Magic is like any other medium. Clay is shapeless until the artist shapes it. Magic in the hands of the wielder can be anything. Destruction... Beauty...
~ Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate, real name Kent V. Nelson, is a character from DC Comics.

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Nabu the Wise is a supernatural entity known a Lord of Order. Residing in the Helmet of Fate, his anchor to the Earthy plane, Nabu require a host body to have a presence on the physical plane. In 1920, archaeologist Sven Nelson and his son Kent go on an expedition of a temple in the Valley of Ur. When Kent found the helmet and put it on, his body was taken over by Nabu and transformed into Doctor Fate. Eventually, Kent passed away and the helmet passed on to a successor.

Death Battle Info

Nabu's magical connection to the Helmet of Fate allows him to completely possess the body of the wearer. Once in control, he can utilize many mystical abilities including: Flight, magic blasts, Magical constructs, and telepathy with his human host. Fate's magic usually manifests in the shape of a yellow ankh, as is visible on the picture to the right.


The Helmet of Fate is a magical artifact that houses inside it the Lord of Order Nabu and works as a symbiont of sorts, allowing a host body to be used by Nabu to become Doctor Fate. It is Nabu's only anchor on the mortal/physical plane.


  • Founding member of the Justice Society of America
  • Injustice Fate banished Trigon and Mr. Mxyzptlk


  • Doctor Fate's power depends on his host's magical potential.
  • If the helmet is destroyed, Nabu would be rendered incorporeal.
  • Can be harmed by Nth Metal
  • In one timeline, Nabu lost to John Constantine and was spirited to the Underworld by Anubis.