I am Ganondorf, the Demon King. Don't take that title lightly.
~ Ganondorf

Shadow has been moved by light it seems… How amusing…
~ Ganondorf

Join me Link, and I will make your face the greatest in Koradai, or else you will die!
~ Ganon

No! Not into the pit! It burns!
~ Ganon

The wind.... It is blowing...
~ Ganon

Foolish child. While that sword is indeed the blade of evil's bane, at the same time, it has long played another role... You see, it is also a sort of key... a most wretched little key that has kept that seal on me and my magic intact! By withdrawing the blade, you have broken that seal...
~ Ganondorf to Link in The Wind Waker

You cannot defeat me with a blade that does not sparkle with the power to repel evil, what you hold is useless.
~ Ganondorf to Link in The Wind Waker

An impressive-looking blade... But nothing more. Would you hear my desire? To take this foul blade... and use it to blot out the light forever!
~ Ganondorf to Link in Twilight Princess

Ganondorf Dragmire is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He previously fought Bowser in the 59th episode of Death Battle, Bowser VS Ganon.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 8
  • Draws: 0

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Long ago, on the verge of defeat, the demon king Demise foretold the coming of an incarnation of his wrath who would continuously plague the descendants of the mortal incarnation of Hylia and her champion for all time. This would come to pass when a boy is born among the women of the Amazonian tribe known as the Gerudo: Ganondorf. Having been raised under the way of Gerudo thievery and magic, Ganondorf was the Gerudo king and attempted to claim the Triforce from the Hyrulian Royal family whose first-born princesses are named after their family's founding mother Zelda, Hylia's mortal form. As a result, he came to be known as many titles that include "Demon King" or "Ganon". But in the three timelines that diverge from his initial attempt, Ganondorf Dragmire faced opposition from generations of heroes named after first Zelda's champion: Link.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Birth name: Ganondorf Dragmire
  • Race: Gerudo
  • Height: 7'6"/228.6 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 291 lbs/132 kg
  • First male Gerudo in 100 years
  • Seeks to conquer Hyrule & claim the Triforce
  • Reincarnation of Demise, the Demon King
  • Likes topaz jewelry

Abilities & Weapons

  • Electric balls of light
  • Can summon "spirit riders" to attack opponents
  • Teleporation
  • Possession
  • Flight
  • Dual swords
  • Dark Trident

Triforce of Power

  • 1/3 of the Triforce
  • Created by Din, Goddess of Power
  • Received because Triforce deemed Power to be his chosen aspect
  • Grants the bearer "True Power"
    • Near-Invulnerability
    • Immorality
    • Superhuman strength
    • Unlimited mystical power

Feats & Strengths

  • Can break stone walls effortlessly
  • Can dodge arrows point-blank
  • Survived impalement by the Sword of Sages
  • Survived getting stabbed in the face
  • Possessed a soulless Zelda
  • Cursed the Deku Tree to death
  • Defeated the Hero of Time in the Downfall Timeline

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

Without the Triforce of Power in his possession, Ganondorf is rightfully one of most powerful fighters in Hyrulian history. His attacks are a mix of powerful sword slashes and magic attacks which, despite being rather slow, have a large range. He was also implied to have gained immortality from his possession of the Triforce of Power, allowing him to survive attacks that would normally kill another being. It is written; only Link can defeat Ganon. Historically; only holy weapons have managed to defeat and kill Ganondorf.

  • Gear:
    • Swords of Despair: Two great swords brimming with dark power.
    • Warlock Blade: Also known as the Sword of the Sages, Ganondorf acquired the blade when it was used in his attempted execution.
    • War-Stallion: A large black horse covered in armor.
  • Attacks:
    • Close Range: Warlock Punch, Gerudo Dragon, Flame Choke
    • Mid Range: Wizard's Foot, Dark Dive, Dark Fists, Dark Vault
    • Long Range: magic sphere, lightning storm
    • Special: Possession, Phantom Rider conjuring.


A monstrous form Ganondorf assumes through the Triforce's power, Ganon is a hulking beast who can defeat boss monsters with ease. But his large size makes him an easy target. He can also assume an feral Twilli version of his Ganon form that can use portals while charging at an opponent.

  • Weapons: Trident, Swords of Despair, Warlock Blade
  • Power Mimicry: Can use the abilities of his defeated monster minions. Such monsters noted include King Dodongo (Fire ball attack), Manhandla (seed shoot), Gohma (firing an energy beam), and Argorok (flame torrent)

Ganondorf's Army

Ganondorf's Infantry

  • Moblins
  • Bokoblins
  • Darknuts
  • Stalfoes
  • Lizalfos
  • Wizzrobe
  • Iron Knuckle

Ganondorf's Minions

  • Twinrova
  • Phantom Ganon
  • Zant
  • Onox
  • Veran
  • Volvagia



  • With a single sword swipe, destroyed a section of the Hyrule Castle's wall (Hyrule Warriors/Non Canon Feat).
  • Punched a floor that causes it to collapse and cause seismic vibrations (Ocarina of Time Feat).
  • Strong enough to have the entire Hyrule Castle to collapse (Ocarina of Time Feat).
  • Effortlessly destroys monsters twice his size (Hyrule Warriors/Non Canon Feat).
  • A single trident swipe can create small craters.
  • Easily destroys a large bulk of the Black Tower in his primal rage (Oracle of Ages Feat).
  • Can create explosions he size of small buildings.
  • Can blast through large stone walls.
  • Easily overpowered large armoured Gorons (Hyrule Warriors/Non Canon Feat)


  • Can dodge light arrows (Twilight Princess Feat)
  • Kept up with Link.
  • Capable of jumping several stories high.


  • Shrugged off a castle falling on top of him (Ocarina of Time Feat).
  • No-sell a spin attack from Link in the Link to the Past Manga (Non-Canon Feat).
  • Tanked Midna's Fused Shadow attack that leveled his castle as well as the surrounding the field, even through he was weakened afterwords as he assume his humanoid form and use his stead to attack his enemies instead (Twilight Era Feat).
  • Survived being impaled by the Swords of Sages and managed to break out of his constraints (Twilight Era Feat).
  • While Ganondorf can be killed by weapons, magical spells and powers that don't have holy property, he is known to be much more resistant to such attacks.


  • Constantly plays Link and Zelda as fools in his schemes (Wind Waker Feat)
  • Defeated Link, Zelda and Lana in order to obtain the Triforces of Courage, Wisdom and Power respectfully (Hyrule Warriors/Non Canon Feat).
  • Conquered the Land of Hyrule (Wind Waker Feat)
  • Manipulated Zant (Twilight Princess Feat)
  • Obtained the Triforce of Power.
  • Managed to kill Link which eventually began the Imprisoning Wars (Fallen Hero Timeline Feat)

Weaknesses and Faults

  • Repeatedly slayed by various Links.
  • Abilities and mortality are inconsistent (once could be killed by a shield/smashing board) [1]
  • His monstrous Ganon transformations typically have obvious vulnerable points.
  • Extremely Arrogant, will often pass opportunities to kill challengers he sees as non-threatening.
  • Easily distracted by fishing rods.
  • His own attacks can stun him if redirected back at him.
  • If he takes a hit by a powerful blow (such as being impaled by the Master Sword or otherwise), the Triforce of Power will fade away from Ganondorf's left hand, stripping away the benefits that it would otherwise provide to him.
  • Ends up being sealed away in the Imprisoning Wars (Fallen Hero Timeline).
  • Was once exiled to the Animal Crossing town [2]