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Donkey Kong - Super Smash Bros.
My bananas and my buddy, Diddy, they are gone! The Kremlings will pay! I'll hunt them down through every corner of my island, until I have every last banana from my hoard back!
~ Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the main protagonist of the eponymous video game series and also a character of the Super Mario series. He previously fought Knuckles the Echidna in the 51st episode of Death Battle, Donkey Kong VS Knuckles.

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Donkey Kong is the grandson of Cranky Kong (the original Donkey Kong) and the son of Donkey Kong Jr., he is the leader of the DK crew and resides in Kongo Jungle, where he protects a large stash of bananas.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 6'1" | 185 cm (on knuckles)
  • Weight: 800 lbs | 363 kg
  • Name was meant to translate to "Stupid Ape"
  • According to the Crystal Coconut, is destined to rule his home island
  • Can devour several dozen bananas in three seconds flat
  • Greatly expanded his percussionist talents over the years

Abilities & Weapons

  • Tremendous strength & durability
  • Giant Punch
    • If fully charged, unleashes a punch of significant power
  • Hand Slap
    • Causes small-scale earthquakes that can alter the enviorment
  • Weaponry


  • Punched a giant walrus so high, he caused a small tsunami when he landed in the ocean
  • Can deadlift pirate ships out of the ground... while standing on them
  • Can tank point-blank cannonball fire
  • Shatters flaming boulders by simply clapping his hands together
  • Has survived atmospheric re-entry on at least two occassions

Weaknesses & Stupidity

  • Immensely stupid
  • As lazy as he is unintelligent
    • Motivated exclusively by bananas... and sometimes his loved ones
    • While running for president; DK's political slogan was 'I do nothing better than anyone' [1]
  • Should the hair on the top of his head be cut, he will lose all his strength
  • Despite his extreme power, he's still susceptible to being kidnapped easily

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Real Name: Donkey Kong III
  • Aliases: DK; Donkey Kong; D. Kong; The King of Swing; The 'Thrilla' Gorilla; The Prime Primate; The Leader of the Bunch; Bigger, Faster, and Stronger too; The first member of the DK Crew
  • Age: Likely 24 years old, should be similar to Mario's age
  • First Appearance: Donkey Kong Country (1994) technically; however, the name "Donkey Kong" was first used in the 1981 arcade game of the same name


  • Strength
    • W.I.P.
  • Durability
    • W.I.P.
  • Speed
    • W.I.P.
  • Other Traits
    • W.I.P.
  • Intelligence
    • W.I.P.
  • Fighting Style
    • W.I.P.


  • Coconut Shooter
    • W.I.P.
  • Orange Grenades
    • W.I.P.
  • Barrels
    • W.I.P.
  • Bongos
    • W.I.P.
  • Jet-Barrel Bongos
    • W.I.P.
  • Giant Banana
    • W.I.P.
  • Mini Donkey Kong
    • W.I.P.
  • Banana Phone
    • W.I.P.
  • The Crystal Coconut (from the Cartoon)
    • W.I.P.
  • Giant Robot
    • W.I.P.
  • Barrel Blaster
    • W.I.P.

Powers/Physical Abilities/Attacks

  • Roll Attack
    • W.I.P.
  • Clapping
    • W.I.P.
  • Super Duper Simian Slam
    • W.I.P.
  • Ground Slam
    • W.I.P.
  • Giant Punch
    • W.I.P.
  • Headbutt
    • W.I.P.
  • Spinning Kong
    • W.I.P.
  • Electricity Control

Alternate Forms

  • Strong Kong
    • W.I.P.
  • Giant Donkey Kong
    • W.I.P.


  • Served as one of Nintendo's very first mascots and villains
  • Due to his possession of the Crystal Coconut, he is destined to become the future ruler of Kongo-Bongo island
  • To protect his prized Banana Horde, Donkey Kong has defeated...
    • The Kremlings and their leader, King K. Rool
      • Protected DK Isle from King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic with help from his friends
    • Ghastly King
    • The Snowmads
    • Lord Fredrik
    • The Tiki Tak Tribe
  • During Kamek's mass-kidnapping of various Baby-versions of Mario Mascots, Baby Donkey Kong joined Team Yoshi to help save them
  • Successfully stole all of Mario's "Mini-Mario" toys for a long period of time
    • After Mario reclaimed all of those toys and forgave Donkey Kong, the latter was employed to the company...
      • ... Before kidnapping Mario's then-girlfriend, Pauline, when she rejected Donkey Kong's "Mini-Donkey Kong" toy
  • Is a professional Bongo Player, whether he uses them offensively or not
  • Reclaimed all of the Festival Medals from King K. Rool
  • Retrieved all five Crystal Bananas
  • Has participated in various Mario sports, Mario Kart, and party games
  • Is a Smash Bros veteran throughout the series
  • Participated in Punch-Out, where he fought Little Mac

Faults and Failures

  • Stupidity can be a hindrance at times
    • This is likely due to the deformation of his skull. Donkey Kong's hair curl isn't just hair, it's a part of his skull
    • He once followed a treasure map that he didn't know he made until he found the stockpile of bananas it led to
    • During a fit of amnesia, he also was once convinced that he was a crocodile, despite lacking all of the physical characteristics of a crocodile
  • He's also extremely lazy and, if it doesn't involve his banana horde, he doesn't like to work very hard
  • Usually uses his fists before anything else
  • His strength correlates with the amount of hair on his head, meaning that, if he gets a haircut, he loses his power
  • The amount of orange grenades, coconuts, and Crystal Coconuts he can have are not infinite
    • The Crystal Coconuts, in particular, can be lost if Donkey Kong uses the Strong Kong form for too long
  • Has been defeated by Mario and Little Mac.
  • Has been kidnapped or imprisoned by Mario and King K. Rool.
  • Was curbstomped by Kong Fu [2]



  • Donkey Kong is the 16th Nintendo character to be in Death Battle. The last fifteen were Samus Aran, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi, Mario, Princess Zelda, Princess Peach, Link, Pikachu, Fox McCloud, Luigi, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, and Kirby, followed by Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo.
    • Donkey Kong is also (technically) the 7th Mario character to get into Death Battle.
  • Donkey Kong is the third Nintendo character to fight a Sega character.
  • Unlike Mario and Luigi who lost before, Donkey Kong was victorious in his battle against Knuckles, making him the first Mario character to defeat a Sonic character.
    • As well as the first Nintendo character to defeat a Sega character, followed by Mewtwo.
  • Donkey Kong is the first Donkey Kong character to appear on Death Battle.
  • Donkey Kong is the third Mario character to win a Death Battle, the first two being Yoshi and Princess Peach.
  • Donkey Kong is the fourth Death Battle champion to roar in victory, the first three were Blastoise, Godzilla, and Goliath.
  • DK was accused of flirting with Dixie Kong [3].

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