Human Torch Right Portrait Art
Flame On!!!
~ Human Torch

The Human Torch is a superhero from Marvel Comics and a member of The Fantastic Four.

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The son of Professor Franklin Storm, Johnny Storm is smart like his sister Susan but does not harness his potential as he is more of a thrillseeking troublemaker. One such stunt resulted with Johnny becoming a lab assistant at the Baxter Foundation his father oversees, meeting Reed Richards and helping him in his research. But one such expedition into the unknown resulted with Johnny exposed to solar flares and cosmic rays, causing his body to uncontrollably burst into flames until he learns to control his powers as he becomes the youngest member of the Fantastic Four while naming himself the Human Torch.

Death Battle Info

Before his transformation, Johnny is a skilled drag racer with a knowledge of mechanics and design. After being exposed to cosmic rays, Johnny gains the ability his encompass his body in plasmic flame. As Reed studied, this is possible by a microscopically thin film of transparent skin plates making Johnny impervious to both the heat and the flames being produced by his fat cells. The combustion also makes Johnny's body light enough for him to achieve flight at high speeds equal to missiles and attack drones. The flames emitted from Johnny's body are hot enough to vaporize bullets that almost breech the few inches to his skin. Johnny also can detect signatures, has limited control over fire within his immediate range of vision in various ways, and absorb fire plasma into his body to increase his body temperature to a maximum flame output he calls his "nova flame," which he can release omnidirectionally or use a beam weapon.


  • Johnny is able to keep up with the Silver Surfer when the latter is fleeing from him on his board.


  • Johnny's ability to "flame on" is limited by the quantity of oxygen in his environment, and his personal flame has been extinguished by sufficient quantities of water, flame retardant foam, and vacuum environments.
  • As Reed theorized, Johnny can use his plasma form to create a miniature super nova around his body at 1,000,000 degrees in heat. But notes such an attempt could kill Johnny and anyone within the supernova's circumference.
  • Extremely cocky and a bit of a showoff.


  • When the Fantastic Four encounter future versions of themselves, it is revealed that in Middle-Age Johnny's flame has turned blue/white, and burns much hotter. He is also much less cocky, and effortlessly defeats his younger self.