There are no enemies here in front of me, for we all bear the pain of having been hurt by the Akatsuki! There is no Sand, no Stone, no Leaf, no Mist, or Cloud! We are all simply ninja! If you still can't forgive the Sand, you can come back and face me when the war is over! That friend who saved me is now a target of our enemy! If he falls into their hands, the world as we know it is finished! I want to protect that friend, and this world!

~ Gaara

Gaara is a character from the Japanese manga series, Naruto. He fought Toph Beifong in the 42nd episode of Death Battle, Gaara VS Toph.

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Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage Rasa, who had the tailed beast known as Shukaku the One-Tail sealed in the unborn child's body to serve the Hidden Sand Village's ultimate weapon. But things did not work as intended since Gaara could not properly consider Shukaku and becomes maladjusted from being ostracized as a child. Rasa's attempt to have him killed, especially at the hand of his maternal uncle, that led to Gaara to believe that killing others justifies his own existence. But Gaara's outlook changes on the day he meets fellow jinchuriki Naruto Uzumaki during the Chunin exams and lost to him. Realizing that friends made Naruto stronger, Gaara renounced his old ideology and eventually wins his people's trust as he becomes the Fifth Kazekage prior to losing Shukaku to the Akatsuki.

Death Battle Info


  • Age: 12-13 (Part I), 15-17 (Part II), 19 (The Last), 30s (series epilogue)
  • Full title: Gaara of the Desert
  • Birthdate: January 19th
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Son of the Fourth Kazekage
  • Host of Shukaku
  • Brother of Temari & Kankuru
  • Fifth Kazekage



Chakra Nature

  • Earth Style:
  • Wind Style:
  • Magnet Style: The Kekkai Genkai of Gaara's bloodline.

Feats & Strengths

  • Became the Fifth Kazekage at age 15
  • Protected Sunakagure from Deidara's C3 bomb
  • Sand is faster than the eye can see
  • Held up a falling meteor
  • Defeated Rock Lee & Sasuke Uchiha
  • Defeated his father, Rasa
  • Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces
  • Protected Sunakagure from Moon fragments alone with Sand (Naruto the Last)
  • Sand capable of protecting against Kimimaro's Bone Kekkai Genkai, of which his bones where stronger than Tempered Steel
  • Sand Blocked Visual Technique Amaterasu which appears via sight




  • Gaara is the sixth anime/manga character to appear in Death Battle. The other five being Vegeta, Goku, Strider Hiryu, Gundam Epyon and Majin Buu and after him is Guts, Hercule Satan, Astro Boy and Agumon.
  • He is the first Naruto character to appear in Death Battle.

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