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"Surprise, universe. It's me, Deadpool, anti-hero extraordinaire."

"It's Christmas day, and I'm after someone on my naughty list!"

"I didn't ask to be super, and I'm no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero."

"Welcome to Loserville! Population: You!"

"You may be wondering why the red suit. Well, that's so bad guys can't see me bleed. This guy's got the right idea; he wore the brown pants."

"Leave the boy out of this. It's you and me, Gin Goh! I will make you and everyone in this village recognize me, for one day... I will be Hokage!"

"That's what happens when you mix C4 with a Bean Burrito."

"Now be honest, I'm not the only one with a little bit of shit in their pants right now."

"Dude fuck math just use all of it."

"Pose for the camera Mr. Silly."

"Yo doug, i heard you like boots, so i put my boots in this boot so i can stomp ya while i stomp ya."

Deadpool is a character from Marvel, also known as the Merc with the Mouth. He previously fought Deathstroke in the 39th episode of Death Battle, and then Pinkie Pie in the 71th episode. He even fought Deathstroke again in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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Most of Wade Wilson's history is unknown to him, or anyone else for that matter, and even at times when telling a recount, he admits that he is unsure. In some cases, he was some kid picked on and beat up by thugs until he was taken under Nick Fury's wing briefly, a hired mercenary under William Stryker, or a cancer patient who was experimented on by scientists working for Ajax as part of an unethical super soldier project. Regardless of the past, Deadpool is a freelance mercenary with psychological problems and superhuman healing who made a name for himself as one of Marvel's anti-heroes: A bad guy taking out the worse of the worse.

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Death Battle Info (Deadpool VS Deathstroke)


  • Real Name: Wade Winston Wilson
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Height: 6'2"/1.88 m
  • Weight: 210 lbs/95 kg
  • Aliases:
    • Thom Cruz
    • Regenerating Degenerate
    • Ninja Spider-Man
  • Lives with a blind elderly woman
  • An even more cliched cosplay than the Joker


  • Superhuman Body
  • Exceptionally skilled with swords and all forms of guns
  • Mastery in assassination techniques and numberous martial arts
  • Superb healing factor
  • Magic satchel
    • Contains various items, regardless of continuity
      • Includes teleportation belt, machine guns, katanas, pistols and other things
  • Fourth wall awareness

Strength & Feats

  • Navigated an obstacle course meant for Iron Man-like suits unscathed
  • Completely regenerated from a single hand
  • Sole person to outwith Taskmaster
  • Can dodge point-blank machine guns
  • Killed the Marvel universe
  • Casually battled Red Hulk
  • Once became a Herald of Galactus

Death Battle Info (Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie)


  • Real Name: Wade Winston Wilson
  • AKA The Merc with a Mouth
  • Height: 6'2"/1.88 m
  • Weight: 210 lbs/95 kg
  • Employed in U.S. Army by age 18
  • Favorite Food: Chimichangas
  • Has seen every Jackie Chan film and ever Hi-Karate commercial

Powers and Abilities

  • Healing Factor
    • Rapidly heals wounds and regrows limbs
  • Increased strength and speed
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Master-class martial artist
  • Lethal with virtually any weapon


  • Dual pistols
  • Dual swords
  • Grenades
  • Bolas
  • Sais
  • Magic Satchel


  • Regularly shrugs off wounds
  • Infiltrated Latveria & defeated 12 Doombots
  • Defeated 100 ninjas while on the phone
  • Pulled a rogue midair helicopter
  • Defeated Wolverine, Taskmaster, & the Hulk
  • Biggest opening weekend for an R-rated film ever ($132.7 million!)

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

  • Full Name: Wade Winston Wilson... is it?
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Is just a little crazy...
  • Strong enough to lift up to 800 tons, able to grab a adult human with ease and send them flying several feet away while holding a heavy melee weapon.
  • His agility, reflexes, and endurance are enhanced beyond peak human levels, able to jump several feet into the air with enough force and perform feats impossible for the finest human athlete.
  • Deadpool's strongest feat is his superhuman healing factor, superior to that of Wolverine's. It grants Deadpool not only resistance to cancer, drugs, and chemicals, but it makes him an agless immortal despite his disfigurements.
  • In a fight, heavily skilled in melee and unarmed combat, having the grace of a highly efficient circus acrobat, Deadpool is highly skilled with firearms to hit precise targets without much effort and his skills with a sword allow him cut through several trained gunmen with ease.
  • Deadpool can also break the fourth wall.


  • Teleporter Belt
    • Allows Deadpool to teleport short distances
    • Occasionally prone to malfunction
  • Magic Satchel
    • Holds unlimited weapons and ammo
    • Bends laws of physics and space
  • Weapons
    • Katana
    • Sais
    • Hammers
      • Powerful enough to decapitate a human using just blunt force
    • Pistols
    • Submachine Guns
    • Shotguns
    • Flashbang Grenades
    • Frag Grenades
    • Bear Traps
    • Landmines
    • Pulse Rifles
      • Chargable: allowing them to instantly vaporise a human at full charge.
    • Degeneration Beam
    • Insect Swarm Grenades
    • Carbondanium katana
    • Universal Acid


  • Battled Hulk while his healing factor been negate
  • Beat Super Skrull.
  • Fought Hercules, Captain America, Daredevil etc in 3 seconds
  • Can catch up a speeding plane before it takes off
  • Hurt Captain Marvel's (Carol Danvers) hand.
  • Breaks the Fourth Wall a lot. Once broke the Fourth-Wall inside another Fourth-Wall break, technically breaking a Sixteenth Wall.
  • Killed zombie Presidents, and won a wrestling match against zombie Abraham Lincoln
  • Successfully killed Wolverine and the Watcher without effort
  • Rendered Professor X brain-dead by letting him try to shut his brain down
  • Confined spaces could not limit his fighting skills.
  • Killed three men in one straight line with one bullet while in midair.
  • Immune to psychics and Ghost Rider's Penance Stare
  • Survived being liquefied by the Hulk and nuclear explosions
  • Proved unpredictable against Taskmaster
  • Tangled with Thanos on occasions.
  • On par with Spiderman in agility and skill
  • Formed a team composed of his alternate selves from across the multiverse to defeat Dreadpool and his multiverse Deadpool team.
  • Personally threaten Peter Della Penna and the staff of High Moon Studios to create his own video game, temporary taking over as president while going beyond the company's budget. The company lost 40 full-time employees in the aftermath.
  • Kidnapped the editorial staff of Empire, locking them all in his crawlspace, and personally edited the magazine's 2015 December issue.
  • As Dreadpool, he killed everybody in the Marvel Multiverse. He then proceeded to kill most of fiction itself. After THAT, he murdered EVERY INCARNATION OF DEADPOOL (except for movie Deadpool) until he was killed by the main Deadpool
  • Successfully won Lady Death's love
  • Battled Eternity itself, and tickled him [1].
  • Hulkpool eliminated all the origin stories of all other Marvel heroes. [2]
    • During this, Hulkpool killed Hilter and Red Skull with a missile; ending WWII prematurely.
    • Hulkpool then kills Deadpool, and this SOMEHOW doesn't cause a time paradox.
  • Somehow learned and performed the Shoryuken technique
  • He's the guy with the PANDA(pool)


  • Healing factor is not perfect
    • Head requires reattachment
    • Can regrow limbs, but takes time and effort
    • Claims that regeneration is slow and painful.
    • Killable by drowning, suffocation and destroying, vaporizing or incinerating all his cells.
  • Mental stability sometimes creates problems
    • Deadpool is constantly distracted by the voices in his head.
    • Frequently allows himself to be in harms way.
    • Does not take any given situation seriously.
    • Tends to forget his sachet, either leaving it at home or in the cab he rode in.
    • Deadpool attacks or betrays his allies frequently and has the reputation of being very annoying. Even his most iconic sidekicks despise him.
    • Hallucinates frequently [3].
    • Frequently suffers from amnesia.
  • Even if immortal, Deadpool can still be overpowered [4]
    • Has been defeated by the Hulk easily and painfully multiple times.
  • Cannot decide on a spouse
  • Once took too long getting into his outfit in a phone booth, resulting in the death of an old man he was about to save.



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