I had to see what this planet has to offer. I'm not impressed
~ Justice League Unlimited

Superman! I'm here to kill you! Is this a bad time?
~ Doomsday, Justice League Unlimited: The Doomsday Sanction


Doomsday is coming for Superman
~ [1]

Can't beat me the same way twice...
~ Justice League Unlimited

All you need to know is that I will get free, and I will kill you.
~ Justice League Unlimited

Doomsday is a character from DC Comics, who is infamous for killing Superman. He previously fought Hulk in the 69th episode of Death Battle, Hulk VS Doomsday. He later fought against Broly from Dragon Ball in an episode of DBX.

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Known as "The Ultimate", Doomsday was created ages ago on Krypton thousands of years ago by a scientist named Bertron as a living weapon of mass destruction. But this process involved Bertron cross-breeding the artificial birth of a Kryptonian hybrid, left to fend for itself in the more harshest environments of the Kryptonian wilderness with creature killed and its genetic material collected to create a more resilient clone. This process, along with a further cross-breeding with the DNA of the strongest creatures on Krypton, was repeated over and over for decades as a form of accelerated natural evolution. The agony of these repeated deaths was recorded in the genes of Bertron's final creation, driving the creature insane and follow one overwhelming instinct: destroy everyone and everything in sight. When the creature proved too difficult to control, his containment costing the lives of thousands of Kryptonians, the Council discontinued Bertron's experiments and banned all forms of cross-breeding while having the creature jettisoned into the Phantom Zone. However, the beast acted in his final moments of consciousness to change the stasis cell's trajectory and it eventually crashed on Earth, the force of the impact driving it deep underground. The beast slept for centuries before finally reviving and bursting free. Dubbed "Doomsday" by Booster Gold, the beast is still motivated by his instincts to kill everything around him yet has a greater obsession to kill all Kryptonians.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Classified "The Ultimate Lifeform"
  • Height: 8'10''/269 cm
  • Weight: 914 lbs/415 kg
  • Once temporarily gained sentience
  • Huggability level: Cactus

Powers & Abilities

  • Immense strength
  • Superhuman durability
  • Rapid healing factor
  • Quickly adapts to his foe's attacks
  • If killed, will revive immune to cause of death.


  • Survived Darkseid's Omega Beams
  • Battled Gogs nonstop for 100 nonstop years
  • Survived a one million nuke equivalent explosion
  • Defeated the Justice League
  • Can tunnel through the center of the Earth
  • Defeated the Green Lanterns and Darkseid
  • "Killed" Superman.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Real name: The Ultimate / Hunter-Prey Doomsday (no alter ego)
    • His alias 'Doomsday' originated from a quote by Booster Gold: [2]
  • Height: 8' 10"
  • Weight: 915 lbs (415 kg)
  • Origin: Prehistoric Krypton (species either Kryptonian, unknown or artificially created)
  • Created through the scientific genius of murdering a baby for 30 years strait; vacuuming its guts and re-cloning it after each death.
    • Other depictions of Doomsday simply have him as a mutated clone of a kryptonian
  • His pants are underwear originating from the planet Calaton. Before arriving on Calaton; Doomsday was completely naked.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immense strength
    • Doomsday has matched and surpassed the strength of Kryptonians and Gods throughout the DC universe; many of whom have the strength to destroy planets. Doomsday's strength grows indefinitely over time due to his evolutionary powers and absorbing sunlight.
  • Superhuman durability
    • Doomsday has easily survived attacks capable of destroying planets. While his durability previously has been finite, Doomday's durability grows indefinitely over time. Some depictions of Doomsday are so unkillable that the Justice League are forced to imprison or exile Doomsday in deep space or the Phantom Zone in order to 'defeat' him. Darkseid and Superman once agreed that Doomsday is too powerful even for them to truely stop [3].
  • Rapid healing factor and Immortality
    • Doomsday can regenerate an entire limb in mere seconds. His healing factor allows Doomsday to eventually be revived even if he's killed in battle.
  • Quickly adapts to his foe's attacks
    • For example; Doomsday once closed his ear cavities to be immune to a sound gun. In a duel against Martian Manhunter; Doomsday-Rex evolved to resist his psychic attacks and learned to breath fire to exploit Martian Manhunter's weakness to flames [4]. Hunter-Prey Doomsday also evolved to eliminate J'onns' phasing powers and can harm other intangible opponents like the Radiant (who is made out of energy). Doomsday defeated Radiant by adapting and redirecting his attack by being able to create an energy feedback. [5]
    • In JLU, Doomsday's DNA was programmed to resist mental attacks and mind-reading.
    • Batman the Devastator confirmed that Doomsday has the ability to breath Kryptonite gas as a result of his adaptation against Superman.
  • If killed, defeated or KO'd: will eventually revive and become immune to what previously defeated him.
    • Theoretically this means Doomsday will eventually be completely indestructible after every attempt to kill him fails. There are no known faults with these adaptations and the immunities applied to Doomsday are permanent and can resist potentially limitless magnitudes. For instance; Superman punched Doomsday to death; when Superman returned to the rematch, much more powerful than before, Doomsday was immune to blunt force regardless of this improved level of strength.
    • Is now immune to being; beaten to death by Superman (specifically having Doomsday's neck broken), ripped in half, the strength and heatvision of a Kryptonian horde (Kryptonians in general are strong enough to destroy planets, and Superman himself possesses theoretically unlimited strength), lobotomized by heat-vision (which can reach temperatures hotter than the sun), and incinerated by; Radiant's spiritual energy, Darkseid's godly Omega Beams (the Omega Beams are designed to incarcerate any mortal), Orion's Astro Force and Imperiex's cosmic energy (who claims to be as powerful as the big bang).
    • As a baby, he was killed by the toxic and brutal environment of an ancient Krypton; now immune to the poisons and beasts of the planet.
    • Gained resistance and immunity to kryptonite radiation [6] [7]
      • Zack Snyder's depiction of Doomsday was killed by a Kryptonite Spear (as this Doomsday is a clone of the Kryptonian Zod). If this Doomsday is revived, he will be immune to Kryptonite.
  • Has no internal organs, can survive without food or air.
    • Like Superman, Doomsday is solar powered. However even without sunlight, his body will eventually refuel itself automatically. This makes it impossible for Doomsday to feel exhaustion. Doomsday still has a nervous system and so still can feel pain.
  • Can grow and extend poisonous bone spikes that can pierce Kryptonian skin.
    • These spikes can grow from almost any part of his body; most noticeably his knuckles (akin to Wolverine's claws).
      • Other locations include; his knees, toes, forearms, shoulders, back, ankles, beard [8] and mouth.
    • These spikes also evolve continuously; which explains why they can harm Kryptonians and other nigh indestructible or intangible opponents.
  • Super Speed.
    • Doomsday is fast enough to fight against Flash and Superman, who are faster than light speed and occasionally implied to have infinite speed.
    • If someone faster than Doomsday exists, theoretically Doomsday will just evolve to match and/or surpass that speed.
  • Millions of years of combat experience.
  • Doom to All
    • Doomsday temporarily is covered in green scales which makes him resistant to knockback and flinching. This allows Doomsday to begin rampaging without being slowed down.
  • Mass Destruction
    • Doomsday brutally pummels his opponent. In Injustice; Doomsday is able to dig completely through the Earth with this attack.
  • Doomsday Spores
    • Doomsday emits Spores containing a highly contagious Virus that infuses Doomsday's DNA into its victims. This can cause other characters, even Kryptonians, to transform into Doomsday. These victims gain both Doomsday's powers as well as his evilness, rage and insanity.
  • While not mentioned in Death Battle; some depictions of Doomsday have Kryptonian DNA. This gives him some Kryptonian powers; including flight and the ability to 'breath' a heat-vision blast capable of destroying a city. Sometimes he has a normal heat-vision from his eyes.
  • Some Doomsday clones can have their DNA altered, like being made out of Kryptonite [9].

Adult Doomsday

In the comic Superman Doomed: Doomsday is depicted with a new fully evolved form. It is stated that the default idea of Doomsday was a 'pupa' and so wasn't fully matured.

  • In his 'Adult Form', Doomsday emits an incinerating aura capable of destroying all life around him. This aura can even harm and poison Kryptonians.
    • Adult Doomsday made Wildebeest an endangered species: simply by walking past them.
  • Adult Doomsday gained the ability to teleport by making portals. This means exiling him will not stop him; as seen when Superman threw him into Venus only for him to come back to Earth. [10]


  • Defeated other infamously godlike powerhouses from DC.
    • Survived Darkseid's Omega Beams and defeated Darkseid.
    • Defeated a Guardian of the Universe.
    • Broke Wonder Woman's arms.
    • Defeated the Justice League (including the Green Lantern Corps) on multiple occasions.
    • Fought and defeated other Kryptonians, even when outnumbered.
      • "Killed" Superman.
      • Injustice Doomsday killed Injustice Bizzaro.
    • Battled Gogs nonstop for 100 nonstop years (Doomsday-Rex)
  • One of the tankiest nigh-invincible characters in DC Comics.
    • Survived a one million nuke equivalent explosion and a blast that destroyed 1/5 of a planet; without showing any serious damage to Doomsday.
    • Survived some of the most powerful weapons in DC including the Soultaker Sword and the Sword of Athena.
    • Took dozens of unrestrained blows from Superman before being killed.
      • This was before becoming immune to this method of blunt force trauma: Doomsday is now immune to punches of any magnitude of strength.
    • Relatively unharmed from falling into lava.
  • Can tunnel through the center of the Earth by bashing his opponent's head in with his fists [11]
  • Punched through the Phantom Zone.
  • According to Booster Gold he's faster than the Flash
  • Revived from death multiple times; including from attacks from godlike characters.
    • Revived after being killed by Imperiex's cosmic blasts, despite Imperiex being 'as powerful as the big bang' and that blast destroying all of Doomsday's flesh: reducing him to a skeleton.
  • He is viewed by many in the DC Universe to be Death personified


  • Some of his defeats were done by unconventional means; like imprisoning Doomsday or sending him to a distant galaxy, dimension or time period.
    • Possibly can be permanently killed by sending him to the end of time.
    • Was rendered unable to fight by having him inside two teleportation machines; creating an infinite loop that made him unable to move (Doomsday Wars).
    • He was sent to the phantom zone by Superman (Injustice/Rebirth/Justice League Unlimited)
    • Can be restrained if encased in a hard substance or not allowed to move (although he does eventually escapes his restraints.)
  • Can be (temporarily) killed by an attack he never survived before if it overwhelms his defenses and healing factor.
    • This means younger depictions of Doomsday are significantly weaker than his current depiction; as they don't have the same history of adaptation.
  • Predictably and obsessively focused on killing other lifeforms; perusing them endlessly no matter the risk. Doomsday sometimes ignores a fight to murder innocent or defenseless animals or humans. Doomsday thinks of nothing else other than mass murder.
  • Literally mindless; Doomsday ignores strategy and instead always charges fearlessly and recklessly into battle. He can be easily outsmarted or led into a trap.
    • Can still feel pain and be knocked out despite his lack of a brain.
  • Doomsday is mentally traumatized by the 1000s of deaths he experienced during his initial 30 years on prehistoric Krypton.
  • Doomsday is sometimes depicted with Kryptonian DNA, giving him an initial weakness to Kryptonite (though Doomsday evolved to now be immune to the radiation).
  • Doomsday is at his weakest when deprived from sunlight for long periods of time. This is why the Calaton Containment Suit was able to imprison Doomsday for so long: his coffin blocked out sunlight.
  • Some depictions of Doomsday can't fly, giving flying characters like Superman an aerial advantage.
  • Dr. Oz managed to imprison Doomsday in a 'negative-space' pocket-dimension prison.
  • Sometimes vulnerable to mind-control; if he hasn't adapted to it yet.
    • Manchester Black used his mind control powers to trick Doomsday into thinking that Imperiex was Superman, so that Doomsday would be motivated to fight Imperiex without harming anyone else.


It should be noted that Doomsday is now immune to these defeats due to his evolutionary powers.

  • Despite being virtually invincible in the longterm, Doomsday has a history of being defeated by Superman multiple times.
    • Punched to death and ripped in half by Superman.
    • Lobotomized by Justice Lord Superman.
    • Impaled by a Kryptonite Spear.
    • Was defeated by Communist Superman quickly and fairly easily; despite Parasite, Livewire and Atomic Skull assisting Doomsday.
  • Has been killed or KO'd by Radiant's energy attacks, the Superman Family's multiple Heat Vision blasts and incinerated by Imperiex.


Doomsday has a variety of clones, many of whom are arguably weaker or stronger than Doomsday for various reasons. To avoid confusion; the original Doomsday that killed Superman was later called Hunter-Prey Doomsday.

  • Darkseid attempted to make a Doomsday army, but these clones were so inferiorly designed that Superman destroyed them with one Heat Vision blast.
  • Another clone created by Lex Luthor, Doomsday Rex, is considered relatively weak due to having intelligence and thus fear.
  • All American Boy is a Doomsday infused with kryptonite: a combination Superman was unable to defeat. [12]
  • The cinematic Lex-Zod Doomsday possesses a variation of the heatvision that is fired from his mouth and can destroy cities. He is a clone of Zod and Lex Luthor.
  • Doomstroke is a fusion of Doomsday and Deathstroke. [13]
  • DCAU depicts Doomsday as a Superman clone made by Project Cadmus.
  • In the Smallville tv series; Black Kryptonite turns normal humans into Doomsday.
  • Injustice features a Black Lantern Corp skin for Doomsday; referencing how both a Black Lantern and Doomsday revive from death.
  • Doomslayer is a cyborg Doomsday clone created to kill other Doomsdays. Doomslayer is a Doomsday that was sent down an infinite tube to allow his evolution to reach its peak; meaning he is physically superior to Doomsday as well as being very intelligent. Ironically; he is not a rampaging monster but instead regrets his past as a killer of worlds. However his hate for Doomsday made him consider destroying Earth in order to stop future Doomsday clones from being made. He and his clones were banished into another dimension.
    • Doomslayer is assisted by 4 other Doomsday clones; each with cybernetics specifically designed to target a specific member of the Superman Family.
  • Superman was once infected by Doomsday Spores [14]; and then fused again with Brainiac, creating a 'Super Brainy Doom'. [15]
  • Doctor Julian Lazarus's Doomsday is noticeable for having the fastest bone growth of any of the Doomsdays. Wonder Woman and Hercules however discovered that this growth was actually a weakness; as the Doomsday's bones grew around him and encased himself. Wonder Woman then shattered the trapped Doomsday with a single punch.
  • Batman the Devastator is a Batman from an alternate universe (Earth -1); Batman lost the battle against Superman (akin to the duel depicted in Dawn of Justice). However Batman had a backup plan to infect himself with the Doomsday Virus; becoming Batman the Devastator. He can breath Kryptonite gas (a result of Doomsday's adaptation) and combine it with his spores to instantly kill kryptonians.
    • Devastator can infect humans with Doomsday Spores; which is contagious enough to create a global plague within a few hours, with many of the victims including Superman's friends and family (including Lois Lane).
  • Bada-Bing-Bada-Boomsday was created by Mister Mxyzptlk in an attempt to recreated the Death of Superman. Instead, the monster was so powerful that it ended up creating the Death of Mxyzpltk. Since it was a creation of Mxyzpltk; Boomsday ceased to exist after Mxyzpltk died.


  • The idea of a Hulk vs Doomsday duel was actually created in a DC/Marvel crossover where Mxyzptlk pointed out that Doomsday is powerful enough to challenge the Hulk. Mxyzptlk then transformed into Doomsday and dueled Impossible Man who was depicted as the Hulk at that time. [16]
  • Mere days before the Doomsday vs Hulk episode, Screwattack declared Doomsday to be the '7th worst Superman Villain' for 'being a ripoff of Gray Hulk'. In the battle; Hulk calls Doomsday a 'fake Hulk'. Screwattack has also joked multiple times about how absurd Doomsday's origin story was.
  • DC has officially stated that Doomsday was created primarily to create a character who could be powerful enough to kill Superman. At that time, Superman had very few characters who could match or surpass him in combat. It was considered to have Darkseid kill Superman; however if Darkseid survived the duel he would conquer earth, if Darkseid died then DC would need to explain the power vacuum that will occur on Apokolips.
  • The 'superhero' Six-Pack claimed to have dueled both Bane and Doomsday at the same time; however this was obviously a lie he spouted during a drunken fit.