Giratina is a legendary Pokemon from the same title series. 

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

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It was created along with Dialga and Palkia by Arceus, though as it was banished for its violence (by Arceus) to the dimension called the Distortion World, it has been forgotten from the legends as "one whose name was never to be spoken." While Dialga and Palkia represent time and space, Giratina represents the dimensions besides those of time and space and desolate void that exists between these planes, and the antimatter that suffuses it. Though residing within the Distortion World, it can also visit a cemetery-like ruin known as Turnback Cave, a place where the dimensional boundaries are said to be distorted, and dead Pokémon are able to enter the physical world. Giratina is capable of inter-dimensional travel, which causes it to change forms unless holding a "Griseous Orb" (Only in game). It is able to see into the normal world through mirrors and reflective objects, because they can bring to mind other dimensions.

Death Battle Info

Abilities: Pressure, Levitate, Telepathy


  • Shadow Force: Allows it to vanish and reappear to attack the foe
  • Will-o-Wisp: A ball of ghastly flame that burns the opponent
  • Shadow Ball: A sphere of dark energy
  • Hyper Beam: A powerful beam of energy
  • Dragon Claw: Giratina scratches the opponent



  • Anti-Matter manipulation
  • Spatial manipulation
  • Portal creation
  • Dimensional travel


  • Is as powerful as Dialga and Palkia
    • Dialga and Palkia control all of space and time respectively
  • As a ghost, is immune to physical attacks
  • It's portal was going to destroy the world
    • It can regularly open portals like these
  • Can fight with several other legendary Pokémon, including Dialga and Palkia
  • Creates bubbles in the Distortion World which can effect reality in the real world
  • Resists telepathy and is immune to being controlled by Pokémon Rangers (Can still be captured)


  • Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Dark, and Ice type moves



  • Giratina is the only Ghost-Dragon type in the games
  • While not confirmed, Giratina is thought to be the devil Pokemon. The reason being that in Altered Form, it has six ribs, six spikes on his wings, and six legs. In Origin Form, it has six ribs, six wings, and six spikes near its upper body. (666 is called "the number of the beast" in the thirteenth chapter of the New Testament). It was also banished by Arceus (the God Pokémon) to another realm due to its violent ways.