Ermac (MKX)
We are many. You are but one.
~ Ermac

Ermac is the telekinetic Red Ninja from the video game, Mortal Kombat.

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Ermac is a construct created by Shao Kahn using the countless souls of Edenia's people, including Kitana's father King Jerrod, as material. In the original time, Ermac carried out missions for Shao Khan until he was freed from the depot's control by Kenshi. This allowed Ermac to develop a sense of free will as he allied with Liu Kang and the defenders of Earth Realm. But in the new timeline created by Raiden to avert Armageddon by allowing Shao Khan to enrage the Elder Gods rather than stop him, Ermac remained loyal to Outworld's succeeding rulers.

Death Battle Info

Being entirely composed of thousands of souls, Ermac possesses various powers that inlcude a form of telekinesis and soul manipulation. Ermac is also immensely skilled in physical combat due to the combined knowledge of the souls and is immune to telepathy due to the many minds of the thousands of souls within his body.

  • Weapon: Axe
  • Signature Attacks: Teleport Punch, Telekinetic Slam, Force Ball, Soul Ball, Soul Burst, Mystic Float, Telekinetic Throw, Low Telekinetic Toss, Telekinetic Air Strike, Telekinetic Tornado, Force Lift, Force Push, Tele-Hang, Disappear, Soul Charge, Soul Accession
  • X-Ray Attacks: Cannonball Slam, We are Many
  • Fatalities: Telekinetic Slams, Uppercut from Hell, Telekinetic Tear, Mind Over Splatter, Inner Workings, Head Out


  • Taught Kenshi to use telekinesis.


  • Unless he possesses a Soul Stone, Ermac cannot enter the Netherrealm without the spell that binds his souls together gradually weakening over time.




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