Dig Dug
I was once part of the border patrol, so I have some tricks in the store.
~ Taizo Hori/Dig Dug
Dig Dug is the main protagonist from the same title series. He previously fought Bomberman in the 11th episode of Death Battle, Bomberman VS Dig Dug.

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Battle Royales

Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: Taizo Hori
  • Honory Chairman of the Driller Council
  • Father of Mr. Driller
  • Ex-Husband of 'Kissy' from Baraduke A.K.A. Alien Sector


  • Pump (15' Harpoon-like hose, Forcefully inflates foes, Stuns enemies for a short time, Injects 10 psi per pump, Pumped until the victim explodes)
  • Jackhammer (Burrows in 4 directions, Instant startup, Fast & Efficent, Can tear apart islands)
  • Boulders


  • Killed Countless Pookas and Fygars
  • Has destroyed a ton of Islands with his jackhammer
  • Destroyed an giant Pooka Robot
  • Can outrun (Or should I say DIG) Pookas & Flygars



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