They say I'm fearless, but actually I'm very afraid. Of getting beat. Of backing down. Of chickening out. That fear just blows all the others away.
~ Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan is a character from DC Comics.

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Hal Jordan was born in Coast City, California. His father was a test pilot that he looked up to. His father died in a plane crash, hurting him on the inside.

On his 18th birthday, Hal joined the United States Air Force. In California, an alien named Abin Sur was dying. He was a Green Lantern, which is a protector of space. The alien needed to give a Green Lantern Ring to someone with great willpower, and he chose Hal, who had overcome the fear of his father dying.

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  • Real Name: Harold Jordan
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Weight: 200 pounds

Green Lantern Ring

  • Needs to charge every once in a while
  • Gives Hal his Green Lantern powers
  • No clear limit to its power so long as Hal fuels it with enough willpower.

Energy Manipulation

  • Creates constructs
  • Fires blasts
  • Absorbs multiple different forms of energy
  • Can levitate, lift or pull heavy objects

Automatic Powers

  • Auto-Shield
  • Auto-Aura

Cosmic Abilities

  • Travels through time
  • Moves through dimensions
  • Reality warping
  • Creates portals to other universes
  • Controls time and dimensions

Other Powers

  • Flight
  • Speed (Can easily fly faster than light)
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Breathing in space
  • Translation of languages
  • Minor telepathy
  • Intangibility
  • Scanning
  • Can summon the Lantern Battery to refuel his ring


  • Arguably the most powerful of the Green Lanterns; defeating enemies and armies that the rest of the Green Lanterns combined could not defeat.
    • Killed all other Green Lanterns other than Kyle Rayner (Hal temporarily became a villain)
  • Literally the first thing he did with the ring was lift up a cliff as a test
  • Power beam can snipe multiple bullets from out of the air
  • He and Sinestro's clash nearly bend reality
  • Battles cosmic entities on regular basis
  • One shooted Amazo, who had Superman's durability
  • KOs Batman with a single punch
  • Can use planetary constructs
  • Accidentally destroyed an entire planet
  • Generated 1/3 of force needed to pull the earth
  • Flies across galaxies relatively quickly
    • Travelled to a neighbouring solar system and back in just less than 24 hours, clocking in at almost 200 000 times the speed of light.
  • Can block nuclear explosions
    • Intercepted an atomic bomb blast before the explosion could grow larger than a foot in diameter
  • Travels through black holes
  • Caught Zoom with his chains
  • Tanks punches from Superboy Prime
  • Resists control from Parallax, the embodiment and entity of fear itself
  • Broke out of a nightmare that Martian Manhunter couldn't
  • Constructs can block, slowdown or stop some of the strongest DC characters; including gods.
  • Took down Mandrakk, who is a threat to the entire multiverse (Alongside other Green Lantern corps and heroes) {1}
  • Flew a plane construct so fast, he nearly entered the Speed Force.


  • If Green Lantern's willpower is affected, his power can decrease.
    • Fear is the best way to weaken willpower
  • Ring battery can drain
  • Constructs are easily overwhelmed by anything colored yellow (however enough willpower can negate this weakness)
  • Constructs can still be overpowered and broken through
    • Communist Superman broke out of infinite boxes constructed by the entire green-lantern corp.
  • Relies heavily on ring; which can be stolen even in battle
    • He can still summon his ring from a distance if this does happen [1]
  • Darkseid and other powerful characters have destroyed Hal's ring.
  • Green Lantern rings refuse to kill and will not function if the user attempts to kill (this handicap is removed if the Guardians allow it).
  • Once became a supervillain after Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City [2].