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Written by The Ancient One G1
Directed by The Ancient One G1
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Ganondorf VS Dracula (Castlevania) is a What-If? episode of Death Battle now being done by The Ancient One G1. It features Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda and Dracula from Castlevania. Battle of the Sinister yet Arrogant Dark Lords with Tragic History of 1986.


The Legend of Zelda VS Castlevania, these powerful Dark Lords with a Tragic History that came to being back in the good old 1980s era bring their armies together to see who will reign surprise, will Ganondorf obtain the Crimson Stone or will Dracula obtain the Triforce of Power?


Wiz: Dark Lords, those who are known to be arrogant and very sinister to the very core, yet they have a tragic history for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.

Boomstick: As these Dark Lords that had it tragic as the constant decedents of the very heroes sort to slay them every time, they've been doing it since the respectful first games in 1986.

Wiz: As the Links and the Belmonts constantly slay these two Arrogant yet Sinister Dark Lords with Tragic History every time preventing them from succeeding by bringing the world into chaos and ruin.

Boomstick: Ganondorf, The Dark Lord of Hyrule.

Wiz: And Dracula Vlad Ţepeş, or simply just Dracula, The Dark Lord of Transylvania.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it is our job to analysis their equipment, abilities and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle!

(Death Battle Doors quickly close and open up for Ganondorf's Intro)


(Cue's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Opening Demo)

Wiz: In an era before the Kingdom of Hyurle came to being, there was the land of Skyloft, a powerful demon king named Demise who's a threat to even the deities themselves had intent to take down all of humanity and could of succeeded if it weren't for the efforts of the Goddess Hylia and her chosen Paladin, the first Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Boomstick: Despite the fact that Link managed to vanquish the demon king Demise with the legendary holy weapon called the Master Sword, Demise bestowed an Ancient Curse upon them, stating that the manifestation of his hatred and the curse of the Demon Tribe will be reborn in a cycle without end as it evolves.

Wiz: And sure enough, that Ancient Curse would be an incarnation of his hatred would be reborn as a being to pursue domination of the world, his name is Ganon.

Boomstick: Which is like a giant demon pig in that form, but before he became the demon king known as Ganon, he was simply known as Ganondorf Dragmire.

Wiz: Ganondorf Dragmire, or just Ganondorf was raised in the Gerudo Desert and was taught in the ways of the dark arts. He was also a leader of thieves and the unchallenged king of the Gerudo tribe.

Boomstick: Which is pretty badass being the unchallenged King of his own tribe, Ganondorf must of been spoiled rotten in his childhood despite living in the desert, man I hate sand so nuff said about sand...

Wiz: Despite living in a desert, Ganondorf's life would eventually take him beyond the desert up to the Sacred Realm, making him the first human in ages to enter that place with the help of his followers. Once there, he touched the Triforce and became evil, his body changed and the Sacred Realm became known as The Dark World.

Boomstick: It was then Ganondorf abandoned his humanity the moment he made his wish in order to conquer the world, stripping everything of what made him human in the first place, kind of like of what happened to Akuma from Street Fighter and Bi-Han from Mortal Kombat.

(Cue's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Agahnim)

Wiz: Which would be utterly scary to think about of what would happen if we abandoned our humanity. But moving on from that, Ganondorf isn't without his knowledge of the dark arts, such as being able to conjure phantoms to his aid, can freeze his foes with the waves of darkness, can bestow a divine curse as well as an ancient curse, can also teleport, fly, and create orbs of electric energy which can stop foes in their tracks, provided if they aren't immune to such.

Boomstick: And Ganondorf is known for his mastery of the sword as he's capable of duel-wielding two blades with extreme efficiency. Further more, despite being a demon king, Ganondorf also wields a holy weapon out of complete ivory that he was stabbed with in a failed execution in one timeline, the Sword of the Sages.

Wiz: When he's in the form of Ganon, he also wields the Dark Trident and can make himself invisible, save for the fact he's still valuable to being hit. He'll also fire off flaming bats. In his Beast form, Ganondorf is a massive, strong and mindless beast that can charge onto victims.

Boomstick: But his most powerful part of his arsenal that Ganondorf is the Trifroce of Power, which grants him near invulnerability, incredible strength, and unlimited mystical power. He is basically one hell of a power house that makes him a deity in his own right. He can even use it to form into Ganon at will.

Wiz: Despite being a power house, Ganondorf isn't unkillable, aside the fact that is often seen being killed by Link with the Master Sword as well as Silver Arrows, Ganondorf did at two points got killed by his own dark magic when posing under the guise of Agahnim who can throw magic balls, fire balls, lightning bolts and create clones of himself.

Boomstick: His own magical balls can be deflected against him which dose point out he's not immune to his own dark-based attacks. This is known as Dead Man's Volley.

Wiz: Ganondorf isn't without his army as they will be covered in this fight, the Moblins who make up for the bulk of his army that will throw and charge with spears, the Bokoblins who wield large blades, similar to a butcher knife, Darknuts who are known for there durability while armored, but once without their armor, they become more quicker but also more easier to kill, Stalfoes are armed with a with a sword and shield but don't defend their lower part of the body as only a few of these will fight in pairs and must be defeated as a pair.

Boomstick: The Lizalfos who are one of the most organized forces in Ganon's arsenal, they will hide on the scaffolding behind this wall, and hurl down rocks upon anyone coming by as they are also remarkably nimble and swift, the Wizrobe who can cast a spell at foes and disappear, valuable to physical attacks, explosions and arrows. And finally the Iron Knuckles, who can send foes flying backwards with there axes. The more their armor flies off means they become more agile.

Wiz: And if his infantry wasn't enough, Ganondorf can also bring his powerful minions into the fight, such as Twinrova, the surrogate mothers of Ganondorf himself, who can fire a beam of ice and fire respectfully. Koume and Kotake are weak against fire and ice respectfully. The Phantom Ganon who often utilizes the Dead Man's Volley technique in battle and is weak against dark-based attacks. Zant, who can do a lot of things such as creating portals, create Shadow Beasts, phantoms of himself, teleport, and perform telekinesis.

Boomstick: He also has General Onox on his side, despite not being seen with Ganondorf directly, he's part of his minions who will use a ball and chain to whack his opponents, wears armor that can only be breached by used of heavy hitting weaponry such as a spin attack. He will even cause boulders to fall down by jumping if any are near by.

Wiz: He also has Veran on his side, who can possess another person and will even transform into a fairy-like creature. Will summon four Dark Doppelgängers of an individual, which will mirror that individual's movements. She will flies around the room and fires energy balls at her targets, including a radial wave of them. Veran will also take three forms such as a turtle form which can jump up and crash down on her target, spider form which can unleash a web that deals considerable damage to all entangled, and bee form which will occasionally summons a swarm of smaller bees that fly at her foes, and can shoot a volley of stingers at at her foes, which slow his walking speed.

Boomstick: And Ganondorf's most powerful minion imaginable, the dragon called Volvagia is capable of flying despite lacking wings. Can breath fire and can be submerged in magma. He is vulnerable to arrows among with other missile-type projectile weaponry, especially while flying. He even managed to wipe a good portion of the Goron race until he was brought down by one of it's heroes.

Wiz: Regardless how cocky and arrogant he is, Ganondorf will always come back in his bid to eventually conquer the world for his own.

Ganondorf: I am Ganondorf, the Demon King. Do not take me lightly!

(The Doors of Death Battle close ending Ganondorf's intro and open up for Dracula's intro)

Dracula (Castlevania)

(Cue's Super Castlevania IV Dracula's Theme)

Wiz: Transylvania, a region in Europe that has played host to many myths involving folkloric monsters, specifically vampires. Where it started old folk lore stories such as Bram Stocker's Dracula.

Boomstick: And speaking about Dracula is the one we'll be covering directly from the Castlevania series, Dracula Vlad Ţepeş or just Dracula for short.

Wiz: Like Ganondorf himself, Dracula from Castlevania is also an arrogant yet sinister dark lord with tragic history, literately written all over his face. But before he became the King of Evil among the stuff of legends, he was once a genius tactician named Mathias Cronqvist, who was one of the knights of the Church of England among with Leon Belmont. Both where bound by an old friendship and defeated heretics and heathens in the name of God.

Boomstick: And his company remained undefeated throughout every campaign they killed the heretics and heathens. Then all of a sudden, news about the sudden death of his beloved wife, Elisabetha struck him like pencil writing a moment of tragic history right on his face, poor man became bedridden with profound grief.

Wiz: Well don't feel sorry for him too much because he eventually manipulated his best friend Leon Belmont among with his betrothed and a very powerful vampire into achieving his goal for immortality, by becoming a vampire himself thus abandoning his humanity in the process.

Boomstick: Thus becoming the Demon King, the King of the Night, Princes of Darkness, he became known as Dracula.

Wiz: Dracula ended up waging war against the very deity he once fought in the name of, stating that he took his own wife and curse him forever more.

Boomstick: Even more tragic history being written all over his face just like Ganondorf. Somebody get me a pen so I can write tragic history all over there faces!

Wiz: I don't think they would let you, they would break your arm off before you got the chance.

Boomstick: Oh come on! I write it on their photos of their faces not directly on their faces.

Wiz: Either way, they would get insulted. But moving on from that, Dracula has a varied arsenal which ranges from swords, spears, even firearms, all he can enhance with divine property if given the chance. He's also a master of wielding such arms despite the fact he normally uses the dark arts to take on the Belmonts.

Boomstick: Dracula is also known for his dark arts, he has the Chaos Realm where he can summon an instant army whenever he needs to, he also has near-Invulnerability where typical weapons normally deal either inflict minimal damage if not no damage to him at all. Save for the fact that certain weapons and measures, such as Shanoa's "Dominus" attack, the Vampire Killer, the Alucard Sword and Spear among with some powerful holy weapons are capable of harming him.

Wiz: It should also be pointed out that Dracula is also invulnerable to attacks to any part of his body excluding his head which includes even his demon form as seen in Castlevania: Drcaula X Chronicles with the exception of his ghost form. Dracula's resurrection also depends on the number of people in the world who desire his return and.between 1797 to 1999, he was resurrected more frequently. He's also immune to curses due to the fact that his own heart as a relic grants that immunity to curses.

(Cues Super Castlevania IV: Dracula Battle)

Boomstick: Why would anyone want the King of Evil to be resurrected... They be paying a hefty price to pay...

Wiz: Because Dracula claims in his own words on why.

Dracula: I was called here by humans, who wish to pay me tribute.

Boomstick: Tribute... TRIBUTE??? So they pretty much own his alliance to him. Some humans don't even want to be human or something?

Wiz: Moving on from that, Dracula also has the most treasured item in his possession, the Crimson Stone, which grants him the power to absorb the souls of even the most powerful Vampires to make himself even more powerful then before, The Ebony Stone which grants the Eternal Night. In addition to the fact he can use various swords, spears and firearms, Dracula can even use Death's Scythe, a divine weapon in it's own right since Death is a deity.

Boomstick: So your saying if I lived near Dracula's castle, it's always night time regardless.

Wiz: Yes indeed Boomstick, yes indeed.

Boomstick: And Dracula isn't without a number of magical spells within the dark arts, he's known to teleport often from one place to another and throwing fireballs from hell, he can also create dark inferno balls which can't be blocked, can also summon flaming ghosts and create energy pillars.

Wiz: He can even create a flamenado as well, cause dark crystals to home onto his opponent, conjure bolts of lighting at his opponents, summon a swarm of bats, can steal souls from his enemies and can draw blood from his opponents assuming if they can bleed and can create a hydro blood storm which can one shot anyone not immune to instant-death attacks.

Boomstick: But he's also got the most powerful spell feared by even the most powerful demons of the highest order... Demonic Megiddo.

Shows Dracula casting Demonic Megiddo which utterly obliterates Shanoa.

Wiz: The Demonic Megiddo is without a single doubt the most powerful spell in Dracula's arsenal, sure it requires a exceptionally long casting time.

Boomstick: But once unleashed... it not only deals an insane amount of constant damage over time to his opponents within radius but it also makes him completely invulnerable... DAMN!

Wiz: Among with his abilities we've covered, Dracula will also be bringing his army into this fight, he can summon bats who make up the majority of his army, zombies will also walk up and bite his victims, skeletons who can throw bones, climb ropes among pillars, the blood skeletons can even reform themselves in only 2 seconds. Gold skeletons who are...

Boomstick: Gold Skeletons, this guy pimped his skeletons with gold coating??? Damn he's so richer then Bill Gates!

Wiz: Gold skeletons, who are much more durable then the rest in addition to the fact all skeletons can wield various weapons. The Flea Men who will attack in groups and climb ceilings as they will hops in an erratic manner and will ride other enemies as steeds. Gargoyles who conceal itself as a statue. Further more, the gargoyle can rip foes with it's claws as well as throwing spears at his targets. The gargoyles will attack it's foes while in flight. The Giant Eyeballs who can drip acid tears, home towards its target, shoots fireballs and lasers and will roll towards its target.

Boomstick: Ewwwww!

Wiz: The Mud Men, who can form from mud at will and will spawn an almost seemingly endless number, they will even split oneself into smaller versions. The Ghosts who can float towards its enemies and deal damage to them. The Axe Knights, who use axe as both a melee and throwing weapon. Red Axe Knight can even reassemble themselves. The Spear Knights, who use a spear, poleaxe, or halberd to impale others. Further more, they can even extended such weapons to impale others either upwards or downwards. They will enter a guard stance if anyone gets near and will perform a lunging slash attack the moment they pull it's spear back.

Boomstick: How more of an army dose this guy even have? A huge one?

Wiz: Ectoplasm, who will rush at enemies and inflict them with Curse, which prevents them from attacking, prevents those inflicted from being able to cast certain damaging spells, reduces movement speed and even outright drains the victim's mana. Mermen, who can spit either fireballs or water streams and they will attack at unexpected moments when trespassers travel close to the waters. They will even climb walls and ceilings as well to plan an ambush. Bone Pillars, who are immobile units that shoots fireballs to foes at a distance and a limited ranged flamethrower. And the skeleton dragons, who can slither around the floors, walls, and ceilings, shoots fireballs and flame breath.

Boomstick: Yep, he's got a huge army behind his back alright.

Wiz: And if that's not enough, he's also got his minions as well. The Giant Bat, who can divide into smaller bats and reform back into it's original size, will spit fireballs and perform a swoop attack. Can even use it's wings to perform a gust of wind that will knock back foes, will bite its target three times and can curl into a drill-like form to deal serious damage to it's target.

Boomstick: He's also got Sir Grakul, who also can attack with his sword should his axe get destroyed, will use his axe to generate flames that will travel across the floor and will even throw his axe like a boomerang. Then he has the Great Armor, who carries a giant shield that will block a lot of attacks. Further more, it will also form a shield of it's own. Generates a shock wave that travels across the floor. High attacking power and resilience to damage and will use a rapid thrusting attack.

Wiz: He's also got the Behemoth, who can shoot out a laser breath weapon, has great strength and endurance, will utterly knock back even a Belmont several feet away, can spit out its guts and will even stick out its tongue made of entrails.

Boomstick: Ewwwwww...

Wiz: The Medusa, who can turn victims into stone by simply staring at them. Medusa is a master of classic Greek weaponry and will spawn snakes off her head which will attack her targets. Medusa can even use her tail as a sweep kick-like attack. The Orphic Vipers who can wave all around and attack in their own ways: one breathes a short-ranged flame, and the other spits three-directional fireballs. They are known for high maneuverability and can lay low underwater. The Man Eaters, who fire off ripple lasers with it's tentacles and are known to be difficult to dodge. The Man Eater is capable of smashing itself into it's target, can emit a rotten breath and tentacles have to be destroyed in order for the Man Eater in order to be destroyed.

Boomstick: He also has Koranot, who cause debris and other things to fall if a ceiling is present, Koranot is known for diverse physical capacities, has great strength among with stamina and can haul or vomit boulders. He's even immunity to time altering effects and can't be poisoned. Then there's The Creature has immense strength and physical prowess in addition to the fact he can control electricity. In some cases, he can use different kinds of weapons. The Creature has immunity to electrical attacks as well.

Wiz: The Mummy can throw fireballs in addition to being able to attack with it's bandages as they can act as homing missiles and can even teleport. The Mummy is immune to time altering effects, absorbs dark attacks, can emit a poisonous odor whenever he's hit and can control blocks where he can use them to either crush his opponents or impale them. Carmilla has the ability to possess living beings at will. She also rides a giant skull with magical powers and can levitate. She also sheds fiery tears of blood.

Boomstick: Then there's Slogra, a master of the spear and will attack with it, he'll even shoot fireballs from it in addition to the fact he'll grab his opponent and impale his victim. Should his spear break for any reason, Slogra will resort to his beak to attack. Gaibon, who can shoot fireballs and remain air born. He will even grab Slogra with his feet and drop him on a target. Should Gaibon lose half of his health for any reason, he'll turn red and shoot larger fireballs.

Wiz: But in sprite of all this, Dracula has two of the most powerful minions up his sleeve, Death and Shaft.

Death: You will go no further! (In Japanese)

(Cue's Castlevania Rondo of Blood: Dancing in phantasmic hell)

Boomstick: That's right, the Deity of Death himself hence the name is the most loyal servant to Dracula since the 11th century and is even his closest friend.

Wiz: Death also has an arsenal of abilities of his own, he can create sickles out of thin air, can slash people with his scythe, can also strip equipment from someone if need to be.

Boomstick: He can even summon a deadly tempest, create black holes, create pillars of light and can even take other forms as well.

Wiz: Shaft, the Priest of Chaos who can create orbs that can create lightning bolts and shoot fire, he can summon minions at his commend, can even turn into a ghost after being killed which will allow him to resume the fight even after he dies.

Boomstick: And if things really get intense, Dracula can form into various things, such as the bat, the mist, the wolf, a ghost and even... True Dracula.

Wiz: Bat form which allows him to shoot fireballs and rush at his opponents, Mist form slows down his mobility but also makes him completely invulnerable in addition to the fact he can poison his enemies when he gets near them in this form, the wolf form allows him to move faster then a speeding bullet, ghost form allows him to move at high speeds, create pillars and move around in illusions, the only form where Dracula can take damage anywhere regardless where you hit him. And the True Dracula form, where he can shoot lasers, summon meteors, and can smash the floor causing earth quakes.

Boomstick: Which pretty much points out that Dracula is without a doubt a King of Evil just not to be messed with.

Dracula: Now is the time to put aside your weak human side and join me in remaking this world!

(The Doors for Death Battle close to end Dracula's intro as they open up to end the debate)

Death Battle

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set, lets end this debate, once and for all!

Boomstick: The moment is here for a Death Battttttlleee!

(Death Battle Doors close and open up which shows the screen for the fight)

Dracula sits on his throne drinking a glass of blood when one of his followers comes up and mentions about something of great interest they found.

Servant: Master, we found something of interest that you should look into.

Dracula: And what's this thing you found? Show me.

Servant: It appears to be a portal from another land.

Dracula: Hmm, exactly where dose it lead to?

Servant: Apparently another kingdom, one where everyone has pointy ears.


Another Servant: What is that coming out of the portal? Is that...

Ganondorf: Mumumuhahahahahahahaha!

Ganondorf then kills the servants that where investigating the portal and then summons his infantry through it.

Ganondorf: Where am I? This isn't Hyrule, this is a very different land. But I must conquer it!

Back at Castlevnaia...

Shaft: Master, we've seen reports of another army on the way throughout this land.

Dracula: Let me guess, the Church of England sending it's useless army to try to defeat me?

Shaft: No sir, this army is different and with another Demon King from another realm.

Dracula: So, someone is trying to contest me. We'll see about that!

As the townsfolk of Transylvania take note of this other army, they suddenly attack, killing innocence among the way.

Ganondorf: All who refuse to bow to me will die!

Townsfolk: Ahh shit! Ahhaagggghhh!!!

Body parts start flying all over the place as Ganondorf commands his infantry to slaughter the townsfolk. It is then Dracula comes up and teleports with his army.

Another Townsfolk: Where's a Belmont when you need one? Do we even have a miracle?

Dracula: So, your this so called Demon King trying to contest me! Do you realize who's domain your in?

Ganondorf: I am called Ganondorf, the Demon King... do not take me lightly!

Dracula: I am the true Demon King, the Prince of Darkness, you will die this day for trying to take my place!

Death Battle Season 3 Announcer: FIGHT!

Ganondorf: Attack my moblins!

Ganondorf then commands his Moblins to attack Dracula.

Dracula: Destroy these dogs my zombies!

Dracula then sends his hoard of zombies after Ganondorf's moblins, the moblins throw there spears killing some of the zombies while others keep walking towards them, biting them, scratching them and even corpses of the townsfolk rise as zombies, even creating rotten puke puddles that further weaken the moblins.

Ganondorf: What the?

Realizing that his moblins are becoming overpowered, one of them reaches up to Dracula, Dracula then makes quick work of a moblins sucking his blood and ripping it's head off with his supernatural strength. Ganondorf then sends in the Bokoblins to deal with the zombies. The Bokoblins make quick work out of many of the zombies by decapitating them with their butcher knives.

Dracula: Is that all you got? Kill them my skeletons!

Dracula then sends in an army of his skeletons, some of them soaked in blood and others with gold coating and battle the Bokoblins. The Bokoblinks find themselves at a disadvantage due to the blood skeletons constantly rising up after bringing them down.

Falling into a state of frustration, Ganondorf then summons his Darknuts to take care of the skeletons.

Ganondorf: Mow them down my Darknuts, every last of them!

Dracula then realizes his skeletons, despite the blood soaked ones constantly rising are being overpowered, he then summons his Axe Knights to deal with the Darknuts.

Dracula: Destroy them my Axe Knights!

Despite the Darknuts proven to be more durable and more agile without their armor, a number of the Red Axe Knights keep reassembling themselves, gradually chucking away at the Darknuts themselves. He then summons the Flea Men to wear down the Darknuts further as they come in with their flying war steeds.

Ganondorf: How can this be?

Ganondorf then summons the Stalfoes to deal with the Flea Men as well as the rest of the Axe Knights that can't hope to reassemble themselves. It is then Drcaula takes note of a few of the Stalfoes that are fighting in pairs.

Dracula: Hmm... bring forth the eyeballs!

Dracula then summons the giant eyeballs to take care of the Stalfoes that are fighting in pairs, shooting powerful lasers at them while others roll towards them like bowling balls.

Ganondorf: Two can play that game, come forth my Lizalfos!

The lizalfoes considering the fact they are the most organized of Ganondorf's forces, they throw their spears directly at the giant eyeballs. The giant eyeballs that still remain shoot out lasers at the lizalfoes with some of them being able to avoid the incoming shots while others still taking damage from the resulting blows. One of the lizalfoes reaches up to Dracula as he also makes quick work of him, sucking it's blood due to being living and ripping it apart afterwords.

Dracula: Come forth spear knights, finish off these lizardmen!

Dracula's spear knights start stabbing and slashing the lizalfoes blocking their incoming attacks by spinning their spears. Ganondorf then summons his Wizrobes to blast away at the spear knights.

Ganondorf: Destroy them my Wizrobes!

Ganondorf's Wizrobes cast magical spells and teleport at ease, causing the spear knights to stay on there toes. Dracula then summons the skeletal dragons to deal with the Wizrobes.

Dracula: Come forth my skeletal dragons, feast upon them!

As a number of the skeletal dragons sneak attack the unsuspecting Wizrobes, Ganondorf realizes he must bring about his most powerful part of his infantry of all...

Shaft: Master, the preparations for summoning the minions of Hell are complete, just give me the order.

Ganondorf: Iron Knuckles, make quick work of these skeletal dragons!

Ganondorf then summons his Iron Knuckes to make quick work of the skeletal dragons as he's managing to take down most of them one by one.

Dracula: Do it, summon the minions Shaft!

Shaft: With pleasure!

(Cues Castlevania: Rondo of Blood - Poison Mind)

Shaft then summons Drcaula's minions such as the Giant Bat, Sir Grakul, the Great Armor, the Behemoth, Medusa, the Man Eater, Koranot, The Creature, The Mummy and Carmilla.

Ganondorf: So, you have even more... very well, I'll do the same, come forth my minions!

Ganondorf then summons his most powerful minions, Twinrova, Phantom Ganon, Zant, General Onox, Veran and Volvagia all ready to fight upon command.

Dracula: Medusa, make quick work on these Iron Knuckles!

Medusa: With pleasure my lord!

Medusa then gases directly at the Iron Knuckes, turning them all into stone as the Behemoth ends up charging at them directly in a mindless fashion, The Creature then beats up the remaining Iron Knuckles that are turned to stone, grinding them to dust as Dracula absorbs the souls of the fallen, further increasing his power.

(Cues Castlevania Rondo of Blood - Dancing In Phantasmic Hell)

Ganondorf: Twins, take down that giant bat, Phantom, deal with that that Great Armor, Zant, deal with the Mummy, General Onox, deal with that knight and Veran, deal with that priest!

Twinrova: You will fall by the will of Ganondorf!

The Twinrova fires off a series of fire lasers and ice lasers at the giant bat, the bat in turn attempts to drill itself at one of the twins as they team up against the bat. The laser hits the giant bat as it turns into a series of smaller bats attacking one of the twins.

Zant: By the will of my god, you will die.

Zant attempts to drown the mummy by sending it underwater only to realize it's still moving. The Mummy then summons stone bricks and attacks Zant with them.

Zant: Impressive, you can't drown.

Zant then dishes out his scimitars, he comes up and spins around to attack The Mummy, as he deals damage to it by cutting it with his spin attack, he then becomes engulfed by a poisonous cloud taking a toll on his life while dealing damage to the mummy.

Zant: Blah... what is this? Poison?

Zant then fires off a series of dark balls at The Mummy as it outright absorbs them making it stronger, The Mummy then fires off a series of fireballs at Zant while in his poisoned state. Zant then alters reality at he and The Mummy find themselves on a platform with a disk with manga under it, he then attempts to jump up and down with hope of drowning The Mummy into the magma but it teleports to a safe location.


The Mummy then teleports right behind Zant and attacks him from behind with his bandages, Zant then impales The Mummy with it's scimitars with another poisonous cloud engulfing him, bringing him closer to death. He then performs his spin attack to finish off The Mummy as it causes a huge poisonous cloud, causing poison to anyone within radius as they die from the resulting attacks, Dracula then absorbs the souls further increasing his power.

The Phantom Ganon then charges directly at the Great Armor, firing off it's dark attacks at it while it brings up a shield to deflect the attack back at it. The Phantom Ganon then charges at the Great Armor, the Great Armor then performs a rapid thrusting attack. The Phantom Ganon then throws another dark attack hitting the Great Armor where it's still standing as it marches with it's shield up, The Phantom Ganon then charges one final time as the Great Armor uses another thrusting attack, vanquishing The Phantom.

General Orox then starts swinging his morning star at Sir Grakul as he's able to avoid the attack, Sir Grakul then thorws his axe at General Orox like a boomerang dealing damage to him. General Orox then swings his morning star again dealing damage to Sir Grakul, he then slams his axe causing a shock wave of flames dealing damage to General Orox, who then swings his morning star a 3rd time breaking Sir Grakul's axe. Sir Grakul then dishes out his sword attacking General Orox, unable to breach his armor, General Orox finishes off Sir Grakul by shattering him in pieces, Dracula then absorbs Sir Grakul's soul becoming even more powerful.

General Orox: Even you will be destroyed by Orox!

General Orox then turns to the Great Armor as it's walking towards him, General Orox then swings his morning star at the Great Armor only to be instantly blocked by it's shield. Both combatants then walk towards each other as the Great Armor then unleashes it's rapid thrusting attack

Shaft: Hahahahahaha, you wish to fight me sorceress?

Veran: I am Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, I will give you reason to fear me priest!

Veran then casts a fire spell at Shaft but Shaft teleports away from danger, he then conjures his two Orbs of Sorcery as they float about. Shaft then commands his orbs to strike Veran with fire. Veran then creates four Dark Doppelgängers that mirror Shaft's movements.

Shaft: What the?

Veran then attacks Shaft by hitting him with fireballs as Shaft attempts to destroy the Dark Doppelgangers that are mirroring his movements. The moment he finally manages to destroy the Dark Doppelgangers, Veran in her fairy-like form then swoops down and kills Shaft.

Veran: I told you, you have a reason to fear me now!

Despite killing Shaft, he then rises in ghost form and summons the Behemoth charging at her, the Behemoth then impales Veran with its horns, she then takes on a turtle-like form and jumps at the Behemoth, causing it to fall. Shaft then summons a dragon to set Veran on fire as she finds herself being engulfed in flames. It is then that Shaft then summons more orbs of sorcery and burns her alive.

General Orox then takes up his Dragon form to utterly crush the Great Armor, he then slams his hand at the Great Armor while it blocks it with his shield dealing no damage to it, Drcaula then realizes something must be done about him. Twinnova already finished off the Giant Bat by freezing it and melting it in the process.

Dracula: Something must be done about this...

(Cues Super Castlevania IV: Room of Closed Associates)

As the Twinrova about to charge Drcuala, the minions of Death known as Slogra and Gaibon suddenly stop them as they find themselves embarked in a team on team fight, Gaibon impales the one shooting the element of ice as Gaibon utterly burns it down, leaving the last one left. They both perform the same thing as Gaibon sets it on fire but to no avail, it is then Death then appears and decapitates it. Drcaula then absorbs the souls of the Twinrovas as Ganondorf falls into a state of shock.

Death: You will not touch Lord Drcaula!

Dracula: And you've shown up at the very right moment.

As General Orox attempts to stomp Death with his fists, Death then summons a giant black hole sucking him in as he screams for mercy only to be engulfed by a giant black hole among with the rest of whatever minions Ganondorf had left over. Medusa attempts to gaze at Ganondorf by turning him into stone but with the Triforce of Power glowing at his right hand, he then breaks free from the stone and kills Medusa with his bare hands. Ganondorf then finds himself fist fighting The Creature as he tries to chock hold him only to be overpowered.

Ganondorf: That settles it Dracula, we end this HERE AND NOW!!!

Dracula: Then I challenge you Ganondorf, from this moment on we will see who the True Demon King is!

Ganondorf: So be it... whoever lives will rule the world.

Ganondorf then brings out his duel wield swords and attempts to attack Drcaula with them, he then attempts to slice at his chest only for Drcaula to teleport right behind him thus unleashing a valley of hellfire balls that hits Ganondorf as he manages to easily withstand them. Ganondorf then attempts to attack Drcaula by slicing the vampire at his chest only to realize he didn't deal any damage to him.

Ganondorf: What kind of trickery is this???

Dracula: Hahahahaha!

Ganondorf then brings out the Sword of the Sages, due to its holy property in hopes of taking down Dracula himself, he then charges Dracula with it as the Vampiric Dark Lord draws out a sword of divine property of it's own as the two found themselves locked in a sword duel. Ganondorf then slices Dracula at his face while Drcaula on the other hand impales Ganondorf with his sword that possesses divine property, causing Ganondorf to scream in the process.

Dracula: Tell me Ganondorf, dose a Demon King like yourself feel fear?

Ganondorf: You.... you don't have a clue.... you will deal with TRUE POWER!!!

Ganondorf then rises his fist as the Triforce of Power shines brightly thus transforming him into Ganon.

Ganon: Behold my true form Dracula.

Ganon then utters a powerful curse upon Drcaula in attempts to get him to rot from the inside as he did with the Duku Tree. Drcaula then feels something attempting to attack him from the inside as he closes his eyes...

A moment passes as Ganon finishes uttering his curse in an attempt to kill off Dracula only to realize that Drcaula still stands as he opens his eyes, realizing he's unaffected by the very curse that Ganon tried to bestow upon him.

Ganon: What? How can this be???

Dracula: Nice try Ganon, but it'll take more then that.

Ganon: Then more it shall take!

Dracula: Death, lets duo him!

Death: Mumuhahahahahahaha!

Dracula and Death then attempt to duo Ganon as Dracula then performs a teleport that fires off a series of dark inferno balls, Ganon then attempts to block them only to take damage from them as Death impales Ganon with his scythe. Ganon then makes himself invisible as he creates flaming bats and fires them directly at the duo.

Death: He is somewhere here...

Ganon then pieces Death with his trident in an attempt to kill him only to realize he can't die, let alone weakened from the attack.

Death: Dracula, absorb me and the rest, lets finish him!

Dracula: Right... Soul Steal!

The moment Dracula pulls off a Soul Steal on Death among with all the remaining souls that where killed in the fight, Dracula now becomes True Dracula, Ganon then turns into his Beast Form with the Triforce of Power as the two start clashing each other with True Dracula grappling Beast Ganon by the horns.

True Dracula keeps grappling Beast Ganon by the very horns as he gradually breaks them off with the two looking at each other with the absolute intent to put an end to one-another. True Dracula then breaks the horns right off causing Beast Ganon to scream in pain and rushes Dracula knocking him down but not out...

Both Demon Kings found themselves on the battlefield as both are in a weakened state, Ganondorf then picks up the Sword of the Sages realizing its his only chance to kill Dracula.

Ganondorf: I'm not done yet... I will have your head!

Dracula: Even if I die... I will come back.

(Cues The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Final Boss Theme)

Ganondorf then attempts to attack Drcaula as both find themselves in a clashing sword fight. Both find themselves being locked into combat as the Triforce of Power keeps glowing, slowly overpowering the Vampire. Drcaula then turns into a poisonous mist form that causes Ganondorf to take damage from the resulting poisonous fumes.

Ganondorf: Poison... Not even Link has done this...

Dracula: Mumuhahahaahahhahaha!

Dracula then reverts back to his original form and strikes a series of lightning bolts at Ganondorf further weakening him as the Triforce of Power keeps glowing, but Ganondorf then takes notice that his near-invulnerability is gradually taking the toll.

Ganondorf: This can't be... is that prophecy broken?

Dracula: Prophecy? What are you talking about?

Ganondorf then out of desperation charges at Dracula with the Sword of the Sages at hand and slashes his face with one powerful strike in an attempt to kill Dracula... only to realize that the Sword of the Sages isn't as powerful as the Master Sword thus realizing he's at a loss.

Dracula then realizes he has no other choice but to utterly destroy Ganondorf with the one way he knows how, he then cloaks himself casting the most powerful spell as he realizes he's in a situation of no choice but to unleash the Demonic Megiddo.

Ganondorf: So, is this your so-called ace in the hole you have in mind.


With Demonic Megiddo unleash, Ganondorf keeps swinging the Sword of the Sages at Dracula's Head in an attempt to kill him only to realize it's not dealing any damage at all. The Triforce of Power then keeps shining as he keeps taking damage, but even then after a few moments, The Triforce of Power gradually fades from Ganondorf's right hand thus causing his near-invulnerability finally took the toll of wearing off, thus making him utterly vulnerable and putting him at Dracula's mercy...

Ganondorf: You... you still can't... you can't kill me with a weapon that doesn't sparkle...You don't even possess The Master Sword...

Dracula then gets the idea of taking a spear and enhances it with divine property, he then impales Ganondorf with that spear Vlad the Impaler style... again.... and again... and again... and again.... He then dishes out Death's Scythe and impales Ganondorf with it as the divine property from it is simply enough to put an end to the Demon King of Hyrule. Ganondorf then comes out in spirit form.

Ganondorf: I'll be back, I will reincarnate and end you!

Death: I will take your soul!

Then Ganondorf falls into a state of shock seeing Death as he reappears casting a powerful divine spell on Ganondorf sucking his soul.

Death: This soul I will give, to the True King of Evil!

Drcaula then casts Soul Steal on Ganondorf's soul claiming it as his own, he then takes note that the Triforce of Power is now flashing on his right hand as he now has claimed a piece of the Triforce with Ganondorf's soul being sealed in the Chaos Realm.

Dracula: Victory is mine... mumumuhahahaahahaha!


Death Battle Season 3 Announcer: MASSACRE!!!

Simon Belmont and Link look at the mess caused by the war the two demon kings declared against each other and realize they must team up to fight Dracula.

Boomstick: Why holy shit... just... holy shit.... Dracula just won the Triforce of Power, looks like Link and Simon Belmont are gonna have a major hay day going!

Wiz: Yes indeed this fight is a massacre, while Ganondorf's army was tougher and stronger, Dracula's army on the other hand was larger and more versatile as they where ready for anything Ganondorf's army could throw at.

Boomstick: This is due to the fact that while Ganondorf ended up losing in the sealing wars at one timeline after killing Link despite his best efforts of slaying him, Dracula on the other hand manages to defeat the entire army of the Church of England very easily.

Wiz: Further more, once Death came into the battlefield, he can also create a black hole that will instantly remove even the most powerful minions that Ganondorf had to offer.

Boomstick: And lets not forget the moment when he was once Mathias Cronqvist, who was a genius tactician as he and Leon Belmont managed to defeat a series of heretics and heathens without suffering a defeat. And while Ganondorf did have the perfect way to vanquish Dracula by means of the Sword of the Sages only to realize it's not as powerful as The Master Sword nor the Vampire Killer.

Wiz: And while Ganondorf would normally defeated by means of the Master Sword and Silver Arrows in the Zelda verse, it should be worth noting that other weapons of divine property can also kill him if given the chance. Another important factor is that Agahnim who is in fact Ganondorf in another disguise has been shown to die by his own dark based attacks twice, meaning that Dracula's Demonic Megiddo was simply enough to overpower Ganondorf to the point where even the Triforce of Power will wear off from his right hand, making him vulnerable.

Boomstick: Then comes the moment when Ganondorf in his Ganon form attempted to throw a curse on Dracula in order to make him rot for the same reason he rotted the Duku Tree from within only to realize that Dracula's own heart as it was used as a relic to render immunity to curses made Ganondorf's curse bestowing attempt on Dracula to go null & void.

Wiz: And while Ganondorf with the Triforce of Power could overpower Dracula in a sword fight, Dracula on the other hand can take up the poisonous mist form to inflict a poison on Ganondorf, gradually weakening him. Once Dracula took up mist form, Ganondorf had no way to deal damage to Dracula in that form in addition to the fact that once Dracula also unleashed Demonic Megiddo, Ganondorf also found himself at a major disadvantage where he wasn't just taking damage but also can't deal damage to Dracula at all.

Boomstick: And even if Ganondorf could reincarnate, Death was able to take Ganondorf's soul allowing Dracula to perform his soul steal on it to seal him in the Chaos Realm. Seems like Ganondorf isn't going anywhere any moment soon in addition to the fact that the prophecy he was bound by became... broken.

Wiz: The Winner is Dracula.

(The Doors of Death Battle quickly close and open up again for the next time on death battle)

Boomstick: Next time on Death Battle...

Pac-Man starts munching away at the yellow dots because he's hungry while Munch Man fills the maze with his chains, munching away at the Hoonos.


  • This is the 10th Death Battle Fanon written by The Ancient One himself.
  • This is also the 1st Death Battle Fanon he's written that involves an army fight.
  • This Death Battle Fanon is also meant to celebrate the respectful anniversaries of The Legend of Zelda and Castlevnaia as both franchises came to being within the year 1986 in Japan and came out in the United States in 1987.
  • The Ancient Curse reference when Demise bestowed it on the decedents of the Goddess Hylia and those with the Spirit of the Hero is based off the 7th level Ancient Curse Divine Spell from Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft Campaign Setting 2nd Edition, a powerful divine spell that allows the priest to bestow a powerful curse on an individual with an almost seemingly everlasting curse that will not only affect the individual but also the direct decedents as well as a direct line of succession.
  • The connections between Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda and Dracula from Castlevania is that both of them are the Princes of Darknesses and Demon Kings within their own respectful worlds (Ganondorf being the Demon King within the Kingdom of Hyrule while Dracula being the Demon King within the Kingdom of Europe) that where once human beings until the very day both of them abandoned each others humanities (Ganondorf loses his humanity the moment he enters the Sacred Realm and turns it into The Dark World while Dracula when he was still Mathias Cronqvist obtains The Crimson Stone and absorbs the very slain and powerful vampires that turned him into one). Both characters are also known to a long history of tragedy that is written all over each others faces as they find themselves getting killed by the very generation of heroes that slay them and always come back every time (Ganondorf gets slain by the generation of Links while Dracula gets slain by the generation of Belmonts). They are also known to kidnap girls for their own reasons (Ganondorf sent his loyal minion, the Helmaroc King, to kidnap all young, pointy-eared girls living on the islands of the Great Sea while Dracula's minions kidnap girls in an attempt to resurrect the their Dark Lord) in addition to the fact they intend to usurp the respectful Kingdoms they intend to turn into a wicked place of terror and chaos. Both characters declared war against a deity (Ganondorf declares war against Hylia while Dracula declares war against God) and are known for cruelty, ruthlessness as well as being cunning warlords, they are masters of manipulation, deceit and orchestra tor in the plot twists in addition to being the Physical Embodiments of Evil (Ganondorf and Dracula are the threats to the very deities they declared war against). And while both characters first came to being within the 1980s era, it should also be pointed out they both came to being within the exact same year being 1986 (albeit the different months).


  1. Combatants know each other only if it's canon or otherwise within there own respectful universes.
  2. To ensure a fair fight, personality and moral restraints from killing the opponent are immediately and irrevocably removed.
  3. Combatant equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups (if any), feats, resistances, immunities, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.

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