Dr. Wily
I will create chaos. Destroy everything. And the best part? Oh, the very best part is... I have finally gotten the best of Dr. Light!
~ Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily short form for Albert W. 'Dr.' Wily is the main antagonist and arch-nemesis of Mega Man. He previously fought Dr. Eggman and his army in the 19th episode of Death Battle, Eggman VS Wily.

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  • Full Name: Dr. Albert W. Wily
  • Age: 57
  • Ex-Professor of the Robot University of Technology
  • PhD: Electronics Engineering
  • Knows Ninjitsu

Robot Infantry

  • Met
    • Defensive Hard Hats
  • Sniper Joe
    • Defensive shield
  • Blader
    • Flying Recon Robot
  • Hothead
    • Throws Fire, but Cannot Move
  • Paozo
    • Vacuum Powered Action

Roboenza Virus

  • Created by Wily
  • Only Affects Robots
  • Makes Robots Violent & Unreasonable
  • Precursor for Wily's Maverick Virus

Yellow Devil

  • Height: Approx 20 ft
  • Can Shapeshift
  • Dismantles and Uses Own Body as a Weapon
  • Immune to Cold
  • Weak to Fire & Electricity
  • Near-Indestructible Body, but the Eye is Vulnerable

Robot Masters

  • Guts Man
    • Super Arm; Lifts Over 2 Tons
    • Immune to cold
  • Metal Man
    • Metal Blade; 8-Directional Death
    • Designed for combat
    • Weak to his own weapon
  • Slash Man
    • Slash Claw; Destroys Asteroids
    • Red Adhesive; Traps enemies
  • Magnet Man
    • Magnet Missile; Homing
  • Sheep Man
    • Originally designed to herd sheep; Electric powers
  • Napalm Man
    • Napalm Bomb; A Bouncing Bomb
    • Missiles: Numerous types
  • Pharaoh Man
    • Pharaoh Shot; Controls Fire Energy
    • Levitation
    • Eye Shield


  • Bass Buster
    • Charge Shot
    • Rapid Fire
  • Jet Booster
  • Powered by Bassnium
  • Super Adapter
  • Copy Ability

Wily Machine 8

  • Houses Wily Capsule
  • Rocket-Powered Flight
  • Missile Launcher
  • Boomerang Buzzsaw
  • Tri-Barrel Laser Blaster
  • Large Laser Cannon Within Skull

Death Battle Info (Fanon)