It's time for another Pokemon Battle Royale! This is pretty controversial, as these are some of the most popular Pokemon ever! Water/Ground vs Fire/Fighting vs Grass!


Wiz: The last 2 times, water types have prevailed.....

Boomstick: But this time, it could be different!

Wiz: The Hoenn Starters are about to fight.

Boomstick: Blaziken, Grandfather of Fire/Fighting Starters, Sceptile, Greninja's Grass Buddy, and Swampert, the......Swamp Thing.

Wiz: He's Boomstick and I'm Wiz, and it's our job to analyse their strengths, moves and weaknesses to see who would win a Death Battle.....


Wiz: The first of the 3 Starters, this grass dragon goes from Treecko to Grovyle to Sceptile.

Boomstick: Once again, getting uglier every time. But with that ugliness comes badassery!

Wiz: Sceptile is essentially a lizard thingy...that lacks somewhat defense and durability.

Boomstick: But who the f**k cares about those stuff when you can make it up with attack and agility!

(Cue Littleroot Town/Route 101)

Wiz: Sceptile's iconic move is Leaf Blade. A blade coming from his wrist that glows in a green aura and can cut through targets like they are made out of paper.

Boomstick: He can practically blitz any slow Pokemon and finish them off with a shitton other moves.

Wiz: Note. According to the Pokedex, Sceptile's forearm blades are as sharp SWORDS.  

Boomstick: Sceptile has an arsenal full of moves. and I mean a shitton! Let's start with Quick Attack which is basically a quick..attack.... and always manages to strike first. Bullet Seed which can fire seeds at the speed of bullets! Leer which can lower the opposing pokemon's defense but he could also do that with Screech. The only difference being that Screech is more effective.

Wiz: Sceptile knows a couple of draining moves too, which are Absorb and Mega Drain. The latter has more draining energy. Leaf Storm can send a massive bunch of leaves at the opponent, which can somehow hurt?

Boomstick: To boost up Sceptile's insane speed already, it has Agility. But Sceptile doesn't only rely in just grass and stat changing moves.. Sceptile has Fury Cutter and X-Scissor, the former is a bug-type move that increases in every hit(but resets every time it misses) and X-Scissor which Sceptile can basically slash his opponent in a X.

Wiz: Detect can make him dodge nearly any attack and Night Slash which Sceptile instantly slashes the opponent.

Boomstick: You sure he isn't a ninja?

Wiz: Nope.

Boomstick: Dammit.

Wiz: But to step things up a notch, Sceptile can evolve to Mega Sceptile. This transformation allows Sceptile to increase his defense and attack stats significantly and really buffs Sceptile's Speed and Special Attack and an immunity to Electric Types.

Boomstick: Not to mention, Sceptile turns into a badass grass-dragon type while learning the move Dual Chop. A move that goes two times in a row and deal some serious damage.

Wiz: But Sceptile isn't without his weakness. Base Sceptile is weak to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice, and Mega Sceptile is weak to the same thing as Base Sceptile but his Fire weakness is replaced with Dragon and Fairy. And 4X weakness against ice.   

Boomstick: But watch out, cause Sceptile is one badass of a creature.

Sceptile: *Does his iconic cry*


Boomstick: So...Fried Chicken anybody?

Wiz: No. Just No. Blaziken is the fire-starter of the Hoenn Region from Torchic to Combusken to Blaziken.

Boomstick: Blaziken is known for having a high Attack and Sp.Attack stat, ready to kick some serious ass.

(Cue: Wild Battle Remix)

Wiz: Let's start with Blaziken's signature move is Blaze Kick, which simply is a fiery kick with a critical hit ratio.

Boomstick: Blaziken also knows Ember, which is a weak fire attack that has a 10% chance of the burning effect. Flame Charge which is basically a flaming tackle that can increase Blaziken's speed.

Wiz: Fire Punch which also has a 10% chance of making it's opponent burn. Along with Flare Blitz which is incredibly strong but has a 33% recoil. It's Fighting type moves, include High Jump Kick , a powerful Jump Kick..but can heave some massive damage if it misses.

Boomstick: Double Kick can..kick a Pokemon twice in one turn, and the glorious SKY UPPERCUT. Which Blaziken takes a page out of Ryu and Ken's book and performs a SHORYUKEN.

Wiz: But Blaziken doesn't just rely on Fire and Fighting moves. Scratch, which can scratch...Growl, which Blaziken growls lowering the opponent's Attack Stat, Sand Attack? which can lower the accuracy of a Pokemon, Focus Energy which increases the chance of critical hits, and Peck, which can peck....

Boomstick: BOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!! What about Quick Attack which always lands its attack first. And their's Slash which looks really cool even tho it's a regular slash and Brave Bird which is a strong Flying-Type Attack which also has a 33% recoil.

Wiz: With Blaziken's new mega evolution, it gets a HUGE boost in it's firepower, with a slight increase in all it's other stats with the exception of HP. However, Blaziken is weak to 4 types. Flying, Ground, Water and Psychic.

Boomstick: But what can't be cooler than a chicken beating the crap out of everybody.

Blaziken: *Does its iconic cry*


Wiz: Last but not least we have Swampert. The final evolution of Mudkip and the evolution after Marshtomp.

Boomstick: that thinking. I'm having a bad time deciding to think it's a tad weird or badass?

Wiz: Some sort of Mud Fish thing.....

Boomstick: Seriously?

Wiz: Yeah.

Boomstick: Anyway, this Pokemon is known for its bulk, complemented with it's high physical Attack stat.

Wiz: It's the only water starter so far that is immune to Electricity while being resistant to Poison, Fire, Steel, and Rock. The only downside is having a 4X weakness to Grass.

Boomstick: Moves like Water Gun and Muddy Water can keep its opponent moving quickly on their feet. While up close, it has moves like Mud Slap and Hammer Arm. The Latter has more firepower at the expense of Speed decrease.

Wiz: Rock Slide can be useful to hit many Pokemon at once. Bide can be useful to Swampert since it can take nearly any punishment and throw it back. DOUBLE THE DAMAGE!

Boomstick: My personal pick of Swampert's moveset is Earthquake which can hit any Pokemon and create massive damage.

Wiz: Lastly, we have Protect which can prevent Swampert from getting hurt for one attack.

Boomstick: But we're not done yet because Swampert's Mega Evolution is bloody great. It increases his Attack to a whooping 150 and Defense at 110.

Wiz: But Swampert has his fair share of weakness. Swampert is really slow making it nearly always strike last(most of the time.) And that 4X Weakness to Grass isn't exactly helping him either.

Swampert: *Does its iconic cry*


It was a regular morning at Littleroot Town, Sky was bright, birds are chirping and no one was having a bad time. As were the three rivals of Hoenn and just gotten their starter pokemon. Magic had a Treecko, Trasta had a Torchic, and TBFN had a Mudkip. They were walking to the path of the first gym.

Magic: Hmm...when are we going to reach the first gym. We been walking for hours now..

Trashta: *shrugs. Why can't we just take a break, I heard their was a local Ludicolo taco stand nearby.

TBFN: Wynaut?

Our heroes went up to the Ludicolo taco stand and discovered a tragic event..Team Rocket has invaded the taco stand and stole everything except one! What will our heroes d-


Magic: Lol Nope! I'm eating the taco first! I'm the most hungry trainer here so far.

TBFN: But...but...I'm starving too..

Just then..the taco stand owner came up. He had dark skin, a visor, chef hat and a sniper attached to his back.

Aravy: Why don't you guys battle to see who gets the last taco? I will give the winner the last taco for free!

The skrubs were obviously tempted and started to summon their respective pokemon?

Magic: Come on, Treecko. Let's win this for the taco

Trashta: Torchic, you better not let me down now!

TBFN: Let's go Mudkip!


Aravy: Oh...wait I forgot something.

*Aravy tossed out 300 candies to Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.

Suddenly, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip were enveloped in a bright light...Treecko turned into a bigger gecko but with razor leaf blades on its forearms, and a bushy tail. This was Sceptile. Torchic slowly grew arms and bigger legs with a darker red and more sleeker design. This was Blaziken. Lastly, Mudkip grew, all of its 4 legs grew thicker and stronger while it's skin turned into a darker shade of blue. This was Swampert.

TBFN: All right! We finally have our badass pokemon, and we can use the mega stones Professor Birch gave us!

Aravy: May the best battler win!

Trashta: I intend to...

Magic: Right!




  • No Hidden Abilities will be in this match
  • There will be fanon trainers based on some users in the wiki for this fight(though they won't impact any advantages to the pokemon). Sceptile's Trainer is MagicRock. Blaziken's Trainer is TrastaChief2003. Swampert's Trainer is The Boy from Nowhere(Previously Known as Tacoturtle19)