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Godzilla vs. Hulk
is a Death Battle adopted by Simbiothero.

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TOHO vs Marvel! Two rage-filled giants duel one of the gods! Which monster will be crushed today?


Nyxs: Unstoppable beast, beasts created by radiation and with an almost unparalleled power, that is what describe our combatants today.

Blang: Godzilla, The King of the Monsters.

Nyxs: And Hult, The Green Goliath.

Blang: She's Nyxs and I'm Blang.

Nyxs: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


(Cue Godzilla Theme)

Nyxs: The origins of godzilla are normally rather questionable but is always linked with radiation.

Blang: Another thing that is certain is when it appears all over Tokyo throughout the city will be destroyed and the military will look like a complete waste.

Nyxs: One of the origins of godzilla is that is a godzillasaurus.

Blang: Wow, toho is broke the head to give name to the species.

Nyxs: Which survived isolated on a small island where was Treaty as a supernatural, being feared and worshipped, until that was altered by atomic tests in the Odo island as well by the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Blang: and another is that is the union of several of the souls in pain of the second war world, in other words is almost a ghost, or is that it is a force of nature that always wakes up to fuck is a kaiju that threatens the nature, in other words it is a Giant Captain Planet and nothing friendly looking.

(Cues: Godzilla vs Kumonga/Kamacuras - Godzilla Final Wars)

Nyxs: The strength of godzilla is a complete madness, able to lift enemies more large that and throw it almost as if nothing, throw kumonga more beyond the horizon, and even jump several metres while fighting against megaguirus.

Blang: Godzilla also possess powerful jaws, sharp teeth and claws, and in addition to be able to launch kicked that challenge by full gravity.

Nyxs: Godzilla also has a powerful tail which is able to give powerful tail able to demolish buildings or other giant monsters.

Blang: But the attack better known giant lizard of toho is the atomic breath.

(Cue GMK - God of Destruction Appears)

Nyxs: the atomic breath is a powerful Ray that godzilla launches from its mouth, when it is preparing, their spines of the back begin to shine and is begin to dull while it launches.

Blang: the atomic breath has incredible capabilities incendiary and a power enough as to destroy a hole black of small size; While in the film, Godzilla: Final Wars, possessed an incredible range of scope and of precision, giving you the capacity of reach a target in the space outside and destroy almost any Kaiju with an only shot and during an of them best and memorable scenes of Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla used his Ray to "fly" on his back as if it were a fucking rocket to propel it.

Nyxs: But the attack more powerful Godzilla is the spiral beam. the spiral beam, is similar to the previous godzilla is able to launch it from your mouth, the ray was so powerful that allowed him to destroy completely and with a few shots, Mechagodzilla and SpaceGodzilla, but it required more time to destroy Destoroyah.

Blang: Godzilla can also emit Atomic beats in a fairly extensive, able to range even paralyze or kill an enemy who is nearby, this attack is known as the Nuclear pulse.

(Cue Bio Wars - Godzilla vs Biollante)

Nyxs: Godzilla not only is very strong if not also is very resistant, godzilla showed complete immunity to them weapons traditional, or any thing used by the army against him. Godzilla has even shown a resistance to the magma. The only times that Godzilla has presented wounds open has been in the battles against Gigan, Biollante, Destoroyah, and Mechagodzilla

Blang: Godzilla also possesses a kind of radar system in their back, this allows you to that if it comes to attack him from behind, this releases multiple rays from their spines, as well as be able to launch from its tail a powerful beam, But if something manages to hurt you this searched to regeneration so crazy that is capable of regenerate is in question of minutes even could say that serious capable of regenerate is of only your heart , think that by this godzilla is the King of the monsters.

Nyxs: Obviously godzilla, not this lacking of faults Although these are scarce, in it was showa vulnerable to the electricity, although apparently that weakness in particular has been ignored later, presenting immunity, and then even the capacity of absorb its energy. In The Return of Godzilla, Godzilla seemed to be vulnerable to it "Anti-nuclear bacteria" that could have an effect in it, although subsequently your powerful system immune you allowed develop antibodies. Later it is revealed that Godzilla had a second brain in his spine and Mechagodzilla was able to kill him by attacking him at that point; of all modes was revived by Rodan and in films later appeared to not have that heel of Achilles. In the film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Yuki suggested the existence of a point weak under the arm.

Blang: Although never is elaborated in that and is forget until the day of today, also godzilla have dead in total of four ocasioses and also that by its size is something awkward, addition to has been defeated by mothra and king kong, but even by this godzilla is and still feel the King of the monsters.

*Godzilla Roars*


(Cue EWQL - The Incredible Hulk theme (reorchestrated))

Nyxs: The scientist Bruce Banner inherited genetically mutated genes from his father (which, as it can occur with diseases, was carrier but had no effects itself) which (within Bruce), being a perfect blend between the artificiality and nature, were the innate part of Hulk. Years later Bruce was to testing one of his latest inventions, on the gamma bomb.

Blang: But for some reason, a guy named Rick Jones entered the test area of the army where he was to be released the bomb, Bruce Banner realized and without hesitation was to save him.

Nyxs: Bruce manages to pull a rick to a ditch to save him but when bruce is was going to get, the gamma bomb explodes and the radiation given to bruce, this actually you tear a person normal possibly cancer, but as this is a comic, the radiation combined with the nanomeds, make that when Dr. banner gets angry or is stressed...

Blang: Turn into The Incredible Hulk.

Nyxs: Hulk is easily being physically more powerful planet Earth and possibly the universe.  The primary power of Hulk, is the exponential increase of force, or rather the exponential increase of all physical abilities, by that as well as increasing your strength, increases also their other physical attributes, being stronger, more resilient, more immune and faster than before.

(Cue Marvel Vs Capcom Music: Hulk's Theme)

Blang: Its strength is directly related to its discharge of adrenaline in such a way that while more angry or depressed is more strong is. Hulk force limits are not known and possibly we won't know it because an Archer kill it his order, even so the strength of the hulk was apparently unlimited, although Bruce Banner unconsciously tends to put by some security limits to its strength, but even with his power under control his various exploits and feats have given us samples of highest level of force.

Nyxs: Hulk was caught once by the cosmic entity known as the stranger, in a field of force with enough power to remove a planet from its orbit. And although the stranger had anticipated the unlimited power of the Hulk, be surprised with its inhuman resolution when the giant Emerald began has overcome the power of the force field with its strength. Forcing the stranger has further increase the power needed to stop it and recognizing the immense power of the hulk.

Blang: During the event, Secret Wars, can stand the weight of a mountain range that dwarf the Andes of South America, a mountain range that impact in a punch so powerful that he felt all over the planet created by the Beyonder and on another occasion destroyed the bands of the entity known as cyttorak that according to the stranger could contain the fucking galactus.

Nyxs: As we said before, when hulk more angered not only their strength increases, if not all its fisicons aspects, including its strength and durability. Hulk was able to withstand weeks without eating or sleeping, and was able to keep a physical fight in the same way. His skin is almost impossible to penetrate: bullets, bombs, missiles, heavy artillery, laser and all kinds of known weapons have proved their ineffectiveness in Hulk, even a maximum attack power of the human torch combined with the power of the storm can't hurt really much hulk.

Blang: But even with his great physical strength and durability, it is possible to do him harm if the attack is powerful enough. But Hulk has another ACE under their non-existent sleeves, its incredible healing Factor. Hulk healing Factor is the largest also of the Marvel Universe by surpassing even Wolverine. You can heal their wounds in a matter of seconds and if the damage is very extreme in minutes.

Nyxs: The speed is something that many do not relate to Hulk but however, Hulk was one of the fastest heroes of the Marvel Universe. Hulk can use his superhuman legs for running at superspeed, but his legs have unlimited strength he doesn't have unlimited speed, because if it would be a flash with steroids.

Blang: Bruce Banner was one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe. Although Reed Richards has the title of being the smartest man on the planet, it is possible that Banner had overcome him, on several occasions, alien intelligences in search of the most intelligent human on the planet have gone where Banner. Hulk has also shown his tactical genius. As the teacher was leader of the Pantheon and as guerrero led the slaves of Sakaar by defeating the Red King, and in his short reign home the reforms needed to achieve peace on the planet... though not hard peace much because you know "Kaboom"

Nyxs: Hulk possessed a State that would temper to anyone and that State is known as... world breaker.

(Cue The Incredible Hulk - Main Theme - Craig Armstrong)


Blang: World Breaker is possibly the most powerful incarnation of the Hulk so far, this incarnation just in its minimal already showed a power of incredible, to the extent that would be capable of destroying a whole fucking planet.

Nyxs: In this State, hulk was able to destroy much of the coasts of new york and cause earthquakes across the country with a single footprint, not with a stomp, if not with a single footprint. in this State also to faced with beings such as Umar, Fin Fang Foom, and during his fight with Red She-Hulk were capable of destroying an entire planet.

Blang: Obviously, in this State, all hulk skills increase overreact.

Nyxs: Even with their signs of strength and other attributes, Hulk is not invincible, to been vanquished by characters much more weak physically to the such as Spider-Man, Captain America, or the same Batman.

Blang: Also let us not forget that now is dead by Hawkeye... fucking hawkeye... but you sure don't want to make angry Dr. banner.

The Leader: The two of you think you can defeat me? I already have calculated a thousand ways to destroy you both. 

Thor: Destroy? You do not know the meaning of the word, Leader. 

Hulk: You really want to hurt the Leader? This is how. 

Death Battle

G vs H After

6:34 PM

It is the Avengers formed by Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Yellow Jacket, Wasp, Spider-Man, War Machine, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, Captain Marvel, Quasar, Moon Knight, and one of the fighters of today, Hulk as Bruce Banner in the hellicarier of S.H.I.E.L.D. to ten kilometers above New York.

Yellow Jacket: Because we called, Fury?

Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside Maria Hill entering the room where they were the Avengers.

Nick Fury: For this.

A large screen shows a map of the world and there is a point of color red in the Ocean Pacific slowly getting closer to New York.

Thor: What is that?

Nick Fury: This.

On the screen begins to play a video that had been nailed by a small submarine of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the video looks to the submarine through an immense body seemed to be a huge coal black animal with some kinds of fins on his back.

Wasp: W-what is that thing?

Nick Fury: Godzilla...

Yellow Jacket: G-Godzilla?!

Nick Fury: Yes, apparently, Godzilla is directed directly to New York for some reason still unknown and we need your help to evacuate the city and also to be able to destroy Godzilla once for all.

Spider-Man: Wait, they want that we evacuate all the people in new york alone?

Maria Hill: No, will have the help of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for the job.

Nick Fury: They are here to discover how kill Godzilla.

Iron Man: Already they attempted this using the robot called "M.O.G.U.E.R.A."?

Nick Fury: Yes, and look what happened.

Looks on the screen to Godzilla attach to M.O.G.U.E.R.A. to then launch the atomic breath in the head you directly, destroying is the completely.

Spider-Man: Ouch...

Nick Fury: We need to discover as to destroy Godzilla once and for all, we cannot allow that follow destroying cities without any reason.

Captain America: But the question still remains, Fury, as we destroy Godzilla?

Bruce Banner: I'll do it.

Wasp: Bruce, you are sure?

Nick Fury: Do you know that you could die if you face it alone?

Bruce Banner: Yeah, I know, but I think hulk is strong enough to destroy Godzilla once and for all.

Nick Fury: It is your decision.

10:23 AM

It looks to the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-men, and many heroes such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, among many heroes evacuate completely New York City.

12:35 AM

Bruce Banner along with Nick Fury is seen in a helicopter flying through the streets, now empty of New York.

Nick Fury: It already does, you are ready, Dr. Banner?

Bruce Banner: I think that it is too late to go to the bathroom.

Maria Hill: Sir!

Nick Fury: What happen?

Maria Hill: He's here!

Godzilla looks out of the water with a roar and entering New York, realizing that there was nobody.

(Cue Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Music - ''The Hot Wind Blowing'')

Bruce jumps from the helicopter and in the midst of the fall turns into the hulk. Hulk falls to the ground from foot, creating a crater under the and a strong din enough call the attention of godzilla.


Godzilla roars.


Hulk throws two cars to godzilla to then grab two and use them as if they were gloves. Godzilla smoothly with one hand. Hulk gives a strong jump and hit Godzilla in the chest, making it back about meters, surprising godzilla, as this did not expect that hulk, a being more small that the could have done to go back a few meters.

Hulk released what was left of one of the cars he had seized, as the car is was destroyed by the impact. Hulk grabs another car and jumps to godzilla, starting to hit godzilla and making it back several meters with every punch, every hit that hulk done to godzilla, the cars that hulk used as gloves are destroyed by the impact between hulk´s fists and godzilla´s chest.

Godzilla grabs Hulk with one of his hands and throws it against a building to then use his atomic breath against the building that now had a hole in, caused by the impact of the hulk, but it reached before the atomic breath of godzilla the building, hulk out of the building of a jump and hits directly to godzilla in the face , making it back.

Godzilla is stepping on hulk, but this with his manages to avoid it and launches to godzilla against several buildings, surprising greatly to the King of the monsters, thus this cannot believe a be more smaller than, causing so many problems.

Godzilla rises from the ground and uses his atomic breath. Hulk manages to dodge the attack of godzilla. Godzilla continues using his atomic breath, destroying part of new york, and causing several explosions that you do him a bit of damage to hulk. Hulk jumps to godzilla and try to hit it, but godzilla gives a powerful recoil that sends him flying several kilometers to then use his atomic breath, making this fly few kilometers more. When hulk falls to the ground, causes an explosion that is made even more powerful by the atomic breath of godzilla.

Hulk rises very upset. Godzilla is surprised that hulk follow with life.

Godzilla uses his atomic breath, but dodges the attack and runs toward Godzilla to then make a leap and give him a blow in the face, making Godzilla go back but not before giving his hand to hulk, sending a few buildings. Hulk rises from the ground to then hold a building and throw it against Godzilla, but without much harm. Hulk throws several cars to Godzilla to then throw another building. Godzilla without problems destroy cars and the building with his hand to then try stepping on hulk, but this Dodge without problems.

Hulk: Hulk is very angry by what are you doing to the home of Hulk!

Hulk runs toward godzilla. Godzilla uses his atomic breath against hulk, but it manages to dodge the attack and gives a powerful jump into the neck of godzilla, managing to make godzilla to stop launching his atomic breath. Hulk starts strangling Godzilla, tries to get rid of hulk, but this simply as strangles with more force.

Godzilla body begin to output multiple sparks of electricity, but before that hulk can do something, Godzilla uses the nuclear pulse, liberated, to the just released, this subject to hulk with his left hand and he throws it on the ground, to then start it to step on it as if it were a cockroach, then throw multiple times his atomic breath directly to hulk without letting it rise from the ground or do something.

(Stop music)

Godzilla no longer use his atomic breath to see that hulk was not already up, or continue moving, Godzilla begins to move away from hulk.


???: Giant dinosaur did Hulk bother...

Godzilla turns and sees hulk out of the ground with heads down.

Hulk: It also did not get angry Hulk... If not...

Hulk looking straight into godzilla.

Hulk: ENRAGED!!!

(Cue The Plasmas - Like a Cannonball - Metal Cover)

The skin and eyes of hulk begins to glow of color green...

Hulk to come to the State "World Breaker"

Hulk gives a powerful leap that utterly destroy where was the a few seconds ago. Hulk strikes him a powerful blow to Godzilla that sends him against several buildings. Godzilla rises quickly and launches his atomic breath. Hulk smoothly resisted the attack for then use the thunderclap that send godzilla flying several meters.

Godzilla rises from the ground very furious. Hulk gives a powerful stomp across the country shaking, earthquake pushes back to Godzilla. Godzilla throws his atomic breath to hulk, making it go back a few meters, but not make him do him any harm. Hulk gives a powerful jump and hits with great force to godzilla in the nose, making bleed it. Godzilla gives a gasp directly hulk that sends him flying against a few buildings to then launch his atomic breath with a lot more power, causing a huge explosion. Hulk leaves the fire of a jump and gives another powerful blow to godzilla that sends him into a few buildings.

Hulk runs toward godzilla and attaches it tail to then start it to whip against the floor again and again as he did with Loki in "The Avengers" to then throw it against a few buildings.

Godzilla rises... very... but very... furious.

The godzilla spines begin to shine... first are blue... then... are red...

(Stop music)

Hulk gives a powerful leap towards godzilla with all his power. Godzilla launches the spiral beam to be hulk to few meters of the. the impact causes an explosion of gigantic, destroying all new york and its environs.

the screen goes black...








Begins to hear footsteps and then...





Nyxs Oh my...

Blang: Fucking...

Nyxs and Blang: God...

Simbiothero: That no doubt the death battle more complicated in choose a winner by many factors.

Nyxs: Hulk and Godzilla are two beings has an extraordinary strength, both would be able to perform exploits them force of one and the other. both would be able to raise beings more than them, both would be able to continue fighting indefinitely, in a nutshell, this fight could get out for hours, and if hulk continues his same level of anger, could even days.

Blang: But if we give the victory to someone in this section is Godzilla, as unlike hulk, godzilla is able to maintain these levels of force, contrary to hulk, you need are angry enough to perform certain exploits as it is lifting a mountain of 150 billion tons, it is unknown if godzilla can lift this weight , but there is the possibility that if able to do so and perhaps more easily, we don't say that can do with a finger or anything like that, what we say is that could do so without striving as much as did hulk.

Nyxs: Both are extremely resistant and very durable, because both have resisted attacks that could make pieces to almost anyone, but just as in force, godzilla wins in this aspect, because like the hulk, this resistance and durability this force bonded with his wrath.

Blang: Many times, Hulk to been vanquished by characters such as Zeus, Galactus, and Thanos, even by beings that more weak physically to the defeated it such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Batman, also do not forget that your skin can be penetrated by weapons made of adamantium or vibranium.

Nyxs: Meanwhile, Godzilla to managed to resist things such as the absolute zero cannon, are frozen 4 years on an iceberg, having been crushed by buildings multiple times and rise almost as if nothing, resist the fall of a meteorite and being in the in the Centre of the impact without any scratch or damage, and even to survive and escape from a fucking black hole.

Blang: The healing factors of both are amazing, but unfortunately for the green goliath, his healing factor is too inconsistent, in the sense that in a few moments the can regenerate much of their skin and muscles in seconds, but in another needed 18 minutes to regenerate his body half. Meanwhile, godzilla was able to regenerate from only from their heart as seen on GMK (Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters all-out Attack)

Nyxs: As stated above, Hulk to been overcome many characters that are at their height like thanos are or are more weak physically, if not also to was killed when is ate to Wolverine and this came out in your back, or when he was killed by Punisher with an arrow that I had at the end one of the claws of wolverine. Godzilla if to was murdered, but on such occasions will need to completely destroy your body to do so, as when they used the oxygen destroyer or is melted in "Godzilla vs. Destoroyah", the only time that not need to completely destroy the body of godzilla was when Mechagodzilla destroyed his second brain.

Blang: Although most small that godzilla is a problem for hulk, really be more small that godzilla is an advantage, as more small, this helps you hulk, since this by its smaller size helps you to be able to attack by surprise to godzilla.

Nyxs: This also makes understand that hulk is much more faster than godzilla, as the movements of godzilla become very slow and awkward, this helps the previous factor. Godzilla is another factor that helps him a lot against hulk, and is its largest amount of skills, Hulk arrives mere brute force, although the thunderclaps of hulk can serve as a ranged attack, these do not help much against someone as it is godzilla.

Blang: Now comes the two main questions "Would be able to hulk absorbing radiation that emits godzilla?" or "Godzilla would absorb the gamma energy that emanates hulk?"

Nyxs: No, the gamma energy and nuclear energy are two different kinds of radiation, but the two powers are components of nuclear bombs, the properties of gamma energy and nuclear energy are different one with the other, this would prevent that hulk or godzilla absorbed radiation that emits the other.

Blang: Today, Hulk don't smash Godzilla... If not, Godzilla smash Hulk!

Nyxs: The Winner is Godzilla
G Wins
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