Hercule vs Dan
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Season 6, Episode 46
Vital statistics
Air date N/A
Written by SuperSaiyan2Link
Directed by SuperSaiyan2Link
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Diment VS Zaiko Bonakufu vs Lan Koutrakis

A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual Death Battle.

Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here. _________________________________


Dragon Ball Z vs Street Fighter! The oddly famous losers enter the arena! Can Dan manage to take out Mr. Satan, or will Hercule be victorious for once?


Boomstick: Ah, the losers... They suck in every fight, yet there somehow famous.

Wiz: Hercule Satan, champion of the 24th and 25th world tournament.

Boomstick: And Dan Hibiki, the guy who failed at performing Hadoken. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour, and skills, to find out who would win... A Death Battle.

Hercule Satan


Wiz: No, Boomstick. Hercule Satan, from Dragon Ball Z.

Boomstick: Ah, gotcha.

Wiz: Mark (Or Hercule) Satan is an odd man. After the being seen to have beaten Cell-even though he really didn't-, Hercule gained a TON of money. Hercule was famous, even though he really couldn't fight at all. BUT, turns out he actually can fight. Hercule can rip PHONEBOOKS in half.

Boomstick: But what's sad about him is that his daughter Videl is stronger than him! Still, he's a great fighter, making his way into Dragon Ball Z games AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER. But guess what, Hercule can survive getting hit into mountains by PERFECT Cell, and even survive a punch in the face by Kid Buu. BUT THATS NOT IT FOR DURABILITY!!!!! Hercule survived a full force kick from Omega Shenron, only to be knocked out for a few minutes. Sure, this was for comic relief, BUT STILL.

Wiz: Hercule can use a jetpack called the Hikou, to fly around at amazing speeds. He also has the Dynamic Kick, which is a normal kick that does absolutely nothing special. Same goes for he Satan Punch, as it is just a normal punch.

Boomstick: The Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch, has Hercule punch the opponent multiple times, before launching his best punch at their face. While doing his move, he says-

Hercule: You're all washed up!

Boomstick: Yep, that. The Present Bomb is probably is most troll move. Hercule hands the opponent an odd shaped Bomb, having the opponent think it's a present. Mr. Satan than runs to cover, presses a button, and blasts the foe sky-high.

Wiz: Hercule has a hand-gun, grenades, and even a rocket launcher. But, for finishing moves, Hercule pulls out a GIGANTIC MISSILE, and smashes an opponent with it. The missile explodes, KO. 

Boomstick: If Hercule is so good…, than why is he hated?

Wiz: For one, Hercule SHOULDN'T be hated. He's a great fighter, and he only looks weak because he commonly goes up against the Z Fighters and the main villains. But still, he is very cocky. Especially due to him being convinced that he's done all these incredible feats, even though he really hasn't. For example, Hercule thinks that he stopped Super Buu's Finger Beam with his hand-gun, yet the beam was actually secretly stopped by Tien Shinhan's Tri-Beam attack.

Boomstick: Still, HERCULE IS AWESOME! Kinda...

Dan Hibiki

Wiz: Dan Hibiki may be the joke character of the series, but he has a tragic backstory. Dan's father was brutally killed in a match with Sagat, and since than, Dan's life goal was to defeat Sagat once and for all. After doing so, Dan opened a martial arts school, called Saikyo-Ryu, or Strongest Style in English.

Boomstick: Dan was a parody of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, the two main protagonists of the "Art of Fighting" series. This was because Street Fighter's creators saw Ryo and Robert as a rip off of Ryu Hoshi and Ken Masters.

Wiz: Dan is basically a lame version of Ryu and Ken. Dan can use the Koryuken, an air uppercut based on the Shoryuken. Unfortunately, the Koryuken has short range horizontally. Premium Sign, is a weak move that has Dan sign an autograph, than whip it at a foe.

Boomstick: Dankukyaku is a triple-hitting flying kick, that is sadly very easy to block. Koryu Rekka is a double uppercut, that had little to no range at all, leaving Dan open if Koryu Rekka is blocked. Man, Dan seems to really suck...

Wiz: Dan also tried, but epically failed at performing a Hadoken. Still, he managed to at least shoot out a tiny ball of energy, which is good enough. And no Boomstick, Dan really doesn't suck that much. He actually entered a street fighting competition, and he made it pretty far. He only lost to Ken.

Boomstick: I guess so. Dan is a great martial artist, even if he doesn't stand a chance against Ryu, Ken, or even Chun-Li. Dan Hibiki is the ultimate joke fighting game character!

Dan: Don't underestimate me!


Dan Hibiki was a man of complete failure. He couldn't beat any strong person, no matter how hard he tried. He only way he could really claim victory was by fighting humans, and that's exactly what he'd be doing today, in a tourney. After many, many battles, Dan won his way to the last battle in the tournament. He will be fighting the winner of the 24th and 25th world tournament, whoever that is. Dan cracked his knuckles, and put a wide smirk across his face.

"Doesn't matter what human I'm fighting! I can beat them!" Dan thought to himself. Finally, the champion stepped out on stage. "Ah! That guy looks strong!" Dan took a step back. But little did Hibiki know, the champion Hercule was thinking the exact same thing.

"Oh boy... That guy has some pretty big muscles... Maybe I should just fake a sickness to get out of it..." Hercule thought, immediately clutching his chest. Mr. Satan howled in pain. "Aw, my stomach! It hurts!" Hercule faked his sickness, falling onto his knees. People walked in, picking up Hercule and bringing him to his bed. Dan scratched the back of his head.

"Well, I didn't want to win like that... And that guy was obviously faking... But a victory is a victory, I guess!" Dan smiled, than raised his hands in accomplishment. Buuuuuuuut, Dan didn't really win; the fight was merely delayed. But Dan Hibiki would soon get his chance to fight Hercule Satan, as the two bumped into each other out side the arena.

"Oh, it's you! He one who faked a sickness to get out of fighting me!" Dan laughed, but Hercule grumbled.

"Shut up! I could beat you anytime! I actually was sick!" Hercule countered.

"Suuuuuure you were... But you beat me? Low chance of THAT happening."

"I'll fight you right now! Let's go!" Hercule got into his fighting position, so Dan did the same.

"Whatever, old man." Dan smirked, but he was actually bluffing the whole time. In fact, both of them were bluffing, but there was no backing down now.


Hercule and Dan punched each other a fair amount of times, before Dan ended it with his strongest punch to Hercule's face. Hercule recoiled, but got back on his feet. Hercule jumped far backwards, than equipped the Hikou. Hercule flew at Dan with great speeds, preparing a Satan Punch. Dan dodged, than used Koryuken, launching Hercule into the air. Dan followed it up with a Dankukyaku, that unfortunately missed. The two landed, and Hercule pulled out his hand-gun, firing multiple bullets. Dan jumped over the gun shots, and shot his best Hadoken. The Hadoken sadly was way to slow and small, so Hercule quickly dodged, and delivered a Dynamic Kick. Dan hit the ground hard, but he got up fine. Hercule threw a grenade, which was rolled under. Dan than stood up, punching Hercule hard in the jaw. Hercule regained his focus, dodging a Koryuken, and grabbing Dan's leg. Hercule spun Dan around, throwing Dan hard into a wall. Dan hit the wall, but got up and signed an autograph. Dan threw the autograph, which was caught by Mr. Satan. Satan examined the picture in confusion, before getting kicked hard right in the chest. Hercule rubbed his chest. Dan ran at Hercule, punched, but it was dodged, and Hercule grabbed Dan's hand.

"I've got a present for you." Hercule handed Dan the Present Bomb, than ran and hit behind a wall. Hercule pressed a button, and the Bomb started to glow. Quickly, Dan whipped the Present, and jumped for cover. Dodging the troll attack, Dan stood up, sighed in relief, and dusted off his pink gi. Hercule saw he opening, jumped up, and preformed a Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch. Dan was launched into the same wall, knocking out some of he teeth.

"You just got washed up!" Hercule taunted. Dan slid to the ground, half-awake. But Dan got his wake up call, and Hercule threw a grenade at him. Dan rolled to the side, but was still blasted a few feet to the side from the explosion. Dan jumped up, now severely bleeding, and really worn out. He was panting like crazy. Hercule on the other hand, had minor damage done to him. Mr. Satan walked up to Dan Hibiki. Hibiki threw punches, but they were too weak to hardly even do anything at all. Hercule smirked, than headbutted Dan hard, knocking the martial artist out. Dan now blacked out, Hercule back up a ton, than pulled out his giant missile.

"See ya!" Hercule whipped the missile, hitting Dan head on. The missile fell harmlessly onto Dan's lap. "Huh... Why didn't it work..." Hercule took ten steps closer, until the missile unexpectedly blew up, blasting Dan to oblivion, and launching Hercule far back into another wall. Hercule stood up weakly, than made the peace sign with his hands.


Hercule celebrated his hard-earned victory, by laying in his expensive bed and sleeping like a baby.


Wiz: That actually was a real stomp. Dan, having weak and low accuracy attacks, made him completely vulnerable to Hercule's firearms.

Boomstick: Hercule was faster, and stronger. His Bombs and guns gave him the long range too. Dan Hibiki was just blown away.

Wiz: The winner is, Hercule Satan.