Green Lantern vs Nova is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Green Lantern from the DC Comics franchise and Nova from the Marvel franchise. This page was created by Nkstjoa and has been adopted into a collab between GalacticAttorney and WarpyNeko930.

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Marvel vs. DC! When two intergalactic protectors of the universe clash, who will walk away with their life?


Wiz: Space... the final frontier.

Boomstick: Fuck yeah, space! The place with all the cool aliens and planets!

Wiz: ...Yeah, that one. Well, with the plethora of alien renegades, villains, invaders, and conquerors, what's a superhero universe to do?

Boomstick: Churn out a protector of the space, of course! Like Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern...

Wiz: ...And Richard Rider, the Nova.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick...

Wiz: ...And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

Green Lantern





  • Nkstjoa
  • Nkstjoa (Original)
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Marvel vs Dc! Two masked leaders of Galactic Space Cops with incredible power clash who wins?


Wiz: Space a giant Vaccum filled with thousands of different planets is constantly under threat

Boomstick: But thanks to these two Space Cop leaders the Galaxy is as safe as sound Hal Jordan the Green Lantern

Wiz: And Richard Rider the Nova

Boomstick: He's Wiz and Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to anaylse their weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle

Green Lantern

Wiz: Hal Jordan was born in Coast City his father was a pilot and was greatly admired by his son who wanted to follow in his footsteps

Boomstick: So much so that he would skip school to do it This kids a rebel

Wiz: However during a test flight his father was killed right in front of Hal but he surprisly was able to cope with it and at age 18 against the wishes of his mother he joined the Air Force becoming an Ace Pilot

Boomstick: One day a dying alien called Abin-Sur reached earth he sent his ring to seek out a successor for his green lantern postion who had overcome fear and had great willpower the finger went on Hal's finger as Abin died becoming a Green Lantern

Wiz: The Ring told Hal that he was now the protector of Earth and he travelled off the Planet Oa to be trained as a green Lantern Hal was trained by Sinestro however Hal discovered that Sinestro had become a green lantern through means of fear which led to him being banished and wanting revenge

Boomstick: Hal your such a prick no wonder no one likes your movie!

Wiz: Anyway Hal would become an excellent Green Lantern joining the Justice League and eventually becoming Leader of the Green Lantern

Boomstick: After seeing his city be destroyed Hal snapped becoming the monster Parallax but after dying he became Spectre and eventually became A green Lantern again

Wiz: Hal was the first human to join the Corps for a reason and went on to become one of the greatest and famous heroes Ablites his green Lantern ring given to him by Abin Sur is extremly powerful

Boomstick: This totally not evil ring allows Hal to create Green Constructs of anything that his thinks of due to Green being the colour of Willpower these constructs can be of different density as well

Wiz: The ring can create and replicate anything depending on the situation when he needs to fight it can create swords when needing to build a hammer and when needing to defend a sheild the constructs if strong enough can be just as effective as what they replicate

Boomstick: The Ring can also replicate liquids and even oxygen being able to create oxygen even at times being able to create Atomic Bombs and even Stars with gravitational pull to suck in enemies

Wiz: Hal's willpower is extremly strong meaning that his constructs are amoung the most powerful even being able to stagger Superman once the ring can also grab and toss foes when in close range

Boomstick: The Ring can also create sheilds to defend Hal from Attack allowing him to take hits from Paralax and Sinestro but will activate a auto sheild when hit but this isn't as strong as a construct sheild

Wiz: The Ring offers several other benefits it offers Hal superhuman strength able to lift 100 tonnes and fly at Mach 10 in the atmosphere and allows him to fly faster than light across space

Boomstick: The Ring can also allow Hal to breathe in space give strength to others conceal others in Green Energy and allow them to fly with him trap them in green energy to stop enemies from escaping Sauron should be using this ring not that One Ring !

Wiz: The Ring can also turn the user partially Invisible translate any language and communicate to him guiding him to the nearest Power Battery

Boomstick: The Ring also allows the user to have access to wormholes essentially hopping from one Galaxy to another even travel to other dimensions

Wiz: Hal can also heal minor injures and create casts but intense healing can only occur if the user has advanced medical skill and use their skill to heal themselves with the ring

Boomstick: The Ring also contains a pocket dimension inside of it and a Planet where Hal can imprison foes inside though he Dosen't have much knowledge of this ablity

Wiz: The Ring can store and absorb other energies which it can it project at foes but this does not replenish the rings overall charge it can project these energies at opponents during a battle he also can phase through solid objects and the more willpower he has

Boomstick: Hal can also place thoughts in the minds of others and scan energy waves and can create his own uniform

Wiz: Hal's uniform is made out of a fabric fashioned by his own ring and be altered and modified depending on the users needs it also is quite durable

Boomstick: If needing a power increase during a fight Hal can recite the Green Lantern oath which allows him to summon his power and release it in a burst of energy and is expert boxer combined with his strength and constructs makes him an superb fighter

Wiz: The oath goes like this In brightest day, in blackest night,No evil shall escape my sight.Let those who worship evil's might,Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"

Boomstick: Hal is strong enough to beat the likes of Sinestro Atrocitus Larfleeze stagger Superman with his constructs and while possessed wiped out nearly his entire core just by accident

Wiz: However Green Lantern's ring also has a limited amount of energy in it and this energy is used up faster the more stronger his attackes are Hal must return to Oa to recharge his ring roughly every 24 hours when low on battery otherwise he loses his power his constructs are only as strong as will and will weaken if he's afraid

Boomstick: But with his constructs power and his skill Green Lantern is not to be messed with

Hal: I can't believe this. With that ring I'm probably the most powerful man on earth. I'veheard of people with powers like


Wiz: Richard Rider was born in New york and went to high school and was an average teenager

Boomstick: This sounds like a normal guy's life boring!

Wiz:..But one day the alien Rhomann Day leader of the Nova Corp's arrived on Earth after the Nova Corps had been destroyed to purse the Alien Zorr but was too badly injured to fight him

Boomstick: Rhomann came across Rider but was forced to give his powers of the Nova Force to him hoping he would be a worthy successor Rider used his powers to take on crime as Nova

Wiz: Earning the name the human Rocket Nova fought crime in New York until being taken to Xander to help rebuild the Nova Corps reorganising them and becoming their leader

Boomstick: He went to fight off many intergalactic threats and protect the Galaxy and has many ablites he has Superhuman Speed able to run Several hundred miles on the ground and dodge Drax's blows

Wiz: He has Superhuman Strength able to lift around 100 tonnes and match the Silver Surfer in strength and has destroyed a Skrull ship along with many of Annhilis ships

Boomstick: He also has Superhuman durablity and can take hits from high caliber bullets acidic substances and be fine taken hits from Gladitor and a Multi Solar System destroying blast from Galactus

Wiz: He also has Superhuman Aglity and Relxes and easily dodge Attacks from Superhuman beings he also can fight for a day before needing to take a rest in combat

Boomstick: Nova can also Fly like a Rocket and no he Dosen't take Astronaunts to the moon when flying his lower body is covered by the yellow beams of energy similar to a fired rocket or missile he can fly faster than light when flying

Wiz: He also has the Xander Nova Corps Uniform that

Pre-Death Battle

Death Battle