Ain't about money. For Yakuza, it's all about power. Those that lose power have to give way to those that have it.
~ Majima

Goro Majima is a major character from the video game series, Yakuza. He has appeared in every game in the series and was playable in Yakuza: Dead Souls, Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami 2. He also appeared in Project X Zone 2 alongside Kazuma Kiryu.

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  • Birth: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown (Probably around the same height as Kiryu)
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Alias: The Mad Dog of the Shimano Family
  • Age: 52
  • Patriarch of the Majima Family
  • Sworn Brother of Taiga Saejima
  • Ex-Husband of Mirei Park


  • Demonfire Dagger
  • Pummel Bat
  • MarkIV.EXP
  • Pistol
  • Grenades
  • Katana
  • Tonfa



  • Focuses on attacking from all directions.
  • Nimble and Refined.
  • Delivers a lot of kicks.
  • Allows Majima to detect which enemies are holding weapons such as knives or guns.


  • A Capoeira-like style that involves breakdancing (No, Seriously).
  • Can dodge twice in this style.
  • Uses the style of breakdancing to deliver damage to opponents with some being able to stun foes.
  • During a Heat Action in this style, Majima is able to catch a Katana with his teeth.

Slugger Style

  • Uses a baseball bat in unique and devastating ways.
  • Allows better use of weapons.
  • Capable of blocking bullets with his bat.
  • Is capable of swinging his bat like nunchaku.

Mad Dog of Shimano Style

  • Majima’s style from later on in the series.
  • Wields a Tantō called the Demonfire Dagger.
  • Like the Slugger Style, it is weapon oriented.
  • Majima is capable of performing a dodge that while consumes heat, allows Majima to either move behind his opponent or put distance between him and his opponent.
  • In Yakuza 5 during his Boss Fight, Majima is capable of creating Shadow Clones of himself.
  • Majima’s Tantō emits a lightning aura.


  • Defeated Lee Wen Hai, Homare Nishitani, Masaru Sera, Osamu Kashiwagi, Akira Nishikiyama, and Lao Gui.
  • Survived two years of torture in Anagura.
  • Survived having his left eye cut out.
  • Defeated Homare Nishitani twice.
  • During his second fight with Kazuma in Yakuza 1, Majima punched a part of the floor causing it to crack and break a moment later.
  • Tanked a small building busting bomb blowing up in his face.
  • Dodged a van that was thrown in his direction by an Onaraki Prototype (Yakuza: Dead Souls).
    • Flat out hit an Onaraki Prototype in the face with the butt of his Shotgun and killed it right after doing so (Yakuza: Dead Souls).
  • Has fought his sworn brother Taiga Saejima who can shatter large boulders and knock out a large bear with a punch.
  • Killed an Arahabaki Prototype A by himself (Yakuza: Dead Souls).
  • Defeated Hiroki Awano who was strong enough to crack a wall with a single punch.
  • Dodged point-blank gunfire while fighting Lao Gui.
    • Dodged and blocked multiple gunshots multiple times in a row while fighting Kei Ibuchi.
  • Along with Kiryu, he has fought alongside Mega Man XMorriganRyuJin Kazama and Segata Sanshiro (Project X Zone 2).
  • Is an amazing singer.


  • Is missing an eye.
  • Is insane.
  • Defeated by Kazuma Kiryu on multiple occasions.
  • Is still human.
  • Defeated by Taiga Saejima on three occasions.


  • In Yakuza 1's English dub, he was voiced by Mark Hamill, most famous for his roles as The Joker and Luke Skywalker.
  • In the movie adaptation of Yakuza 1, Majima wears his eyepatch on the wrong eye throughout the entire movie.
  • It is revealed in Yakuza 4, that the Demonfire Dagger he uses is the same dagger that was used to remove his eye.
  • Despite his appearance, Majima actually cares a lot about the environment, to the point where he will beat up civilians for not putting plastic bottles in the recycling bin.
  • In Japan, Majima was voted the best character in the Yakuza series.
  • Majima has been quoted to invent taxes, which is true since he unintentionally gave a politician an idea for a tax that increased so slowly that no one would notice or care, a similar tax in the real world actually popped the economic bubble of the 1980's Japan.