boy, that must've taken a lot of practice. I bet the first few times, his legs were where his arms should go and instead of his head was his...

Wiz: He also wields beam-based swords, though he prefers to use a lone pulse blade.

Boomstick: Aww, just one lightsaber this time? Aww well. At least he has plenty of other cutting tools at his fingertips.

(*Cyrax performs his Buzz Kill fatality*)

Wiz: Like his fellow kombatants, Cyrax ensures victory with a brutal fatality, like his helicopter blades, internal grinder, and the self-destruct.

(*Cyrax begins his Self-Destruct fatality*)

Boomstick: Cyrax used Self-Destruct.

(*Cyrax blows himself up along with his opponent*)

Boomstick: It's Super-Effective! But damn, is it really necessary to blow yourself up just to take out your opponent?

Wiz: If you think that's going overboard, check this out.

(*Cyrax performs Armageddon, dropping a ridiculous number of bombs, blowing up the entire world*)

Boomstick: Holy crap! I'd hate to think how much all those bombs would weigh you down!

Wiz: As it turns out, Cyrax weighs a staggering 650 pounds. Plus, his armor is durable enough to withstand sandstorms and even molten lava.

Boomstick: Combined with his insane arsenal and agility, Cyrax proved devastating, taking down just about any enemy in his way...

Wiz: Until he was defeated by the rogue ninja Sub-Zero, who then reprogrammed him to hunt down and kill Shao Kahn. But once the ruler of Outworld was already defeated, Cyrax wandered endlessly until he was stranded in the desert and shut down.

Boomstick: Damn, Sub-Zero. You may be cool, but what a dick.

Wiz: But he was eventually found by Sonya Blade and Jax, who managed to restore his humanity and his soul. Afterward, he joined the Outworld Investigation Agency, fighting to protect Earthrealm from future threats.

Boomstick: Happy ending!

Wiz: Until he was killed in the Battle of Armageddon along with everyone else, save for Shao Kahn and Raiden...

Boomstick: Aww...

Wiz: And then Raiden reset the timeline and Cyrax was once again redeemed...

Boomstick: HAPPY ENDI...!

Wiz: Until he ultimately sacrificed himself to destroy the cyber Lin Kuei for good.

Boomstick: Awwww man. But I still gotta say, Cyrax is far more than just a color swap of his comrade. No doubt about it, he's the best of both worlds: a badass cyborg ninja through and through.

Sub-Zero: Cyrax!

Cyrax: I am Lin Kuei Unit L-K-4-D-4. You will come with me.


Wiz: UltraTech is a corporation that ruled pretty much everything in the dystopian world of Killer Instinct. They had control everywhere at their fingertips and then some.

Boomstick: But the chairman of UltraTech decided that this wasn't quite enough for him and his company. So he proposed a plan to make ruling with an iron fist even stronger and reinforced - a bunch of brutal cybernetic soldiers who would pose as their enforcers. And there's the origin story of the killer cyborg we know as Fulgore!

Wiz: Fulgore is a monster in combat and one of the fiercest fighters of Killer Instinct. Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing over 550 pounds, this cybernetic soldier holds ruthless skill. The only thing holding his potential back was UltraTech.

Boomstick: They didn't even properly test Fulgore and yet they sold nearly 15 million units worldwide. Traditional marketing scheme there. Either that or they forgot that Fulgore wasn't exactly a Barbie doll.

Wiz: Eventually one of the owners of a Fulgore unit decided to test if it worked by entering Fulgore into UltraTech's Killer Instinct tournament. And sure enough, a problem became clear - Fulgore's body was advanced. Too advanced for even the top scientists of UltraTech to make an AI compatible for it. They needed a mind from a true fighter.

Boomstick: But that's where Eagle comes in. A winner of a previous KI tournament, he used his fame to protest against UltraTech. But since UltraTech didn't want bad lip going towards them, they decided to rip Eagle's brain out and use it as Fulgore's. Fulgore began to kick ass, Eagle disappeared, and the guy who masterminded this probably got a promotion. Or "something else". Heh heh...

Wiz: Ugh... anyway, with the new mind of Eagle, Fulgore became a ruthless fighter. However, signs of Eagle still fighting against his malicious programming were popping up, with Fulgore doing things one would not expect him to.

Boomstick: What we do expect, however, is for Fulgore to know of Eagle's fighting style, Okichitaw, which crosses judo, Taekwondo and Hapkido with short blades - or in Fulgore's case, his quad-plasma claws which, with a temperature exceeding 30,000*F, will burn pretty much any metal. I think it just MIGHT leave a burn mark or two... hundred.

Wiz: Fulgore's arsenal also includes Plasma storm fireballs, a cloaking device, Laser Beams in his eyes, a Reflector and a Cyber Port, which is basically a teleportation device. However, if finishing off an opponent is what is needed, he opts for multiple types of finishers known as No Mercies.

Fulgore uses his Turret Morph.

Boomstick: Seriously, when will anyone tell me how that actually works?

Wiz: In order to keep Fulgore's power sustained, within the steel chassis is--

Boomstick: That giant turret and whatever else he's got hidin' in there!

Wiz: --A nuclear reactor. While it is powerful enough to make him deadly as he is, Fulgore can manually overclock it to increase its charge.

Boomstick: At full charge, Fulgore's speed and power doubles, and he can now fire his little stomach laser - the Devastation Beam!

Fulgore fires the Devastation Beam.

Wiz: Fulgore is as tough as they come. He was able to tear through any opponent he was pitted against, except for the warrior monk Jago, who tore him apart. Figuratively and literally.

Boomstick: But UltraTech weren't ready to give up with him yet, as they rebuilt him with one crucial change - his mission change, which is now to find and kill Jago. Which, to this day, he never accomplished. I mean, he was ALMOST there, but then Jago called in Orchid and then that was that.

Wiz: Regardless of failure, you cannot underestimate this cybernetic warrior.

Fulgore performs a 40-hit Ultra Combo on Sabrewulf.



Cyrax Fulgore Set

Fulgore is standing in the middle of a plain with a volcano far away he was on his next assingnment to track down and neutralise the remaining members of the Lin Kuei another Figure Cyrax stood in his way the grass brushing against him in the wind

Cyrax: Is it you .. The one who killed Sektor?

Cyrax looks at Fulgore who peers at him

Fulgore readies his Plasma blades

Cyrax: Sektor was my friend though he eventually lost his mind i will honour the man he once was by defeating you

(*cues Killer instinct (2013) - Glacius theme*)

Cyrax: Safeties disabled; combat mode engaged.

Fulgore then gets into his fighting stance, so does Cyrax ready to engage

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Fulgore moved towards Cyrax who ran towards the robot punching him in the neck then moved to dodge as Fulgore tried to slash him with his plasma blades which cut through the grass effortlessly Fulgore moved to dodge a kick then launched three plasma blasts towards Cyrax who dodged the first two blasts but was hit by the third Attack and knocked off his feet

Cyrax recovered quickly punching at his opponent's helmet and hitting him with a dive Kick damaging Fulgore's plating. However, he was slashed in the arm by a searing blade and met with an uppercut launched into the air before being slashed again however the ninja responded moving the blades away and teleporting behind Fulgore punching him again numerous times Fulgore fell to the ground but not before landing a kick to Cyrax's gut

Cyrad: Your no pushover but I will defeat you

Fulgore managed to Stand as Cyrax activated his saw blade and tried to overwhelm the Robot with his punches and kicks he tried to elbow the robot but Fulgore antipated this blocking with his arm firing a plasma blast and slashing at Cyrax who flipped back and attempting to stab Fulgore with his blade the blade scraping against the metal damaging it

Cyrax punched at Fulgore the robot's tanking the blow countering with his blade bringing it towards Cyrax who blocked the Attack with his arm the blade sizzling through the armour Cyrax used his other hand throw a net towards Fulgore and knee him in the gut but then Fulgore slashed open the net with his blades

Cyrax: What your preety tough but your mission ends now

The two ran at each other Fulgore attacking with slashes whilst Cyrax fought with deadly punches and kicks Fulgore managed to block some of Cyrax's attacks though his metal plating began to receive dents Cyrax thought he had the upper hand throwing a bomb towards Fulgore however Fulgore activated his Reflector shield the Bomb bounced back flying towards Cyrax

The robot ninja moved to counter bringing both of his arms to block the Attack


The Bomb exploded the noise ringing in his ears his vision blurred looking in front of him he saw Fulgore he raised his blade to counter the attack Cyrax tried lifting his arm firing a net that entangled the plasma blade Cyrax managed to move the blade away from him

Fulgore blasted him with an eye laser that blasted his head the armour sheilding him Pulling himself back and moving Fulgore's blade into a rock With the net Cyrax prepared to hit him again when .. Suddenly



cyrax screamed as he felt a sharp pain in his side and shoulder he moved back oil spilling out and shot another net at Fulgore that held the Robot for a moment before the Robot cut through the net

Cyrax: Face my fighting skill

The two engaged in a brief exchange Fulgore blocking Attacks with his fist and blades whilst slashing at Cyrax's chest and leg Cyrax dodged some of the Attacks before landing a solid kick to Fulgore's gut denting it whilst uppercutting the Cyborg and karate chopping him blade aside however Cyrax heard a noise inside Fulgore


In a flash Fulgore blades struck Cyrax managing to block some strikes with his arm but being stabbed in his side and being met with a kick to the face and rammed into Cyrax moved back catching his breath

Cyrax Thoughts: His blades are too deadly for me to get past I'll have to distract him

Cyrax moved towards Fulgore preparing to launch a bomb throwing it at Fulgore who deflected it back at Cyrax who ducked under launching two more Bombs at Fulgore's feet launching him into the air Cyrax jumped at Fulgore attacking him with quick and deadly blows hitting him in the chest arm and side however Cyrax heard the mechanic noise again

In a flash he saw a plasma blade moving closer to his neck he moved quickly dodging but being cut and slashed by the blades and knocked into the grass with a blast from the eye laser

Cyrax stood up he saw Fulgore land on the ground his plating damaged along with his legs and Chest Cyrax had barely dodged another blast from the laser and was slashed again by the plasma blade managing to move back he looked around seeing Fulgore move towards him Cyrax ran backwards trying to keep the Cyborg at bay with his Bombs they moved through the field for several minutes Cyrax trying to stun Fulgore with a kick to the chest which didn't do much to Fulgore

Cyrax: You will not win Cyborg Fiend!

The two neared a base Cyrax kicked Fulgore and uppercutting him Fulgore attacked slashing with his claws with devasting Attacks Cyrax dodged the blade stabbing into the base door Cyrax then kneeing Fulgore in the gut and throwing a bomb

Fulgore was sent flying through the air however he overclocked his reactor shooting three plasma blasts in rapid succession Cyrax ducked the side looking around to Find Fulgore he was nowhere to be found


Cyrax glanced around Fulgore appeared behind him with his teleportation device however Cyrax teleported himself his limbs moving elsewhere while his chest teleported Fulgore glanced around firing lasers at Cyrax who appeared on top of some crates Cyrax ducked down behind them

Cyrax: Your technolgy is strong but you cannot match Lin Kuei skill

Cyrax kicks a crate towards Fulgore who cuts in two Cyrax leaps towards Fulgore with a punch hitting the robot in the face then teleporting away Cyrax would then shoot energy nets at Fulgore slowing him down and getting in his way before teleporting again

Fulgore then saw Cyrax hit him in the chest with a spin kick however Fulgore slashed his leg with the plasma Blade Cyrax was sent back

He hit the ground with a thud However used the nets to fend off Fulgore who tried to blast Cyrax with his eye laser Cyrax blocking the Attack and moving to the side throwing his net that was easily knocked away Cyrax then countered a strike from Fulgore but was stabbed in the leg


Fulgore moved to try and finish off Cyrax but the robot ninja ducked and dived under the various slashes taking a blast from the eye laser whilst moving pulling out his pluse blade

Cyrax: Now you face a Lin Kuei's full potential

Fulgore and Cyrax locked blades Fulgore's strikes seemed to be weaker Cyrax's plan had worked he pressed his advantage slashing at Fulgore's armour the Cyborg's armour being damaged Fulgore increased his blade work his blows now becoming tougher to defend against

REACTOR CHARGE: 5/10 Average

Fulgore launched his plasma blasts Cyrax absorbing them with his pulse blade Fulgore then fired his Eye lasers Cyrax deflecting them away and moving in closer moving in to strike Fulgore who teleported away Cyrax glanced around he heard movements and saw Fulgore's outline he countered a blade strike but the blade was knocked away skidding away on the floor Fulgore striking Cyrax's shoulder

Cyrax: Dang it!

Fulgore's blade moved furiously Cyrax moving aside ignoring the pain across his chest activating his saw blade and cutting through the wires next to Fulgore's neck sparks flying everywhere

Fulgore staggered back firing his eye lasers around the room breaking the crates and damaging the walls Cyrax being launched back he saw a ladder leading to the roof Cyrax managed to grab his blade and climbed up before dropping bombs into the room


In the room Bombs began to expold Fulgore leapt at a pillar managing to avoid the expolsions by hanging above them with his blade he leapt from pillar to pillar before breaking out of the roof Cyrax looked on amazed

Cyrax: Your skills are impressive but I'm ending this now

Cyrax threw another Bomb at the roof leaping onto the side of the nearby volcano and grabbing onto it Fulgore managed to hold on due to his blades both climbed up Cyrax reaching the top and leaping on a narrow slab of rock that went around the top of the volcano Cyrax saw the Lava below him and moved back as Fulgore jumped onto the rock causing it to crack

Both looked at each other ready for the final clash

Fulgore charged striking at Cyrax staggering him however he countered with his wide open strikes slashing Fulgore whilst being bombarded by the heavy blows and crosscuts Cyrax slashed at Fulgore's arm causing him to stagger back

The two fought again the blades clashing rapidly atop the volcano fighting at Lightning speeds Fulgore managing to block against The strikes whilst blasting Cyrax away with his eye lasers the ninja managing to stay on top of the mountain he leapt up and countered the lasers with his blade moving forwards getting close enough to strike Fulgore


Cyrax: I'm going to beat you Now

Fulgore's blades moved extremly quickly Cyrax blocked them but suddenly...

Fulgore stabbed at Cyrax's side Cyrax began to buckle but managed to lock blades with Cyrax leaping into the air the two began to slide down the Volcanic Rock towardsthe lava below Fulgore slashed at Cyrax's chest but the robot ninja countered stabbing Fulgore in the neck whilst being stabbed in the gut


The Volcano began to rumble and Lava blasted the two robots out of the volcano

The two rose into the air flying across the Earth Cyrax punched Fulgore across the neck damaging the circuits however he was hit by a slash from Fulgore who caught him off guard slashing again and again the began to fly over the grassland Fulgore's lightning strikes rapidly increased the armour holding up quite well before slashing Cyrax with a giant crosscut and kicking away Cyrax his armour shattered just barely holding itself together

KI Announcer: Ultra Combo!

Cyrax struggled to stay alive passing out frequently

REACTOR CHARGE: 10/10 Devastation Beam Ready

Fulgore's damaged Chest plate opened he prepared to Fire the Devastation beam Cyrax looked at the Cyborg

Cyrax: For .. Sektor

Cyrax released three Bombs the Screen zooms out


The Bombs exploded

For a brief moment everything seemed Quiet ....




Another explosion rang out slightly larger than the other explosions releasing more smoke into the air one of the cyborgs landed on the grassland below badly damaged the cyborg cleaned his head revealing yellow paint underneath the smoke and oil it was Cyrax

Cyrax: Now ... will ... never .. again ... threaten .. the Lin.. Kuei!

Cyrax walks away leaving the parts of steel that were once Fulgore to be retrieved by Ultratech



Boomstick: Ouch that was brutal!

Wiz: This was an interesting fight however in the end Cyrax takes the win but only after a long fight Strength wise Fulgore takes it he has been able to effortlessly beat TJ Combo while Cyrax can break bones and smash skulls he hasn't done something on this level so Fulgore is stronger

Boomstick: When it comes to speed Cyrax takes it while Fulgore can increase his speed with his reactor his bulk still weighs him down whilst Cyrax can still move around quickly with his armour and can outmanoeuvre Fulgore

Wiz: Fighting Experience Fulgore has betean TJ Combo and Orchid who is a Demi God killer however Cyrax has betean Baraka Sheeva Sektor and Johnny Cage who had fought against several powerful opponents when he had lost to Cyrax and along with Sub-Zero Cyrax managed to stand against the entire Lin-Kuei clang Which means that Cyrax has faced stronger opponents as well as fighting against Cyborgs similar to Fulgore

Boomstick: Fulgore's use of Eagle's fighting style is more of a short ranged based style while Cyrax's Acrobatic Ninja Attacks give more options and allow him to take control of the fight more easily

Wiz: Cyrax is much smarter than Fulgore who mainly operates on programming and directives Cyrax can outwit Fulgore and keep the fight in his favour using his aresnal to keep Fulgore at Bay

Boomstick: The fight would begin with Cyrax trying to outright overwhelm Fulgore though he simple isn't tough enough to beat Fulgore outright and realise this before it's too late

Wiz: Cyrax would be able to use his nets and teleportation to keep Fulgore at bay whilst he tries to find a way to beat him since Cyrax would be engaging from a distance Fulgore would then decrease his power level and Cyrax would notice the change and take Adavantage of this as using the Environment to wear down Fulgore

Boomstick: Whilst Fulgore would likely still be able to beat Cyrax overclocking the reactor and activating the Devastation Beam however Cyrax wouldn't be one to just accept defeat and would try to destroy Fulgore using his Bombs

Wiz: While This would be risky the expolsion of the Bombs would be likely to trigger the Reactor with enough force to cause Fulgore to self-destruct Cyrax has been able to cause building sized expolsions on his own Fulgore's already worn down armour plus by exposing his reactor before firing the beam the Bombs are even more likely to hit the reactor and destroy Fulgore

Boomstick: But Wiz wouldn't Fulgore be able to relfect the Bombs?

Wiz: Normally he would but while activating the beam he would leave himself vulnerable to Attack allowing the bombs to destroy him what also important to understand is that Fulgore would be able to Bulldoze Cyrax If it wren't for his intelligence and firepower which makes this outcome diffrent from Fulgore vs Sektor Fulgore's greatest strength would become his greatest weakness

Boomstick: Looks like Fulgore's fighting career went out with a bang!

Wiz: The Winner is Cyrax

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  • Special Thanks to DeathBattleDude for his TN Intro, Winner and Fight Pictures
  • Special Thanks to Gold-Sans Moible for his Fight picture
  • Special Thanks To Nkstjoa for his TN and Winner picture.

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Arctika, China

From above, it was simply a mountain range covered in snow with freezing blizzards. On the ground was a peculiarity: a hole that was about man-sized and whose depth kept going deeper.

Below in the icy caverns, a yellow blur could be seen through the ice before cutting a hole through the ceiling, the wires atop his head spinning like helicopter blades. The cyborg ninja, Cyrax, had dug his way deep below Arctika to find something:

The entrance to a crashed flying warship of some kind.

???: It's just as we suspected...

Outerworld Investigation Agency HQ

Sonya Blade and Jackson "Jax" Briggs stood looking over two monitors: one showing what Cyrax saw, another his vitals.

Sonya: A Tekunin warship that fell off the radar. Likely shot down and buried.

Jax: That whole cyber clan lost it the moment their leader was killed.

Cyrax: Sektor... he is dead?

Jax: Not much was left of him. Perpetrator unknown.

Sonya: But that's not what's important right now. We need you to investigate the entire ship. It may just have the databanks we've been looking for.

Cyrax: Understood, General.

He didn't have to worry about kicking down the front door as there was a sizable hole in the side which would act as a suitable entrance. From there, he scoured the ship, treading through all the wreckage, as well as the fallen cyber warriors or whatever was left of them thanks to the cold.

Cyrax: If I may ask, General, what are in these databanks which the Special Forces are seeking?

Sonya: As the Tekunin fell apart, they wiped out everything on their network across the board. With this ship having gone down before that, it's possible the data may still be there.

Cyrax: Data for what?

Jax: Advanced tech, especially in weaponry and cybernetics. And we're not the only ones looking for it.

Sonya: The Black Dragon among them. If they were to fall into Kano's hands...

Cyrax: Wait...

After what seemed like a fruitless venture at first, he had finally found a room of large pillar-like servers.

Jax: Good, you found them. Now let's see if these things even work.

Despite how long the ship had been idle, a few switches turned on did reactivate them.

Cyrax: Now what would you have me do?

Sonya: Relay whatever information you can pull off of them straight to our end.

Cyrax: And what will become of this information?

Jax: We'll see to it that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Cyrax: I shall begin immediatel...

A flash of white went across the room.

Sonya: Cyrax, what's wrong?

Cyrax: I am not alone. Something is here.

His scanners were picking up something: while they couldn't pin it down precisely, it was aware of a mechanical presence nearby.

Cyrax: A machine, if not a cyborg.

Meanwhile, this other machine looked around the room, its current objective in the corner of its vision:


But he soon became confused, unsure of his current location.


It began processing a solution. A new objective:


Upon catching a glimpse of the yellow cyborg ninja nearby, the previous objective was overtaken by a new primary one:


Jax: Don't tell me Smoke's still in the game.

Cyrax: But Smoke never had a cloaking device.

Cyrax turned across the room, narrowing down the location of the unknown machine as he saw footprints of some kind. By the time he had found it...

A plasma claw emerged in mid-air and nearly skewered Cyrax where he stood had he not leapt out of the way in time. He looked over at the claw, which soon revealed a hand, an arm, a torso, then the legs and head of a large metal enforcer: Fulgore.

Cyrax: Who is that?

Jax: I can't say. There's nothing in our databanks on that thing. Might be from a realm we haven't visited yet.

Sonya: Whatever it is, it may be after the data as well. You can't let it escape.

Cyrax: I don't intend to.

His chest opened for a moment, revealing his energy core, as he turned his right hand into a saw blade, then back again.

Cyrax: Safeties disabled.

Meanwhile, Fulgore simply stood, also opening his chest to reveal a reactor, as it stared down the yellow cyborg ninja, who entered his kombat stance.

Cyrax: Kombat time.


Fulgore lunged forward, his right plasma claw aiming to impale his adversary. Cyrax side-stepped and the claw was impeded in the ground as Fulgore's fist put a dent in the floor. The metal monster's back exposed, Cyrax threw a few punches before he saw Fulgore turning around with his left claw outstretched. Cyrax ducked under it, then saw the right returning and rolled underneath it. Fulgore went on a slashing frenzy, his plasma claws aimed high, low, and in between, as Cyrax ducked, jumped, and backed up to avoid each one.

Finally, Cyrax made no attempt to move as Fulgore went for a slash with both claws at once. As they inched towards him, Fulgore saw the Lin Kuei cyborg's limbs split apart and fly off behind him. By the time he had processed this move, Cyrax reassembled and one of his legs was planted firmly in the ground as the other bent for a powerful kick. Fulgore was launched into the air, then grabbed by one of Cyrax's hands before being pulled to the ground. As Fulgore was still floored, Cyrax's chest opened and an orb of some kind dropped to the ground. The mechanical enforcer made it to his feet, then analyzed the rolling object approaching him: a bomb.

Cyrax watched the explosion from a distance and kept an eye on the aftermath. He didn't see a single spec remaining of Fulgore.

Jax: You got him?

Cyrax: I'm not sure. I don't see how one bomb alone could have completely atomized that thing. Unless...

Just as his sensors lit up, he turned and saw a wave of plasma coming right towards him. He swayed his upper body to the side, barely missing it as it flew past him. When he finally saw Fulgore once more, he saw his mechanical body turn black before disappearing.

Cyrax: He can teleport.

Another plasma claw flew nearby and Cyrax did a backflip to avoid this one.

Sonya: He seemed slow and bulky before, but expect the unexpected and don't let your guard down.

Fulgore then emerged before him, only for his hands to be caught by Cyrax's, keeping his plasma claws at bay.

Cyrax: Duly noted, General.

One of his hands let go, striking Fulgore in the chest and forcing him to his mechanical knee. Cyrax capitalized on this by striking Fulgore's face with a bomb in his hand, then leaping over him and jumping off his head. He threw the bomb straight towards Fulgore's head, only to see a mechanical hand swat the bomb away, which soon detonated a short distance away. Just as Cyrax landed to his feet, he saw Fulgore charging for him at high speeds.

Cyrax: What?

A fierce right hook combined with a plasma claw stab knocked Cyrax backward with great force, followed by a plasma wave striking soon afterward. Cyrax was slammed into a wall, leaving a cyborg-shaped dent, before getting right back up.

Sonya: Cyrax, are you all right?

Cyrax: I'm fine.

He looked over at his hand on his chest, only seeing a few drops of oil on his gauntlet.

Cyrax: Damage minimal.

Jax: Even so, there were some serious heat signatures from those strikes.

During this, Fulgore stood, his chest open and his reactor spinning. Cyrax realized this and his sensors indicated that Fulgore was charging towards max level via his reactor.

Cyrax: He's trying to reach his maximum level. I know just what to do.

He fired something green from his chest, then teleported before Fulgore, punching him in the face.

Fulgore prepared to return the favor with a claw through Cyrax's head, but Cyrax fell onto his back as Fulgore soon found himself ensnared in an energy net of some kind.

Cyrax: His energy's being siphoned. Now to finish this.

He leapt backward, ejecting several bombs at once in Fulgore's direction. The mechanical monster managed to pierce through the energy net with his plasma claws, then sliced it apart as he saw one of the bombs approaching his foot. Right as it was about to touch him, a thin blue field emerged across his entire body and the bomb was bounced backward with great force. One struck another, knocking it backward, then that one struck another, doing the same, and they continued up until the final bomb was sent flying past Cyrax's very head.

Cyrax: This... could be a problem.

The bomb behind Cyrax went off, knocking him forward before the next one detonated as well, sending him back. The rest went off, littering the distance between the two in debris. Cyrax's helmet had what looked like a grey scar receive near his left eye: merely a scratch.

Fulgore walked forward slowly, but even with his bulk, Cyrax wondered if his mechanical foe was actually trying to give off a glow of confidence with an approaching march.

Cyrax: There is more to this machine than what appears on the surface.

As Cyrax ran towards him, Fulgore kept at the same pace as before. The two went for a simultaneous swing as Fulgore's plasma claw cut a few of Cyrax's wires in half, only for Cyrax to slam a bomb into Fulgore's face, causing an immediate detonation. Cyrax was unphased as the explosion launched Fulgore into the air. He followed up by spinning on one of his legs, the other lighting on fire to kick Fulgore multiple times before he was finally sent backward.

Instead of falling to the ground, small jets of flame emerged on the back of Fulgore's lower legs, causing him to hover in the air. Right after witnessing Fulgore's recovery, Cyrax was immediately struck by a narrow red beam, flooring him. He got up, the beam only leaving a small searing mark on his chestplate. Another beam fired from Fulgore's eyes as Cyrax rolled away. More beams were fired as Fulgore hovered forward after him, only for Cyrax to leap and duck over them. Just as another beam was about to fire, Cyrax quickly threw a bomb right in Fulgore's direction. By the time Fulgore processed this, his eye beam had already fired and the bomb entered its path of fire, detonating it.

The explosion knocked Fulgore off-balance, forcing him to land. Cyrax emerged in one piece before him, throwing a punch with his left, then turning his right hand into a shuriken-like saw and slashing at him thrice before kicking him backward. Fulgore fired an eye beam right at him, only to see Cyrax long gone. As his head had began to turn, he saw Cyrax behind him, a large sawblade emerging from his chest. It already struck his back, causing Fulgore to appear to wince before the sawblade retracted back into Cyrax.

Jax: That guy must be made of steel. Your saw's gonna take some time to cut through him.

Cyrax: I know.

Fulgore turned quickly after the fact, firing three plasma waves. Cyrax jumped over one.

Cyrax: I have...

Then the other.

Cyrax: All the time...

Then as he leapt over the last.

Cyrax: In the w...

He saw Fulgore emerge in front of him and was suddenly knocked right into the air by an uppercut. He anticipated Cyrax's landing and went for an impalement with his other plasma claw, then witnessed Cyrax coming apart and flying behind him. He turned quickly for a punch and his was met by Cyrax's, their metal fists colliding.

Cyrax: Try me.

They both quickly went for a punch with their other hands, only to be met with another meeting of their fists. The two stood their ground, their arms moving rapidly and their punches meeting each other's without managing to slip past. Cyrax made especially sure his hands never touched the plasma claws as Fulgore simply processed strategies by which to stop Cyrax's advance. It seems he and Cyrax had the same strategy in mind: they both stopped their punching and instead went for a simultaneous headbutt, sparks flying from the force of their foreheads colliding.

As Fulgore looked downward, he saw Cyrax's hand holding a handle of some kind, ready to swing. Sure enough, a green pulse blade emerged and it was swung right toward Fulgore's chest. The mechanical enforcer stepped backward, then lunged with his plasma claw. Cyrax stopped it with the pulse blade and as he stood his ground, the sheer force caused his feet to partially sink into the ground. He then pushed Fulgore off of him and swung the pulse blade at Fulgore's feet. A plasma claw caught it, then the other blocked an overhead slash. Cyrax kicked him backward, then the two slashed rapidly.

Fulgore pressed forward, forcing Cyrax back, before catching a stabbing strike with both plasma claws. He swung upward with tremendous force, knocking the pulse blade out of Cyrax's hands, as an eye beam fired immediately afterward. He saw Cyrax duck, but before he could react, he was uppercutted right into the air. He hovered in the air and lost sight of Cyrax, then realized he was being grabbed from behind as Cyrax forced both his knees into Fulgore's back. Cyrax immediately redirected the two towards the ground and Fulgore was caught in a piledriver. He crashed head-first into the ground and Cyrax immediately opened his chest upon landing:

A mechanical hand emerged and grabbed hold of Fulgore by the head. It slammed Fulgore's head into the ground thrice, then began dragging him towards Cyrax's chest.

Cyrax: You'll be cut down to size in seconds flat.

Fulgore analyzed this and through what little of the opening he could see determined that inside Cyrax was a grinder of some kind. He dug his hands and plasma claws into the ground, intent to stop himself from being grinded. Cyrax was undeterred and threw a bomb directly to Fulgore's feet. As intended, it knocked Fulgore forward, but not before he freed his head from the mechanical hand. The hand still reached out and managed to grab hold of Fulgore's left arm and pulled once more. This time, Fulgore could do next to nothing as his left elbow was yanked almost immediately into Cyrax's chest. Fulgore's feet left an indent in the ground as he desperately tried to free himself before finally charging forward.

By the time he had escaped Cyrax's grip, he saw that the damage to his left elbow was quite severe: he couldn't control his left hand and the upper arm was barely held on by the inner wiring.

Jax: Good work. You nearly took his arm off.

Cyrax: I intend to remove it entirely.

Cyrax took full advantage of this and swung his handsaw right at the remains of Fulgore's left elbow. His left upper arm was swiftly cut off, the plasma claw dimming before dissipating after the arm touched the ground. Fulgore swung his remaining plasma claw, only for his arm to be caught by both of Cyrax's, who overpowered him and threw him to the ground. Cyrax held down Fulgore's right arm with his left, then prepared to drive his handsaw right into Fulgore's face.

Cyrax: Let's see how long this takes...

As the saw slowly began to cut into his head, Fulgore's eyes turned white.

A burst of electricity from Fulgore's eyes zapped across Cyrax's right hand. He grabbed onto it with his left hand to no avail, as his sensors indicated that his right hand was being overloaded. Soon after that reading, sparks fired off from his right arm and smoke emerged. He then realized his right hand was disabled, stuck with a now idle handsaw. He teleported to avoid a swift slash from Fulgore, whose face had a small cut between his eyes.

Sonya: Cyrax! Your hand!

Cyrax: It's nothing. I'll live.

Fulgore charged toward Cyrax with all haste as Cyrax fired off three bombs. The metal monster simply batted away the first two before using a plasma wave to destroy the third. Afterward, he saw the large buzzsaw from before flying right at him and simply got into a blocking position. The buzzsaw clashed with the plasma claw, the spikes slowly melting away, reducing the buzzsaw to a blunt disk. As it fell to the ground, Fulgore realized too late that an energy net was about to touch him and he was in no position to dodge or slice it in time.

Cyrax stood, gripping his right arm, as he then caught a glimpse of a blue glow, then his energy net flying back at him at a high speed. It ensnared him and with his handsaw idle, he couldn't hope to easily cut through his own trap.

Jax: Get out of there!

Cyrax: I'm trying.

He saw Fulgore standing before him soon afterward and watched as the mechanical enforcer removed his own head, revealing a turret...

Jax: Wait, what?

...which swiftly aimed downward right onto Cyrax. It fired rapidly, dust and debris clouding the impact. The turret retracted into Fulgore's body as his head was placed back on. He surveyed the damage, only seeing a huge crater left behind...

However, his sensors, upon reactivating, were quick to remind him that Cyrax was still nearby... in fact, right behind him. He caught Cyrax's pulse blade with his plasma claw and the two, each down to one functional arm, simply pushed forward. Cyrax glanced at Fulgore's chest and realized his reactor had been charging during their entire clash...

It had reached 100%: max charge.

Cyrax: Oh no.

Fulgore glowed red as he pushed forward with such force that Cyrax was launched right into one of the servers. Just as he had landed, Fulgore charged forward with a slash incoming. Cyrax teleported just in time, and good thing too as the server tower was cut in two. Cyrax emerged behind Fulgore and slashed at his back, or would have had Fulgore not blocked the slash. Cyrax teleported once more and fell downward with a stab in mind until Fulgore slashed upward, knocking him backward. He charged as Cyrax teleported out of sight. Fulgore teleported across the room, finally tracking Cyrax down. He went for a decapitating swing, but Cyrax disappeared once more. He teleported across the room once more, but Cyrax managed to find him and went for a stab. Fulgore teleported behind Cyrax and the cyborg ninja teleported to avoid another cut.

The cyborg ninja waited, knowing Fulgore would find him eventually.

Sonya: That charge must be on a time limit. Just keep your distance and...

Cyrax: No. I'm going to end this now.

He looked over at the server tower and in its reflection saw himself... and Fulgore right behind him. He turned his pulse blade behind him and stabbed it into Fulgore's shoulder, forcing the plasma clawed arm away from him. He then swiftly tore the pulse blade out and unleashed a flurry of kicks and slashes. Slowly, but surely, Fulgore's chest had many sear marks left across it, each cutting deeper than the one before it. He finally swung it right at Fulgore's neck...


Killer Instinct 2013 - Combo Breaker

Fulgore knocked Cyrax back and his plasma claw swung quickly to pin him in place while continually doing damage. The yellow chestplate began to crack and tear as Cyrax desperately tried to escape...

KI Announcer: Lockout! COUNTER BREAKER!!!

Killer Instinct 2013 - Counter Breaker

To no avail as Fulgore had him trapped in place. His eyes glowed and the eye beam went from Cyrax's chest to his lower body, leaving a searing trail behind. Cyrax stood idle, sparks flying off of him.

Sonya: Cyrax! Move!

Jax: Come on! Snap out of it!

Fulgore booted him across the room before activating his jets and flying upward into the air. He had nearly struck the ceiling when he reached the right height as his chest opened, firing off the Devastation Beam, which then evolved into an even larger beam than before. Cyrax stood, seeing the beam approaching him at a speed he could barely comprehend.

The Devastation Beam struck the ground, leaving a massive searing hole, as Fulgore landed, the red aura from before leaving him. He scanned the wreckage, seeing no trace of his opponent. He felt something tap his leg...

He looked down and saw a super bomb.


When the dust settled, Fulgore stood...

Heavily damaged. Dented across the board, various wires exposed and one of his eyes basically torn off. He fell onto his mechanical knee, his reactor moving much slower than usual. His sensors were all over the place, telling him Cyrax could be anywhere: 100 yards away, 1 mile away, 1 inch away, directly below him, directly on top of him.

From above, Cyrax took aim with his pulse blade and fell with haste down towards Fulgore. The mechanical monster turned too late, as even swinging his plasma claw could do nothing to stop the ensuing blow.

(*Cues: Mortal Kombat 9 - Fatality theme*)

The pulse blade pierced through Fulgore's chest, poking out his back, piercing his reactor. His right arm fell, the plasma claw fading, his reactor stopped spinning, and his eye's light went out. Cyrax held onto his blade's handle, seeing his fallen opponent.

Sonya: Did you stop him?

Cyrax's sensors scanned, seeing no movement on the reactor.

Cyrax: Threat... eliminated.

Jax: Cyrax. Damage level...

Cyrax couldn't feel his legs... or his lower body.

Jax: Critical.

He looked below and saw his lower half on the ground and a large puddle of oil. That last blow from Fulgore had cut Cyrax in two.

Cyrax: I'm... not going to be able to return to base on my own.

Jax: We have your coordinates. We'll send a team to pick you up ASAP. Just hold on.

His vision was getting blurry. He could barely hear his allies talking to him. He caught a glow in his sights, but he couldn't make out the source. He then saw something wrapping itself around his pulse blade's handle. Finally, his vision began to clear itself...

Fulgore had reactivated.

Sonya: Hit him now!

The metal monster rose to his feet, then squeezed the pulse blade's handle. It was crushed, the green beam disappeared in an instant, and Cyrax fell toward the ground. He almost touched it, but a plasma claw pierced his chest all the way through his back. He was slammed into a wall, barely able to move, as Fulgore's eye glowed red. He scanned his opponent, looking for weak points, then through a hole in the helmet detected a human head inside. This would be perfect for quickly obtaining the kill...

His objective changed.


Seems this one detail he had picked up alone was worth sparing this opponent. Fulgore's eye returned to normal and he released Cyrax from his plasma claws. He grabbed hold of Cyrax by his neck and began to walk towards the room's exit, his vision showcasing nearby coordinates for pick-up. The cyborg ninja realized the mechanical monster intended to take him back to his master.

Sonya: Cyrax, listen to me very carefully. Just go along with...

Cyrax: I won't be turned again. And I won't let this monster go free.

With no other choice, he pressed a few buttons on his right wrist.

Jax: No! What are you doing?!

Sonya: Stop! There has to be another w...!

Cyrax: There is no other way! I am sorry, but this will stop this machine and it will stop this data from being used for evil.

He grabbed onto Fulgore's right shoulder with his left and swung his right handsaw into his left, embedding it.

Cyrax: We will go together.

Fulgore scanned Cyrax and realized that his internal systems were about to blow. He waited for an objective change to account for this, but the objective remained the exact same.

Cyrax: Your path ends here.

He couldn't escape this. He couldn't defy his programming.

He threw Cyrax off of him into the server room, then moved as fast as he could in the other direction.


He teleported to increase his chance of escape, but as his calculations pointed out, the detonation would commence in 1 second.

The outer surface of Arctika was barely shaken, nothing out of the ordinary having occurred, but deep within the ground, the self-destruct went off.

Hours later

???: First, you were supposed to go 2,000 years in the past, only to wind up here. Then you go completely dark. Leave it to our "masterpiece" to royally screw the pooch on this one.

The fiery man, Cinder, entered the Tekunin ship, his very footprints melting the cold around him. He soon caught sight of where a large-scale explosion took place.

Cinder: What have we here?

He picked up a helmeted head of some kind.

Cinder: Neat. Might as well bring back what's left of ya.

He continued searching through, eventually seeing only the upper body of Fulgore remaining.

Cinder: You had one freakin' job and you blew it. You even defied the boss and look where that got ya, huh?! You're nothin'! Rubbish! Trash!

He turned around, ready to leave the remains of Fulgore behind. He then turned around and sprinted toward him.

Cinder: Piece of junk!

He kicked Fulgore, punting him forward, and shortly afterward suddenly saw a beam flying toward him.

Cinder: Whoa!

It barely missed his head and he saw Fulgore's eye glowing red.

Cinder: I, uh... *chuckles nervously*... I was only kidding.


Fulgore was on a table, being repaired and having new arms and a lower body attached. In the same room was a severed human head with his brain exposed and wires protruding from it. The wires were connected to a thin, nimble yellow Fulgore unit whose eyes soon glowed green.


Boomstick: Man, what a tough break for this guy.

Wiz: While Cyrax's ninja skills made this a tough battle for Fulgore, he was ultimately outmatched in several ways.

Boomstick: Granted, Fulgore had a lot of trouble overpowering him as Cyrax, despite his nimbleness, was 100 pounds heavier than him. So the speed and heaviness combo didn't make things easy for him.

Wiz: However, Cyrax's gadgets and tech didn't manage to amount to much. Fulgore's Cyber Port could counter his opponent's own teleportation, and both that and his Reflector could keep Cyrax's bombs from hitting their mark.

Boomstick: Same with the energy net. And sure, it could theoretically drain Fulgore of his reactor charge as long as it was on him, but there wasn't any chance of it ensnaring him for that much time as his plasma claws could just cut right through it.

Wiz: As for close-range weaponry, Cyrax's saws really didn't have the cutting power necessary to do serious damage to Fulgore's reinforced steel body very easily, and even his pulse blade wasn't guaranteed much of a chance.

Boomstick: Especially when those same saws and A SINGLE pulse blade go head-to-head against QUAD plasma claws. Why do I keep bringing those up? Because they gave Fulgore a serious attack advantage.

Wiz: Cyrax's best durability feat was when he was submerged in lava for a long period of time. Lava can reach the temperature of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit... but Fulgore's plasma claws are 30,000 degrees.

Board of Wizdom - Plasma Claw vs Lava

Wiz: Over 13 times hotter than the lava Cyrax was submerged in.

Board of Wizdom - Plasma Claw vs Lava 2

Boomstick: So Fulgore definitely could land a killing blow much easier. And yes, Cyrax's self-destruct could likely kill Fulgore, but he'd be smart enough to detect such a life-threatening threat and get the hell out of there.

Wiz: And while it's true Cyrax did have access to a device that could allow him to traverse between the realms, it wouldn't have been able to accomplish much other than either a change in scenery or a complete retreat.

Boomstick: Plus, if we let Cyrax retreat for, say, a repair, the same would definitely be done in Fulgore's case. And said device has been damaged in battle before, leaving him stranded where he is.

Wiz: But the biggest deciding factor of all was their feats. Fulgore simply stood among more powerful warriors overall.

Boomstick: Yes, Cyrax did manage to defeat Johnny Cage while he was a human, but that doesn't scale him to the people Cage has defeated, like the Elder God Shinnok, in any way. Said fight was early on in the actor's career, as he later went on to defeat the likes of Scorpion, a specter who defeated both Cyrax and Sektor at once.

Wiz: And while Baraka, Reptile, and Sheeva were skilled kombatants in their own rights, they weren't nearly as powerful as the Mortal Kombat series' top-tier warriors.

Boomstick: And before you mention Moloch and Drahmin, Cyrax drove them off, which is different than defeating them outright... and that was with his bombs especially.

Wiz: Now onto Fulgore. Yes, he failed to defeat the warrior monk Jago with his first body, but he also managed to get a win against Orchid, who would go on to defeat Eyedol single-handedly.

Boomstick: And no, we're not scaling Fulgore to Eyedol because he beat Orchid, but sufficed to say, you'd have to be pretty skilled to defeat, let alone hold your ground against a woman who defeated a monster so powerful entire armies couldn't even take him down.

Wiz: And while ultimately destroyed by the combined might of Jago and Orchid, keep in mind these are fighters capable of defeating demi-gods and whose skills and power best nearly everyone else around them.

Boomstick: As for Cyrax, he's never shown much luck against warriors of Sub-Zero and Nightwolf's caliber... and neither of them have any real demi-god slaying in their resumes.

Wiz: In the end, with weaponry, durability, and fighting prowess stacked against him, even Cyrax's human side couldn't really do much more than drag the battle out against a nigh-unstoppable killing machine with the mind of a champion who answers only to two.

Boomstick: When Fulgore proved to be too much for him, Cyrax just self-destructed.

Wiz: The winner is Fulgore.

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Next time...


???: You better pray you die quickly, or this could be painful.


???: You will not live to see the end of this day!


???: I'm Guts.

???: I AM the God of War!

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  • I wrote up Cyrax's section as far back as August of 2014, but only now, three years later, did I finally decide to do the actual battle itself.
  • AgentHoxton wrote the entirety of Fulgore's section.
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