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Fulgore is a character from Killer Instinct. It previously fought Sektor in the 34th episode of Death Battle, Fulgore VS Sektor.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 7
  • Draws: 1

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Fulgore was the by product of Ultratech in way to keep their dominance of Earth strong. When manufacturing began, one executive wanted to test it's capabilities out by placing a model in the KI tournament. Unfortunately, it was so advanced no AI could keep control over it's body.

Meanwhile, Eagle, while investigating Ultratech, was beaten by ARIA and kidnapped. His brain waves were copied and used as the basis for the combat AI of the Fulgore Mk. III.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 1.96 m / 6'5"
  • Weight: 249.5 kg / 550 Ibs
  • Manufacturer: Ultratech
  • Cyber-Soldier prototype
  • Artificial Intelligence based on KI Champion Black Eagle (Chief Thunder's younger brother)
  • Mission: Kill Jago, counquer the world!
  • Owner of the Hype Beam

Move Set

  • Plasma Claws
  • Plasma Storm - Fulgore shoots out a plasma wave projectile from his claws. Can be done three times.
  • Eye Laser - Fulgore emits an laser from his eyes. Also can be perform in the air.
  • Reflector - Fulgore emits a reflective blue energy shield that surrounds his entire body granting him the ability repel projectiles that are thrown at him.
  • Cyber Dash - Fulgore moves at Quick Speed hitting the opponent with his plasma claw.
  • Cyber Port - Fulgore's body turns black, enabling him reappear in front or behind the opponent.
  • Cloaking Device
  • Devastation Beam/Hype Beam

No Mercies

  • Turret Morph - Fulgore changes his head into a turret-like gun and shoots the opponent repeatedly.
  • Laser Site - Fulgore laser blasts the opponent to death.
  • Machine Morph - Fulgore changes into a battle machine and shoots the opponent repeatedly.
  • Terminator - Fulgore sends out a targeting light. Once it locks on, it obliterate the opponent.


  • Power source
  • Charges up through:
    • Activated charge
    • Auto-triple attacks
    • Instinct mode
  • Full charge required for Devastation Beam
  • Full charge increases speed & power

Feats & Faults

  • + Defeated T.J. Combo effortlessly
  • + Defeated Orchid
  • + Mind of a former KI Champion
  • - Beaten by Orchid & Jago together
  • - Had yet to defeat Jago
  • - Charging reactor severely opens up defenses



  • Fulgore is the third Killer Instinct character on Death Battle, the first two being Riptor and Black Orchid.
    • He is also the second Killer Instinct character on Death Battle to win, the first being Black Orchid.
  • Fulgore's info about being the "owner of the Hype Beam" refers to the nickname that the Fighting Game Community has given the Devastation Beam.

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