Duke Nukem
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
~ Duke Nukem, from Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes

Duke Nukem is the main protagonist of the same title video game series.

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Though little is known of Duke's early life other than his birth date, it is known that he later joined the US Army and served under General Graves as part of the US peacekeeping force in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War. He later became friends with Dylan, with Dylan mentioning that they took part in an undisclosed mission on Beirut.

Duke later left the Army, but little is known of the time between this and the events of the first Duke Nukem game, where he is hired by the CIA to save Earth from the evil machinations of Dr. Proton.

After defeating Dr. Proton and putting an end to his schemes, Duke becomes the hero of Earth. While presenting a book of his during a talk show, Duke is kidnapped by alien race known as Rigelatins. These aliens planned to eventually take over Earth, but discovered that Duke may be a threat, so they decided to deal with him on their own planet. This ordeal ended with Duke crushing Rigelatin leaders and escaping their planet.

Duke returns to Earth only to encounter another race of alien invaders, which came to capture the women of our planet. Duke defeats this threat by destroying a large portion of their invasion force, killing their Cycloid Emperor and Queen. He is hailed as a hero for this superheroic feat, and goes on to become known worldwide as a true hero of Earth.

In the peaceful years after the first alien invasion, Duke used his hard-won fame to its fullest, becoming a successful businessman and celebrity multimillionaire. He took up residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, managing franchises like Duke Burger, a successful restaurant chain; and the Lady Killer Casino. He has also appeared to be the man most desired by many beautiful women across Las Vegas and possibly the world. It is not entirely certain, but possibly it was during this time that Duke encountered many other enemies, such as Mech Morphix, Zorgonites, and, using time travel, battled other alien forces in both past and future.

Duke's time has come again many years later, when aliens returned, seemingly peacefully. However, they quickly showed their true colors, and started to kidnap women, also launching a full-scale attack on Duke with their mothership. Fighting his way through war-torn Nevada, where the aliens started their new invasion, Duke killed the new alien queen in Las Vegas, greatly helping the allied Earth Defense Forces in securing Vegas from the aliens. He also helped the EDF to destroy the Hoover Dam, which was providing power to a massive portal used to warp in alien troops for their invasion. This resulted in an infuriated US President calling down a nuclear strike on Duke's position. However, the President was killed by the new Cycloid Emperor who was in turn killed by Duke. Fortunately, Duke managed to escape the nuclear strike just in time, being rescued by an EDF dropship with his old commanding officer General Graves on board.

With the President dead, Duke announced he was going to run for office. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by a resurgent Dr. Proton and taken to Area 51. Proton, who had been brought back to life by heavy cybernetic augmentation, told Duke he was going to use clones of Duke Nukem to destroy the aliens once and for all on the moon, where they were staging their invasion, and ruin Duke's vaunted reputation. Proton told Duke that though the alien invasion had been stopped in Nevada, they were free to regroup and begin an even larger invasion of Earth if their main base on the moon was not destroyed.

Though Dr. Proton tried multiple times to kill Duke, Duke killed Dr. Proton himself by ripping his head off, killing Proton for good. Duke also encountered his friend Dylan, who he thought had died in an alien ambush in the Hoover Dam; he also encountered General Graves. The three escaped Area 51 when it was destroyed, with Proton's entire army of cyborgs and Duke clones perishing in the flames. After escaping Area 51, Duke and Dylan found an old teleporter that would take them to the moon, where they would stop the second alien invasion. With Dylan maintaining the portal, Duke stepped through.

Braving the lunar surface, Duke found the true leader of the invasion: a massive alien empress. Duke killed the empress and ended the alien invasion once and for all, while also rescuing many beautiful kidnapped women in the process.

Death Battle Info


  • Alias: The King of the World, The Ultimate Alien Ass-Kicker, The Duke
  • Age: 45
  • Height: 6’4"
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Occupation: Superstar, Natural Badass, Hero of Earth, Alien-Ass Kicker, Former U.S. Army soldier, Former C.I.A. operative, Occassional Businessman


  • Strength
    • Can bench 600 lbs
    • Able to rip a cyborg’s head off with ease
    • Can overpower alien cyborgs and mutants
    • Can rip heads off enemies easily
  • Speed
    • Run faster than a rocket
    • Jump on top of buildings
  • Durability
    • Near unkillable
    • Shrugs off explosions, bullets, and laser fire
    • Can trek through the Moon without any problem (still needed oxygen)
    • Can survive in the vacuum of space without a suit
    • Survived blows from aliens and cyborgs, explosions, gunfire, etc.


  • Mighty Boot
    • Can crush alien and robot bones
    • Kicks hard enough to decapitate foes
  • Golden Colt M911
    • Contains 8 rounds
    • Laser scope attachment
  • Pistol
    • Rapid fire
    • Contains 24 rounds
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun
    • Very long range
    • Pump action
    • Has 8 shells
    • Damaging up close. but weak at longer ranges
  • Ripper Cannon
    • Has 3 barrels
  • Pipe Bomb
    • Remote detonated
  • Laser Tripbomb
    • Highly visible lasers
    • HUGE explosion
  • Enforcer Gun
    • Taken from Alien Enforcers
    • Fires mini-rockets that home in on foes
    • Good for close range, but weakens at larger ranges
    • 15 rounds

Heavy Weapons

  • RPG
    • Can be rapidly fired
  • Shrinker
    • Melee range
    • Can shrink weak enemies
    • Lasts only for a bit
    • Foes can be squashed like an ant
  • Microwave Expander
    • Expands foes' body until they burst
  • Devastator
    • A dual wielded rocket launcher
    • Fires like a machine gun
  • Freezethrower
    • Freezes enemies in a block of ice
    • Can be shattered into a bloody mess with a kick

Items and Gear

  • Dukevision
    • Duke’s signature glasses
    • Ripped directly from They Live
    • Night vision
  • Jetpack
    • Enough fuel for two minutes
  • Holoduke
    • Creates a holograph of Duke to distract foes
    • Speakes in Schwarzanegger-esque voice and mixes up one-liners


  • Bested the Alien Queen
  • Served in the Lebanese Civil War
  • Killed the Cycloid Emperor and the Cycloid Queen
  • Wrote the book "Why I'm So Great" which is apparently a best-seller
  • Defeated an army of clones
  • Killed the evil Doctor Proton
  • Continuously kicks the asses of alien invaders
  • Destroyed the entire Cycloid invasion force on the Moon
  • Went back in time and annihilated the forces of the Nazis and aliens
  • Constantly scores many hot babes


  • Overconfident
    • His health is literally his ego
  • Capturing a babe sets him into uncontrollable rage
  • VERY cocky, smug, and overconfident
  • Not totally invincible as he thinks