Why do you laugh at the face of your own destruction?
~ Galactus

Galactus is a character from Marvel. He is a cosmic entity who consumes planets to sustain his life force, and serves a functional role in the upkeep of the primary Marvel Continuity. Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four #48, published in March 1966.

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Before the Big Bang, there was an explorer known as Galan of Taa. Though Galan was consumed in the Big Crunch when he and his people attempted to flee the cataclysm, he ended up becoming a vessel for the sentience of his dying universe and emerged billions of years in the current universe as a cosmic entity. Galactus' role in the current universe is to correct the imbalances between the conceptual entities Eternity and Death by feeding on the life energy of whole planets (or stars) for sustenance. To achieve his role in the universe, Galactus enlists the denizen of a world he visits to serve him as a Herald to find him a planet rich in life. One such notable herald is the Silver Surfer.

Death Battle Info

Galactus possesses the immeasurable Power Cosmic and is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, having near-limitless godlike powers. He was once referred to as "the most awesome living entity in the cosmos." As such, Galactus is able to employ the cosmic energy within him to produce virtually any effect he desires.


  • Ultimate Nullifier (Weapon): This weapon has the ability to destroy any target the wielder can mentally envision. In the hands of Galactus, due to his cosmic awareness, the Ultimate Nullifier is capable of destroying entire universes and even entire timelines from beginning to end. It was revealed in the Abraxas story arc that the Ultimate Nullifier may be an aspect of Galactus himself.
  • Elemental Converter: Galactus often employs his Elemental Converter when devouring planets to help him in the conversion of matter into energy. Although he does not require this device to devour planets and will forego its use in certain scenarios, it makes the conversion of energies more efficient. 
  • Punisher (Cyborg): Galactus often employs a robot called the Punisher—which possesses vast superhuman strength, speed, and durability—to battle adversaries whose power levels do not warrant his direct attention.
  • Taa II: Taa II, or Worldship, is the solar system-sized, Möbius strip-shaped home of Galactus. It has a number of devastating weapons and it also has a menagerie of Alien lifeforms in captivity. 

Power Cosmic

The Power Cosmic is the name of a vast source of limitless godly cosmic energy and power primarily wielded by the god-like cosmic entity Galactus. The Power Cosmic allows Galactus to employ the available absorbed cosmic energies within him to produce nearly any effect he desires, including size-alteration, the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects—even entire galaxies—across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of interdimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness on a universal scale. Galactus has even been shown as capable of creating sentient life, resurrecting the dead, manipulating mortal souls and remaking dead worlds—including their populations—in every detail. Currently as "The Lifebringer" Galactus now has the power to recreate whole planets and biospheres.



  • Requires unknown energies obtainable only from a certain type of planets in order to sustain his life. The suitable type of planet need not to be one where life is present, but it must have the potential to support life. When recently sated Galactus is incredibly powerful; however, the longer he goes without feeding the more his strength, power, and cosmic awareness wane. Indeed, over one month after consuming a suitable planet his power will have already been reduced exponentially, although in such a hungered state his powers are still far beyond mortal comprehension. In recent times Galactus has been known to go without feeding for numerous months at a time bringing him to the brink of death and reducing his power to such a degree that superhuman teams such as the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four etc. can defeat him.
  • Can be defeated by high-tier cosmic entities e.g. Hunger, Marquis of Death, Thanos (W/Infinity Gauntlet), Combined Mad Celestial, Phoenix Force, Cyttorak, Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Chaos King Form), Goblin Entity, Molecule Man, and the Beyonder.
  • While weakened, he was once defeated by Ghost Rider via Penance Stare (tv canon).
  • Can be quite arrogant at times.



  • Because of his power and role in the universe, he is important enough for the Living Tribunal and the One Above All to actually consider his input in matters.
  • Changes appearance depending on the race looking at him.
  • Pilots a spaceship the size of a solar system.
  • Father of Galacta. [1]

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