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Fox McCloud vs. Samus Aran is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Which Nintendo space explorer with gadgets will win?


Wiz: Nintendo is a company known for their games like Mario and Zelda.

Boomstick: But sometimes they go one step beyond and have games about space fairing explorers who drive rocket ships.

Wiz: like Fox McCloud, leader of Star Fox.

Boomstick: and Samus Aran, the girl you thought was a guy. He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.

Wiz: and its our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


whiz: a long time ago in a galixy far far away...

boomstick: whiz dont rip of star wirs cmon.

whiz: whatevir. foxs fathir james mcclowd alingsyde pippy hair and pegma were the orignal star fox teem, whos missin was to beet a gient monkiy hed namid andross.

boomstick: but thin pegma betrayid james and he and andross killid james and pippy was the lown serviver.

whiz: a long time latir, fox mcclowd and a new starfox teem, consiting of falco, slippy and peppy came arownd.

boomstick: but slippy is usliss so he doesnt cownt.

whiz: anyway, foxs main wepins inclood his handy blastir, wich can fire moltipul shots and if it chargs up the shot is more powirful.

boomstick: wow what a mega min rip off

whiz: moveng on, fox also has a jitpack to fly arownd in and also has sum combit moves like the fox iloosin, which in fox attacks the foe fastir thin they can see, creeting a bloo iloosin.

boomstick: and his fox reflictir can reflict projictiles but theyres a cach. fox cant move wile using the reflictir unlike falco or wolf.

whiz: the fire fox is where fox cachs on fire and flys up a shert distince but hes lift opin if he miss and he also has his landmastir, wich is a gient batle tank that is supir big and has a lasir canin. but it only lass a short time before braking.

boomstick: Fox has saved the galaxy moltipul times, servivid living on a Dino planet, and dealing with Slippy's crap all the time, but he likes to rush in a lowt.

whiz: but you should never miss with fox mcCloud.

fox: i see im up ahed. lits rock in roll!


(*Cues: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Title Theme*)

whiz: wen hir parints were killid by the evel space pirete ridlee samis was takin in by space berds and was givin armer.

boomstick: did she lern how to lay egg....uh oh, here cums more fanart.

whiz: samis evintilly wint to zeebees and defeeted ridlee and fus her space advintires began.

boomstick: samus is armid with a blastir canin like mega min, wich can fire plisma shots and can charg up to be a more powirful shot or a hypir beem like in smash bros.

whiz: samis also can shoot misils at hir foe and can use the plisma wip to lach on to walls or hir foe.

boomstick: also she haz the ice beem, wich shoots ice, the fire beem, wich shoots fire, and the elitric beem, wich shoots...gess.

whiz: she also has jitpacks wich help hir fly arownd and with the scroo atack abilety...

boomstick: hey thats us.

whiz: she can spin in the air and genirit elictrecity to shock hir foes.

boomstick: and she can also roll arownd in hir soot and spoo mini boms from hir butt. ew, thats nastee.

whiz: samis has servived planit sizid ixplosins, and has defeeted moltipul space criminils like ridleee or mothir brain. also she can run fastir thin lite as she has doged lite speed attaks befor.

boomstick: but if she loozes hir soot shes screwid.

whiz: but can she beet fox lits find owt.

samis: time to go.

death battle

(*Cues: Metroid Prime: Pinball - Final Boss Theme (Head)*)

fox mcclowd is ixploring a unchartid planit suddinly sumeone shoots a misile at him. fox doges and sees its samis aran.

fox: git owt of my way.

samis: not until youre ded.


fox mcclowd pulls owt his blastir and fires three shots at samis, who rolls owt of the way and hydes bihind a rock to git covir.

fox fires a charg shot at samis, who runs away frum the rock and fires a misile at fox who blocks with the riflictir.

fox: is that all you gowt?

samis, offindid, uses hir grapplir and hooks on to a rock. she flys towerds fox, who kicks hir in the face cauzing samis to stumle back. fox thin rapidlee kicks hir befor using the fire fox sinding samis flyeng back.

fox thin trys to do the fire fox agin, but samis doges and uses the scroo attak abilety and rapidee shocks fox befor kicking him in the back cauzing fox to stumle forwerd.

fox: no more mistir nice fox.

fox uses fox illosin hitting samis in the stomich. fox does this agin, but samis fires a ice beem at fox, who uses the riflictir to sind it back. samis doges the beem and fires a charg shot from hir canin, wich hits fox sinding him herling into a tree.

samis thin uses the grapplir and swings at fox who uses his jitpack to doge and fires blastir shots from the air. samis doges the shots and uses hir jitpack and flys aftir fox.

fox: so you gowt a jitpack to eh, this will be fun.

samis fires a elitric beem from her canin, but fox doges and uses the fire fox, berning samis as she hit a rock and fill into the grownd. samis gits up and doges another rownd of lasir shots from foxs gun.

samis: this guy is gitting anoying.

fox thin fires a charg shot from his gun, but suddinly, he is cawt by the samis grapplir and pullid into the grownd, face planting the grownd. samis thin picks up fox and chuks him into a boldir herting foxs back.

fox: its time to finish this, landmastir!

fox hops into a landmastir and fires lasirs at samis, who rushs angirly at the landmastir, hops on it and sneeks moltipul boms on it wile fox is looking for samis.

samis: pirfict.

samis hops off and hydes bihind a rock and wachs. meenwile, fox is drifing arownd wen suddinly he heres a beeping noze. he thin reelises that samis put boms on his tank but its to late as they go of, cauzing the landmastir to blow up, killing fox instintly.

samis: time to go.

samis hops on hir rockit ship and flys away wile foxs ded body cachs on fire.



(*Cues: Metroid Fusion - SA-X Boss Battle*)

boomstick: now thats a deth battle!

whiz: wile fox had more wepins thin samis and had more expeerence, and his moves like the fox illosin cood cach samis off gard, in the end samis had this in the bag.

boomstick: sire fox has takin ixplosins, but samis has takin moltipul planit ixplosins wiffowt a scrach. she litirilly blo up the moon once, making hir at leest 100 tons strongir thin fox.

whiz: also samis had a dedlir arisnil and had a cowntir for evirything fox cood throw at hir and also she is much fastir, moving fastir thin light wile fox has nevir reechid that speed befor.

boomstick: looks like mcclowd was owt-starfoxid in this battle.

whiz: the winnir is samis arin.

percentage of winning

samis arin - 75%

fox mcclowd - 25%

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