Isaac Clarke is the main protagonist of the Dead Space series.
Isaac Clarke

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Born on June 5, 2465. Isaac lived with his parents. Poul Clarke, a ship designer, and Octavia Clarke, a Unitologist, in the Northeastern American seaboard sector. As a child, Isaac lived most of his life with his mother as his father went on a mission before he could even get to know him. Isaac took after his father and obtained an education in electrical and mechanical engineering. He was later selected to attend a prominent engineering academy. Unfortunately, he was unable to afford the tuition fees as his mother, a devout Unitologist, squandered the family funds to purchase a vested-level title in the Church of Unitology. This led to his distrust and hatred for Unitologists and Unitology in general.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 6 foot (1.83 m)
  • Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg) / 255 lbs (115 kg) with CEC Engineering Suit
  • Age: 49 (born on June 5, 2465)
  • Classification: Engineer
  • A son of a ship designer and a unitologist

CEC Engineering Suit Specialty (Elite)

  • Is most likely a skintight type with metal plates on it based on the appearance of the suit
  • The head is pressurized with a helmet whereas the other body parts is mostly compressed by the elasticity of the material
  • Also, the hand is well toned and tight
  • 25% Damage Resistance
  • 15% Health Bonus
  • Able to withstand no atmosphere condition
  • Able to give oxygen supply


  • 211-V Plasma Cutter
  • RIG
  • Stasis Module
  • Kinesis Module
  • Others (Hand-Made Weapons)


  • Killed many Necromorphs
  • Killed the Leviathan, Hive Mind, and Brethren Moon
  • Kept his sanity and survived through multiple deadly hallucinations from more than one marker
  • Survived the Necromorph onslaught from the USG Ishimura, the Sprawl, and Tau Volantis
  • Hacked through multiple locks and gained his statis and kinesis module as a result
  • His thrusters helped him catch up to a fast moving train
  • Survived a fall from high in the atmosphere
  • Survived a moon crashing into the planet 300 miles away from him