Falco Lombardi
Personally, I prefer the air!
~ Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi is a character from the video game series, Star Fox.

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  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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From the Star Fox Wiki.

Falco was born in 19 BLW. His homeworld is probably Corneria but due to a comment he made on Zoness, he may have spent some of his lifetime there. He probably enlisted in the Cornerian Flight Academy, but dropped out and became a rogue pilot. Not much is known after that, but it could be that his life before was filled with recklessness and adventure. He then formed the Hot Rodders with him as leader. He led them for a couple years, until he was asked to join team Star Fox, where he agreed, although joining the Star Fox team may have been the result of a falling out between him and his partner, Katt Monroe in regards to irritation about always having to save her that also resulted in him quitting the gang. He had made friends with the leader Fox and was involved in numerous missions. Falco played a major role during the Lylat Wars. He was horrified by the damage done to Corneria City. He also said with shock that Andross was insane when he saw the bio-weapon Vulcain. After the fight with Spyborg, he was annoyed that they had to rescue Slippy. At Titania he again received help from Fox and provided backup. After they rescued Slippy, he remarked that they always have "to save his hide". At Zoness he was angered that they polluted the planet. He was surprised that Katt had come to help, saying "Katt, what are you doing here?". After they destroyed the Sarumarine he noticed that Katt was missing. At Fichina and Bolse he fought with Leon of Star Wolf again and defeated him. At the Battle of Venom he again defeated Leon, and was ordered by Fox to stay while he fought Andross. When Fox came back he admitted that Fox did good. He was then seen going to the reward ceremony, and looked as if he wasn't paying attention to General Pepper. He was then seen, along with the rest of the team, to be seen running back to the Great Fox.

Death Battle Info

  • Blaster
    • Unlike Fox's Blaster, Falco's blaster can make opponents flinch.
  • Falco Phantasm
    • An attack in which Falco blitzes forward, creating afterimages.
  • Fire Bird
    • An attack in which Falco cloaks himself in fire, and dashes in any direction.
  • Reflector
    • A tool projectiles back at enemies. Falco can kick it forward, shocking any enemies it hits.
  • Landmaster
    • One of Falco's vehicles. It's designed for terrestrial combat. It moves at a quick speed, and fires damaging blasts from the main cannon. It has limited flight capabilities.
  • Arwing
    • Another one of Falco's vehicles. It's designed for aerial and space combat. It fires powerful lasers, has protective shields, can boost forward quickly, and uses powerful smart bombs.
  • Walker
    • A form that the Arwing takes. In this form, the Arwing is a fast vehicles suited for terrestrial combat. It can hover and dash, and it allows the pilot to access places that they couldn't previously get to while in the Arwing's air form.