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Hulk is strongest one there is!
~ The Hulk

Hulk, SMASH!
~ The Hulk to Abomination

Give me something to SMASH.
~ The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Season 1, episode 22.

The Incredible Hulk is one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters. He previously fought Doomsday in the 69th episode of Death Battle, Hulk VS Doomsday, he also appeared in episode 2 of One Minute Melee's 4th season where he fought against Broly from the anime/manga series Dragon Ball Z.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents

  • Dark Kahn (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)
  • Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)
  • Kaede (Elfen Lied)
  • Kars (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Regigigas (Pokémon)
  • Terence (Angry Birds)


Dr. Bruce Banner, a socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved physicist who searched for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. But an accidental overdose of gamma radiation interacts with his unique body chemistry, causing Banner to undergo a startling metamorphosis whenever he becomes angry or outraged. Thus the Incredible Hulk, driven by Banner's rage and endlessly pursued by the military, was born. Though his alter-ego became one of the founding members of the Avengers, Banner prefers to go into hiding in hopes to stay out of the spotlight while finding a way to control his inner demons.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Real Name: Robert Bruce Banner
  • Height: 8' 8''/288 cm (Hulk)
  • Height: 5'10''/177.8 cm (Bruce Banner)
  • Weight: 2400 lb/1086.6 kg (Hulk)
  • Weight: 128 lbs/58 kg (Bruce Banner)
  • Born: Dayton, Ohio
  • Graduated from Oxford University
  • Likes dogs

Powers & Abilities

  • Incredible strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Rapid healing factor
  • Super speed
  • Power increases via anger


  • Destroyed asteroid twice earth's size
  • Regenerated half his body in 18 minutes
  • Pulled two continental plates together
  • Created earthquakes with his footsteps
  • Destroyed a planet
  • Escaped Earth's orbit in one jump
  • Withstood Fin Fang Foom's fire breath

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

  • Real name: Robert Bruce Banner
  • Height: 5'9" (Banner); 7'6" (Hulk)
  • Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg) (Banner); 1,150 lbs (Hulk)
  • Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics
  • Founding member of the Avengers
  • Always wears pants that survive transformation

Bruce possesses a genius level intellect as one of the world's renowned scientists. Banner transforms into Hulk whenever his heart rate increases to high levels or he loses control of his emotions. This causes an electric pulse generated on the amygdala that increases the gamma radiation of Bruce's cells. The duration of the transformation, ranging from five minutes to seconds, depends on the initial adrenaline surge. Originally, Bruce was unable to control the transformations, learning to attain some control through mental training that allows his consciousness to slightly influenced the Hulk to keep his alter ego from using his full strength. But after managing to reintegrate his Savage and Grey Hulk personas, which originally conflicted with each other, Banner is able to assume a form of the Hulk that is much smarter and self-controlled in battle.

As the Hulk, his immense strength fueled is by his rage, meaning the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes with residual gamma radiation emitting from him. This allows him to perform feats like ripping steel as if it was made of paper, throw heavy objects like vehicles, and create shockwaves by clapping his hands together. With his vast amount of stamina, able to exert himself for days without fatigue, the Hulk can run faster than a human and also leap great distances at 473 mph or great heights like Earth's orbit with precision. The Hulk's skeleton, skin and muscles have an extreme density that is also fueled by his rage, possessing a high degree of resistance to blows and attacks of planet-bursting force. The Hulk also has a healing factor that allows him to heal from any damage that penetrates his extreme durability or loss of limbs, making him very hard to kill. He also has superhuman lung capacity and resistance to psionic attacks.


  • Savage Hulk: Essentially the Hulk's original state before tempered by Banner's influence, he is an embodiment of Banner's childhood trauma did to his childish mannerisms and temper.
  • Grey Hulk, Also known as Joe Fixit, he is an embodiment of Banner's lack of self-confidence and cynic view on the world. As he is more intelligent than the Savage Hulk, Joe Fixit is slightly weaker than his green-skinned counterpart.
  • Professor Hulk: An embodiment of Banner's ideal self, he is a synthesis of Banner's brains and the Hulk's brawn.
  • World Breaker Hulk: Normally, Bruce's consciousness influenced Hulk to not use his full strength. But after the ordeal on Sakaar, Hulk can now use his powers to their fullest extent. As the World Breaker, Hulk's emits gamma radiation from his body to the point that even a mere step releases a shockwave dangerous enough to endanger America's eastern seaboard.


  • Incredible strength
    • When at his angriest, Hulk has been described as having 'unlimited strength'. However similar characters like Sentry, Juggernaut and She Hulk are still able to survive this magnitude of power. Hulk regularly declares himself to be the strongest person in the Marvel universe in terms of physique (ignoring magical or godly characters).
  • Super Durability
    • Like everything else, Hulk's durability is dependent on his rage. At his weakest, even a basic missile can lacerate Hulk with its shrapnel. But at his angriest; even a nuclear bomb at point-blank range can't harm the Hulk. The Hulk Buster mechs (both the models made by the US Army and Ironman) are designed to take Hulk out quickly before he gets angry, as they know no level of human technology can harm Hulk at his strongest. Yet even World Breaker is NOT indestructible; Hulk can still take damage as seen with his stalemate against Sentry.
  • Healing Factor
    • Hulk is able to repair his flesh and organs. This healing factor is almost instantaneous initially, but can be as slow as several minutes depending on the severity of the damage. The healing factor itself can 'burn out' when Hulk takes too much damage: making him mortal or prone to revert back to Banner. Historically, this is why Hulk can heal himself from damage yet still be defeatable in a match.
  • Super Speed
    • Hulk is fast enough to leap at fighter jets. However his speed feats are inconsistent; he has been easily outmaneuvered by relatively normal characters like Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye yet able to engage in battle against Sentry, Thor and Silver Surfer. Like all of his traits, Hulk's speed increases with his rage.
  • Rage increases Power
    • Hulk normally gets angrier during a match, so it's common to see Hulk gradually increase in power during a duel.
    • Hulk's anger can be maintained indefinitely so long as he does not tire out from pain or exhaustion. If that does happen, Hulk becomes too apathetic to maintain his anger; hence why World Breaker Hulk reverted back to Banner in his duel against Sentry. Hulk can also be calmed down by his allies.
  • Adrenaline Surge
    • Adrenaline also increases the Hulk's power as well. When Hulk is injured he does get a temporary boost in power. However this boost is relatively minor and short term.


  • A majority of Hulk's regular villains and rivals are similar Hulk-like powerhouses; Juggernaut, Rhino, The Blob, The Thing, Abomination, Red Hulk, Devil Hulk, A-Bomb and Thor; yet Hulk has managed to match and surpass these characters regularly.
    • Hulk broke Colossus' arms.
    • Sent the 'Immovable Blob' flying by punch him in his immensely dense gut.
  • Multiple feats of Strength. Hulk's strength has been capable of destroying planets and more.
    • Lifted a 150 billion ton mountain
    • He and The Nameless One's fight shattered the Universe
    • Smashed an asteroid 2x the size of earth into pieces with one punch
    • Destroyed a planet in the Dark Dimension
    • Pulled two continental plates together
    • Created earthquakes with his footsteps
  • Blocked Thor's Hammer
  • Stalemated with Warrior's Madness Thor (10x power)
  • Withstood Human Torch's Nova Blast (claimed to be 1 million degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Able to withstand Fing Fang Foom's fire breath, he once threw the dragon to the moon
  • Stopped a charging Chitauri Leviathan with a single punch
  • Regenerated half his body in 18 minutes
  • Escaped Earth's orbit in one jump
  • Became king of Sakaar.
  • Overwhelmed Dawin; a character designed to adapt to any situation. Dawin concluded that Hulk would overpower him so Dawin gained the ability to teleport in order to retreat.
  • Hulk has overpowered opponents that should have an advantage over him.
    • Strong Guy can absorb and redirect Hulk's kinetic energy, but doing so put Strong's heart under too much stress
    • Darwin evolved to absorb radiation, but not enough for Hulk to be weakened.
    • Absorbing Man has under multiple occasions been overloaded by trying to absorb Hulk.
  • Hulk has sometimes been capable of denting or damaging Adamantium: a metal designed to be theoretically indestructible.
  • Ultimate Hulk defeated Wolverine in seconds by ripping him in half.
  • Hulk has defeated the US military regularly for over half a century.


  • Vulnerable to gamma radiation draining
    • Reality warpers like Silver Surfer can drain Hulk's radiation instantly. Lesser characters can still do this but at a slower pace.
  • Hulk's power is dependent on his rage.
    • Anger fluctuates and is difficult to control or maintain. This is especially the case if Hulk has no excuse to be angered or if his allies attempt to calm him down.
      • It is very common for female characters to be the ones that calm Hulk down, as Hulk rarely wants to hurt them. [1] [2]
      • Has been reverted back by puppies and one of Spider-Man’s jokes (not kidding)
    • Anger also makes someone more impulsive, irrational and violent: making an angry Hulk a threat to his allies.
    • Anger requires time to build up, meaning Hulk doesn't start his transformation at peak strength and durability.
    • If Hulk takes to much damage or stays angry for too long; his anger becomes apathetic and thus his power fades.
  • Requires anger to remain in Hulk form as being calm reverts him to Bruce Banner.
  • Hulk's durability weakens as he calms down.
    • If Hulk is calm, exhausted or injured: he can easily be taken out by sleeping gas/darts. [3] [4]
  • Despite his defensive and healing feats; Hulk is still defeatable (even when he's at his angriest) as his durability and healing factor has limits; sometimes his healing factor 'burns out' entirely if he takes too much damage.
    • Vibranium and adamantium can pierce Hulk's skin
    • Can't regenerate/heal if decapitated
    • Can be defeated if anyone attacks Hulk's pressure points.
    • Cosmic or godlike beings can overpower the Hulk
      • Defeated by Zeus
      • Defeated by Galactus
      • Defeated by Thanos
    • Worldbreaker Hulk stalemated with Sentry, diffusing his Hulk form and reverting back to Banner. Worldbreaker Hulk was diffused again by Ironman's satellite cannons.
    • Hulk has been defeated by physically inferior combatants including; Ironman's Hulk Buster, Captain America, Dr Doom, Batman and Spiderman.
    • Cable and Storm accidentally killed the Hulk by overloading his brain with electricity and psychic energy (Storm revives him by defibrillating his heart).
    • Maestro (future Hulk) was killed by the same gamma bomb that mutated Hulk in the first place (Maestro was sent back in time).
    • Invisible Woman defeated Hulk by smothering him with a barrier around his face.
    • In an alternate universe, managed to eat Wolverine but was killed on the inside so that Logan could escape his stomach.
    • Some drugs and poisons can still affect the Hulk.
    • The Hulk still needs air to breath like any living things (this trait is inconsistent however).
  • Healing factor feats are inconsistent.
  • Hulk can still feel exhaustion.
  • Struggles against opponents with superior skill or speed.
  • Hulk is NOT Banner. Hulk's intelligence is normally depicted as below par, brutish, childish and violently unpredictable.
  • Hulk has been mentally traumatized by witnessing his mother's death at his father Brian's hands. Hulk was also regularly beaten by Brian as a child.
  • As Bruce Banner, has no superhuman traits.
  • Has been accused of being impotent.



  • The idea of a Hulk vs Doomsday duel was actually created in a DC/Marvel crossover where Mxyzptlk pointed out that Doomsday is powerful enough to challenge the Hulk. Mxyzptlk then transformed into Doomsday and dueled Impossible Man who was depicted as the Hulk at that time. [5]

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