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Gypsy Danger is one of the Jaegers from the 2013 movie, Pacific Rim.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

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(From the Pacific Rim wiki)

Gipsy Danger was constructed on Kodiak Island at the Jaeger Academy’s Jaeger testing facility. Launched on July 10, 2017, Gipsy Danger was stationed at the Anchorage Shatterdome and tasked to defend the coastline of Alaska. Piloted by the Becket brothers, Yancy and Raleigh, the Mark-3 Jaeger is accredited with four Kaiju kills in the span of four years.

Its first combat mission was in Los Angeles on October 17, 2017, against the Kaiju Yamarashi. Gipsy and one other unnamed Jaeger were dropped into the mouth of the Los Angeles river to head off the Kaiju's path into the city. When their partner’s missile barrage failed to stop the Kaiju, Gipsy Danger took over as the primary combatant. Gipsy then forced the Kaiju to move through the port of Long Beach toward Harbor Freeway. Near the end of the battle, Gipsy gained the upper hand and used a cargo crane wire to behead the Kaiju and win the battle.

The following year, Gipsy Danger was deployed in Puerto San Jose, May 20, 2018 to combat the Kaiju that made landfall there. On July 22, 2019, Gipsy fought and killed the Kaiju Clawhook in San Diego. One of the Jaeger’s first Jaeger team missions occured in Manila on December 16, 2019. Gipsy, Horizon Brave, and Lucky Seven were deployed to stop a barb-tailed Category IV Kaiju. During the battle, Horizon Brave was overpowered by the Kaiju but Lucky Seven and Gipsy managed to save the Mark-1 Jaeger and kill the Kaiju.

Death Battle Info


  • Launch Date: July 10, 2017
  • Height: 260 feet (79.2 meters)
  • Weight: 1980 tons
  • Classification: Mark-3


  • I-19 Plasmacaster
  • GD6 Chain Sword
  • Self Destruct
  • Nuclear Turbine Beam
  • Coolant
  • Jet Boosters


  • Killed 9 Kaiju
  • Lifted and used an ocean liner as a sword
  • Fell from 50,000 feet using boosters to slow somewhat
  • Survived nuke and Striker Eureka's reactor destruct in the ocean with no visible damage despite already missing and arm, then surviving the ocean fall on him right after
  • Chest ray burned through Slattern


  • Equipped with emergency escape mechanisms for the pilots
  • Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori are the current pilots
  • Yancy Becket was a former pilot
  • Runs on nuclear power, so it is not susceptible to EMPs that can cripple other Jaegers
  • Was the last Jaeger standing, and succeeded in ending the Kaiju threat by blowing itself up


  • Survived a fall from 50,000 feet from the atmosphere without significant damage.
  • Killer to nine kaijus (including Slattern, the only kaiju category 5 so far)

Weaknesses and Faults

  • Will malfunction if pilots are taken out
  • Can be pierced with enough force
  • It was almost destroyed by Knifehead.